I’ve been thinking about sharing what my plans are for my life and my business and well how it can serve you.

I start every year with a vision using the Rebel Soul Handbook. It’s the space where I reflect on the past year and see what worked and what didn’t go so well. I check in with myself and see if my goals and part of my previous year’s vision is still aligned, or if it’s time to do some course direction.

I use the handbook not just for my personal life but also my business as a huge part of me is always thinking about how can I help you create the life that feels amazing to you.

Ironically, the 2018 Rebel Shine Summit was not initially part of the plan but that’s the thing about intuition and the universe guiding you into the direction that ultimately does bring your vision into reality.

And I am excited to offer the 2018 Rebel Shine Summit as a bonus for the Rebel Shine Bootcamp, which is my group coaching and mentoring program. A lot of my work will be focused on creating a community of support for rebels, dreamers, and creatives. It’s time to rise above from whatever is holding you back and embrace your own inner rebel.

But furthermore, if you are looking for more strategic guidance on how to create a business being you and learning how to stay true to your own mission, there is the Rebel’s Academy. This is my place and space where I share with you what I have learned in my 20 years of being in business so far, and will continue to add new content every single month!

With that said, I am going to share with you the challenges (FREE) and the course (not so free) I am releasing over the next year starting in March!

Blogging Challenge

Whether for personal or business, this blogging challenge will help you get off the ground.

90-Day Challenge

We are going to create your 90-Day Plan in 5 Days! You can map everything out of what you will make happen and still have time for yourself without the overwhelm!

Mindset on Fire Challenge

Mindset is always part of the equation and you can overcome your fear and doubt so you can take action and achieve your goals and thus create the life that feels good.

Write a Book Challenge

Narrow down, map out and write your book in this 30-Day Challenge. You a have a message to share, and it’s time you unleash it!

90-Day Challenge

Create your 90-Day plan in this 5 Day Challenge because creating a plan that feels good and focused achieves goals!  The only one that is stopping you, is you!

E-Mail Subscriber Challenge

Let’s build your list in this 7-Days Challenge so you can get started on creating your email list and start speaking to your people. Connect them to their heart and watch them soar!

Love yourself Challenge

12-Day Challenge to love yourself more every day because self-love is absolute key in honoring yourself. It’s not selfish, it’s necessary!

90-Day Planning Challenge

The final stretch of the year – a final 90-Day challenge for the year. Go big or go home and going big is always more satisfying in the end. Don’t let the end of the year stop you!

Rebel Shine Challenge

12-Day Rebel Shine Challenge where you will get clear and identify where you are, what you want and how you can own your power. You owe it to yourself to embrace your inner Rebel and come back home to you!

Handling Change Challenge

30-Days to help you learn how to handle anything that may come your way!

Meal Planning Course

Meal Planning not only helped me be more creative in what we eat from week to week but what we are spending.

Budget & Finance Course

Money is kind of a big deal and learning to pay attention to your finances is important and then, of course, budgeting for you wants and needs.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a balance between active and passive income and learning how to make money through affiliate marketing can be a could way to increase your own income.

List Building Course

If you are in business, having a list is kind of important. I will share with you strategies on how to increase your email list.

Jewelry Course

I am a creative through and through and on occasion have been found to make jewelry. Not only is this calming and fun but it can supplement your income!

Passive Income Course

I am expanding the Passive Income Course that is currently in the Academy to go more in-depth and cover several more ways to create passive income.

Membership Course

Creating a course and a membership based on the course can be just the thing you will want to do to create a business that feels almost too easy!

Crochet Course

Crochet has been part of my life since I was 17 and it remains one of my true loves. I will teach how you to get started and create amazing crochet work!

Summit Course

This one I am excited about because as I am in the middle of my own Summit, I will create a course sharing with you how I pulled it off and how you can make it happen for yourself – with or without a virtual assistant.

Repurpose your Content

Repurpose Course is where I will talk about how you can repurpose your content in various ways to attract more followers and your income.

There is nothing in February as I am in the middle of launching and hosting the 2018 Rebel Shine Summit and it does take time, commitment and devotion to making it happen. And so that is where my focus is right now.

If you have a challenge or a course you would love to see happen, please let me know. My mission is to help you create a life that feels amazing with my practical, no-fluff approach to taking inspired and imperfect action!

And in my personal life here are some goals I want to share with you! 

Becoming an American Citizen is a top priority for me this year. I have to study for the naturalization exam and then of course file the paperwork and pay the fee. My goal for this to happen is August 2018.

I am also planning on traveling with my family. On the horizon is New York, New Mexico and possibly Colorado. I am looking forward to hanging out with my family and exploring the areas. I am also looking forward to a few day road trips, where we just hit the road and see where it will lead us.

Finish some of the remodel in our home. My office still isn’t completely repainted and I am waiting till it warms – hello spring – and we want to improve our heating situation as it’s currently still quite like frontier living.

Continue to Play Soccer because it not only gets me out of the house or away from working all the time, but it keeps me moving and connect with people outside of the entrepreneurial world. It’s good for my mental health!

So those are some of my big goals for my personal vision and I am sure I’ll be updating what’s going on here and there because well why not right?

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