How to do a mid-year review to ensure you’re on your path

How to do a mid-year review to ensure you’re on your path

How is this year going for you so far?

Do you feel like you’re on track? Or are your fumbling with direction and focus?

This is where a Mid-Year Review can be helpful.

It helps you evaluate the last 6 months and the progress or the lack thereof, you have made. If you are in business, check out your stats will be super helpful and even if you are not in business, a mid-year review can still have tremendous amount of benefits.

A mid-year review is like stopping to check the map and see that you are still on course for where you are headed. Click To Tweet

There are a few questions you can ask yourself:

  • What goals did I achieve?
  • What goals did I not make happen?
  • What projects did I complete?
  • What were my wins for the year so far?
  • What were my challenges?
  • What goals and projects should I continue with?

If you are in business add these:

  • How many sales did I make?
  • What were my expenses?
  • How much did I sell of each service/product?
  • What service/product should I focus on?
  • What was my website traffic?
  • What blog posts did the best?
  • What social media platforms most effective?
  • What opt-in/freebie did the best?
  • How many e-mail subscribers do I have?
  • Where did I waste money?
  • What opportunities do I need to focus on?

Now that you know where you’ve been, you can plan ahead for the next 90-days to 6-months.

Go big and go deep! Grab that tea or coffee and spend some time dreaming and scheming!

  1. What would make the biggest impact in my life? In my business? 
  2. What does my ideal life/business look like? 
  3. What are some things I can do to get my life/business aligned with my vision?
  4. What goals and projects support what I already have going on in my life/business?
  5. What are new milestones I can reach in my life/business?
  6. What goals or projects would make me feel really excited to do in life/business?

Take a moment and look at what you wrote, and choose 3-5 goals to work on in a 90-day span. Get quiet and sit for a moment and ask yourself what would be really awesome to create first.

Write them down and then make a list of all the actions you can think it will need to make your goals and projects happen.

Sometimes we can’t see some steps and that’s okay. Your action plan is like a rough draft and you are creating the final manuscript through doing! Click To Tweet