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Pull out a bright red pen and grab your calendar real quick because I’ve got a HUGE surprise for you in this email.

(And don’t worry… I’m not gonna ask you for a thing. This is 100% value just for you. Completely and totally free.)

Here’s the deal:

Chrystal Green (life coach and all around superstar) has just pulled together 20 of the world’s leading Lifestyle Experts for a 10 day, transformational summit:

Triumph Over Tragedy Summit.

And not only does she want you to attend COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE by simply registering here:h ttp://
But she has invited me to be on the panel of experts!

I’m so excited for this Online Event because some of the world’s leading experts in personal transformation will teach you how to:

• Survive, Find and Transform Yourself After a Personal Crisis
• Find Peace in 9 minutes a day
• How to Turn Your Mess into Your Message
• The No.1 Strategy to Overcome Anxiety
• Removing your blocks to Moving Forward
• And much, much more!


But here’s the best part:
You can attend the summit in your PJs if you want.
Because this event is going to be delivered directly to your inbox every. single. day. And if you miss a speaker (for whatever reason) you’ll have a chance to access the replays for up to 48 hours after their talk.

So here’s the recap:
21 of the world’s leading Lifestyle Experts (myself included) are going to be
spilling the beans on Triumphing Over Tragedy that will help you survive, find and transform yourself after a personal crisis.

And you can watch it from the comfort of your own home without having to pay a dime. So, what are you waiting for? Reserve your spot now by clicking on the registration link below:

Starts June 6th!
Can’t wait to see you there!