Petra MonacoThere is a lot of talk about focusing on one thing… get good at that one thing… but what if you are good at lots of things?

What if you have a knack for learning new skills, seeing how this will lead you and bring parts of you together? And what if all that you are learning just brings harmony to all that you do?

What if you are meant to stand out, go against the grain and just be unapologetically you?

When I decided to be a full-time entrepreneur I had no freaking clue on what that may look like – like NONE.

I knew I would be amazing at coaching. It’s something I always did without knowing there was a word for it. And even though I may have talked about this dream or that dream before making it happen, I always make it happen – sort of in the right moment kind of thing. If it’s meant to be explored, created and turned into reality, then it will happen.

I knew I make art that appeals to a special kind of people – not everyone gets wood-burning you know? I also know that I love to crochet but there are only so many blankets that I am going to do. I found a rhythm that works for me and my art is a bit seasonal because I can’t crochet when I am hot in the summer and I can’t wood-burn when I am chilly in the winter.

I also knew that my website building skills and social media management knowledge would pay off in some way because I am able to monetize on that. I used not talk about this skill that I learned how to code back in the day and that I can make your WordPress theme look like it is supposed to.

I also knew that I say some brilliant things sometimes or that my family comes up with some cool things and that this randomness of amazing brilliant words needs to be on a t-shirt. And why not? This life is all about going after your dreams and making things happen.

Part of the continuous growing I have done is to always trust my intuition and to learn when to let things, negativity and people go. Because in my world, I don’t have time to be dragged down into the abyss of bullshit. And I have learned to be unapologetically myself to fly my own weird flag because my gypsy heart doesn’t know any better.

Here I am a year later, recognizing that I am first and foremost a writer and I am learning how to weave all my passions and interest into my world, without denying myself any of it. And I know it doesn’t make a lot of sense to other people and I don’t care although I am happy to talk about it.

That’s why focusing on one thing doesn’t work for me and even other people. I refuse to deny myself to include all that I love – from building websites to writing novels and blog posts to creating art.

The bottom line of success is to always be unapologetically yourself, go against the grain and do all the things you love.

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