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It’s summertime and I am working summer camp. I really love working with the kids and this week one of my own totally made my day. It’s amazing that once you connect with them that they let you know in some small way that they get what you are doing for them.

On the weekends, I then spend time with my own kiddos with plans of swimming and other togetherness.

Today, well today I am taking a break.

Even talking to my kid who also goes to summer camp almost looked like he was relieved that we would be staying home – although he’s the one that wanted to go swimming.

There’s nothing wrong with changing your activities and really the weekend is designed for you to take a break. So that’s what we are doing – taking a break from fun on-the-go activities and just kind of putter around the house.

We’ll be grilling bratwurst later and absorb ourselves in mindless television shows and video games.

But it’s nice outside – I can hear you already.

And yes, yes it totally is the perfect weather to be hanging outside, perhaps swimming and sunbathing or even hiking.

Nothing says that we always must go

Sometimes it’s nice to just take a break.