That time I went to New York and almost got stuck

That time I went to New York and almost got stuck

One of my favorite things is to travel for pleasure and for business and this past week, I had the opportunity to go to New York to hear Selena Soo and Kimra Luna speak about the impact of publicity. And I was excited to hear Farnoosh Torabi and Kirsten Taggart as being part of the expert panel.

Petra Monaco and Kimra LunaMy travel up wasn’t as easy as I would have liked. My first train was delayed because it got stuck behind a freight train and then we got stuck with the second train because a tree was on the tracks and so we sat and waited for 45 minutes. I was already feeling behind schedule and now I was really behind schedule. But still excited nonetheless to go to New York.

And after getting to the hotel, changing clothes and getting a bit lost in New York City, I have made it to the event in time.

Petra Monaco and Hannah DixonAnd I was thrilled to meet one of the coolest Brit’s that I’ve been online friends for quite some time. I love meeting and connecting with people that I have engaged with online, it’s being able to really put the personality to the real life thing and know they are who they say they are.

And during the event, I was able to ask a question on how to use my story as it’s so massive to me and at times filled with craziness but I walked away knowing I can make an impact.

I would love to say that the return home was as easy going (even with the delays) but far from it. I arrived at Penn Station at 5:45 only to discover that my train and all trains to Charlottesville were canceled. Holy Batman. This was not starting off very pretty at all.

Petra Monaco at Penn StationSleep and food had been minimal due to the crazy schedule I was on during this trip and I didn’t even make time to take a shower. Never again, also in the future, I will check travel arrangements before checking out from the hotel, I could have stayed in bed for a few more hours!

I don’t know if you can tell from the photo but I was already exhausted and not looking forward to spending 24 hours at Penn Station in order to get home. I bought coffee and sat for awhile, talking with family and keeping the world of Facebook updated on travel shenanigans.

But low and behold at around 9:55 I looked at the departure screen and saw a familiar city that was only an hour or so from Charlottesville. Could it be that I could at least get closer to home?

I went to the ticketing agent and voila made the changes to head into Richmond instead and spending the night at Penn Station was avoided. I have to say there were moments where I felt like the mom from Home Alone, trying to get home only to be detoured and maybe even losing my mind.

In the end, I arrived in Richmond and was met by my family. Home Sweet Home

There was definite relief in getting home and a bath to relax me and some of my muscles was a welcoming relief!

I passed out by 9:30 and slept a solid 8-9 hours. And now I am still recovering from the travels a bit, it’s like you have to plan an extra few days to just do nothing! But I couldn’t wait to get this post up!

Did you ever have to face spending the night at an airport or train station? I would love to hear from you!

Freedom, the ability to take detours

Freedom, the ability to take detours

FreedomRoad trips have this thing that allows you to feel the freedom, to embrace the adventure.

There’s something exciting when you are heading out onto the road with destination unknown and then trying to maneuver your way back at the end of the day.

Road trips are the mirror reflection of what life represents to me.

We all come to a crossroad at one point or another, literally and figuratively.

It was during one of our road trips we decided to go one way, not thinking about the fact it would take us 5 hours longer to get there, talk about taking a detour home.

And we also didn’t have the foresight to turn around and go head home on a three-hour drive.

The day had been amazing, the evening spent dinner watching the sunset and heading home the scenic route, except it was dark.

The frustration grew as we realized that this may not be the best way home.

Freedom to take detours! 

That freedom is what we crave and we at times create without thinking about it. It’s the ability to see that even though you are taking a long way home, there is goodness in this situation.

When you come to your crossroad and happen to take the detour, find that goodness.

For me, it was that I could spend a few more hours with my guys before getting back to the reality of work.

Road trips help me disengage from sitting behind the computer for too long or scroll through Facebook endlessly without getting anything done.

Taking detours, allows me to reflect where I am at the moment and where I would rather be and how can I best get back on track to head into the proper direction.

Yes, detours are annoying and frustrating when you realize that perhaps another way would have been better.

But what if for just one moment, you appreciate the detour you’ve taken, find and see the good and take a moment to reflect on where you really want to go?

I created this tote, to remember this moment and remind myself that there will always be a detour of some kind!

You can get yourself a tote, so you may always be reminded that detours are actually a beautiful part of your journey!

Pack your bag, and head into freedom!

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