Want to be an inspiration to other people? Write a book with me!

Chances are that you have had peaks of inspirations during the hardest time or biggest struggle of your life.

You were perhaps wondering what life is about and wonder how in the world you are going to make it out alive, to have some kind of a legacy.

I have had this idea for a really long time and I have held off.

I held off because I wasn’t confident enough and I was still walking in my own shadow.

You have to go through the darkness to see the light and something in that darkness, there is this moment, this idea, the proverbial A-Ha that helps you shift your life and before you know it the darkness has lifted its veil.

I want to help you share your story because I know someone somewhere needs to read what you’ve been through and to know that anything and everything that is possible and that we all have the power of standing in the light.

Out of the Darkness

In this book, 120 amazing people share how they used their moments of inspiration to step out of the darkness.

They have chosen hope, faith and their own inner guidance to change their own life.

Each writer shares a moment of darkness they’ve experienced with the hope of inspiring you to step into the light.

This is a passion project of mine to share your story the only way you know how through the written word.

Out of the darkness is the first of at least 4 themes in the Peaks of Inspiration Series. Get ready to co-author a book with me.

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