I wanted to talk about our strength because of we all inner strength. We always go through situations and challenges and wonder if we are strong enough to make it.

In the past, people would come up to me and tell me they don’t know how I do it. Especially during the time when my son was hospitalized for months on end, going to college and still managing (somewhat poorly) things on the home front.

But here is the thing, we will find our strength especially during times when we literally have no choice. And I say this, as we do have a choice because we can pull the covers over our head or just get up and do it anyway.

And as we are going through some hard times, we should allow ourselves some downtime and some self-care and to just unplug and whatever it is we need to do, to take care of ourselves.

Inner strength comes from recognizing that we must put ourselves first, even if it seems to be the most challenging thing to do.

But then comes the point when you must get up, to find your strength to get going and too motivated or otherwise you won’t get over the hump. And if you have taken downtime and engaged in self-care, the next step or steps will reveal themselves to you.

So, this morning if you are facing anything that is challenging you, take care of yourself and know that you have the strength to get through it. Journal about what is going on, go for a walk or take a hot bath. Acknowledge yourself that you are doing the best you can in each given moment.

And if you want some help to have a different perspective or a boost in confidence take the challenge!


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