The 2017 Business Planner for your Colorful Life


2017 Business Business Planner

Are you a business owner? Are you a creative?

As a creative, it can be a challenge planning all the things you want to create!

You have to stay on top of social media, create content and still have time to create a product. And let’s not forget to track your money!

Manage your business and stay on top of your goals so you can achieve your dreams.

I am always trying to find a planner that meets my own personal business needs and all too often most of them include parts I don’t need or don’t do what I need them to do.

If it doesn’t exist, you create it.

But I wanted it to be more than just a planner, I wanted it to be personal and there is nothing more personal that using the colors that truly light you up.

  • Colors that inspire you.
  • Colors that make you feel good.
  • Colors that brighten your day.

And so here we go, the business planner you can color in.

So just what is in this Business Planner?

  • 2016 Review
  • 2017 Planning and Goal Setting pages
  • Monthly Focus
  • Income & Expense Tracker
  • Social Media & E-Mail Management
  • Brainstorming Page
  • Weekly Planning Page
  • Dated daily pages

Get the Planner!

It is always good to know where you have been in your business and take some time to reflect and well it’s never really too early to plan.

Having planning your year, you have an easier time to create a specific focus for each month, jot down new services or products as well as track your income and expenses. You have to know what is coming in just as much you have to know what is going out every month.

For business owners, social media and blogging are becoming more and more a necessity and those pages will keep on on track with the topic and your stats, so you can adjust the sails as you need in your business.

You weekly planning pages will highlight the most important tasks and also some of the not so important tasks that still need to get done.

And with every month you are having daily dated pages so you can schedule your tasks for the week and keep track of your progress.

No plan + no schedule + no focus +no action = no progress.

Get the Planner!

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