I am incredibly excited about the Moon Shift Journal.

It’s been no surprise to me that my energy and my monthly cycle is fine-tuned to the phases of the moon. I’ve noticed it move this past year and I realized that I needed something that would help guide me but also tap into the awareness of how I am being affected.

I literally experience this energy bursts of can’t stop/won’t stop and then the lethargy of just wanting to sleep for days on end – which when you’re a business owner is a bit challenging. And funny enough (at least to me) I don’t necessarily have the same energy flow as other people.

So I decided that it was high-tide to create something that I could use throughout each moon phase. And so the Moon Shift Journal was born.

So what exactly is the Moon Shift Journal?

Well, it’s a monthly journal and coloring book noting the 8 phases of the moon.

March Mandala

Each month starts with a Mandala Coloring Page and Journal page to get started with intention and reflection. The journal is not dated so that you can enter dates and track it yourself – and if you choose the pdf version print as much as you need! Each moon phase has its own coloring page and journal page that comes with prompts

Monthly Moon Journal Prompts

Why coloring?

Well, for me this is meditating in an active way and it feels good to me. When I try to meditate any other way I tend to fall asleep and then I am no good for the rest of the day, so I reserve those for the evening hours or just before I fall asleep.

Coloring allows me to take a break, and go within allowing my thoughts and feelings to emerge as they may. I started this process 10 years ago when my son was lying in the hospital bed fighting for his life and it’s an activity I always return too when I need a time out, get grounded or seek peace and even clarity.

The more you know about how you connect with the moon, the more in flow you can be with its energy. 

You can get your copy of the Moon Shift Journal here

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