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dreamsFor the ones that don’t know, I am also an Artist and love to wood burn and crochet, paint and occasionally knit. When I first started my artist business my goal was to have a brick & mortar store to sell my creations. 8 years later, I did just that by supporting other artists in my community to sell their handmade work. I loved supporting them and hear people talk about the local artists.

My challenge was, however, that I wasn’t in love with retail and being stuck in the store for several hours a day and not really tending to my family or my own needs. The store remained open for 1 year before I closed it for personal and financial reasons. And that was the best decision ever.

One of my key driven motives is to help you out of the starting box and it’s been a bit in the making, but the Rebel Soul Connection┬áis for you if you want the support, tools, and community to follow your dreams!

When we light up by the thing we love to do – well that is passion. And who doesn’t want to do something that they are passionate about?

But what does it take to make it all happen?

  1. Believe in your passion and that it will support and change lives (your own or others).
  2. Trust in yourself and know that someone NEEDS what you have to offer.
  3. Be confident in your abilities and define the actions that it will take.
  4. Have the courage to do it anyway even if others don’t believe or agree.
  5. Trust your intuition because it will never steer your wrong!
  6. Work on your mindset every single day!
  7. Start taking action!