Fear of Change is asking you to play bigger

Fear of Change is asking you to play bigger

Fear of the unknown is the fear of change because we just don’t know what is ahead when we make a decision that is pushing us out of our comfort zone.

We are always deciding about the unknown. The moment you get in your car, you are heading into the unknown but you go with intention and a willingness to put yourself out there to reap some reward, be it connection or heading to a job.

When I committed to going into business for myself, I had a small idea of how it would push me and get really clear on what I really wanted.

When I committed to my son receiving his liver transplant, I had no idea of the outcome. I needed to give trust into the unknown and believe that the change we were embracing was for the best interest for his life.

Heading into the unknown and embracing the change is scary and maybe even the scariest thing you’ll ever do but ask yourself, what are you missing out on if you don’t embrace the change?

What if you are being called to something bigger than where you are right now?

How scary that feels but I am willing to bet that there is also a level of excitement for you.

Stepping into the unknown and embracing change is the willingness to go a step farther than you have ever before. It is embracing the vision you hold for your life and that no matter how scary it feels, you are willing to be present in each moment.

Change can only happen when you are ready to step into the person you already are deep down.

If you are willing to use your voice to make an impact.

And yes, it feels vulnerable and scary and OMG what will people think?

Every time I share my story I have this moment of “Holy crap people will judge me” and “who the heck do I think I am” but I also know I am here to make an impact, to bring forth the change and lead by example.

Sometimes my son’s transplant journey was a cake walk in comparison to speaking my truth. It requires digging deep into who you are and decide to either keep playing it safe or finally stepping into who you are meant to be and create the life you want.

What will you do today to step into the unknown?

Embrace your future vision into your reality now

Embrace your future vision into your reality now

Your vision is what you are working on every single day. Each small action you take will get you closer to that of what you desire. But it really is so much more than that because as you work towards your dreams and goals you want to make happen, you are changing in the process and truly are becoming who you already know is the real you deep inside.

But what is vision really? What does it mean and how can it help you?

What is Vision?

Vision is that place in the future of where you want to go and what you want to achieve. It’s that ongoing dream you have of all that you wanted to do and how you want to live, but you are currently not living in that version of yours. In short, vision is having a rough plan on where you are going and what you are creating in your life. Vision goes beyond the immediate short-term goals and being able to imagine yourself in the life you up until this point, you have only dreamed about.

What is the purpose of vision?

Something I find true for most of us is that we need a purpose, and vision in it’s the simplest form gives you something to strive for. It’s that dream that keeps repeating itself in your mind, that you get so excited about to make it happen. It is the essence of living and really feeling like you are alive and not merely existing. Without the visions and dreams, one might ask themselves, what is the point of all this? Why bother getting up every morning and repeat the same mundane process of life repeatedly. The purpose of your vision is to help you feel excited about getting up every single day.

But just how do you find your vision?

What is that reoccurring dream you have that you can’t wait for to be real? It feels so amazing and yet so big but you struggle to see just how you are going to that end goal. And let me just add here now, that your vision may change, you will always have new dreams and goal and you will find it challenging to reach the place of “I have arrived”. Because every time you feel like you have arrived, something new and exciting just may peak your interest.

But just for a moment, imagine your biggest dream. How does it play out in your life? What will it mean to you to achieve that vision?

Finding your vision is seeing your biggest dream come to life. And not in a fairy tale like scenario, because you will have to do something about it, although it can have that same kind of magic. It makes your body tingle with excitement, even though parts of you are scared to bits.

How do you bring your vision to life?

To bring your vision to life, you must know what you want. And sometimes that can feel overwhelming and it’s helpful to make a list of what you don’t want. Take some quiet time with your favorite drink and start creating a list of the things you don’t want. From there, start writing your vision.

Give it a date, by xx I am so happy and grateful to wake up_____________________.

It’s almost critical that you free write this without restrictions. Allow your dreams and goals unfold in front of you without restriction. Imagine that if you could not fail and didn’t worry about money, what would your life feel and be like.

  • Who would be part of it?
  • Where are you living?
  • Who do you wake up with?
  • What does your morning look like?
  • When do you start working?
  • What does your work day look like? Your weekend?
  • What does your evening look like? Again, who is part of it?
  • When do you go to bed?
  • How do you feel?
  • Describe your environment.

As you begin answering those questions, you will define who you want to become and realize that you can be that person right here, right now.  You see your life isn’t in the future but it’s bringing those small pieces into your existents in your current reality.

As you are reading through your vision, what elements can you actively make happen now?  What parts of your morning routine can you include now? What part of your work can happen now? How can you feel now?

Your vision is a lot closer than you think!

Change your story so you can change your life

Change your story so you can change your life

What you tell yourself every single day is your truth.

Do you like what you are telling yourself, or do you wish it was a different story?

What if in your struggles, someone told you they feel inspired by you? What if in your frustration, someone asked you, how do you do it? How do you show up every single day?

It can be incredibly hard to get up every single morning and do the same shit, again and again. But I tell you to get through the good stuff, this is in a way necessary.

Why would the struggle and frustration be necessary?

So, you can change it. So, you can state out loud that you had enough, that you are ready and willing for change and most importantly, you are willing to look at yourself in a different way.

Struggle and frustration are teachers.

Teachers to show you what you don’t want but ultimately, they teach you that you have a choice.

You have a choice in the story you tell yourself every single day.

From the time, you open your eyes until you lay your head down on your pillow.

You have a choice.

You can stay in that same story of frustration and struggle and wonder when life will change and become easier.

Or you simply decide to change your story.

But don’t be fooled because it will not eradicate the struggle or the frustration. In fact, it will bring in new ones because your ego loves your suffering. It wants you to keep playing in the field of life never being easy. It wants to validate that life is freaking hard every single day.

Let me share an example with you.

For many years, I told everyone I was a foster kid reject. Rejected by my parents, foster parents, the system, which then followed that I would, of course, be rejected by potential partners, soulmates, and my dream career.

It made total sense.

I struggled to keep a roof over my head, to put food on the table, to maintain relationships and friendships.

And I couldn’t see how this was ever going to change, except that I needed to win the lottery or something and all my problems would be solved.

I didn’t win the lottery.

What I did win was a change of perspective.

What if my attitude, my choices and the story I told myself were the keys to unlocking what I needed to feel less struggle and less frustration.

And I made the decision to rewrite my story.

I am a foster kid success.

Changing this one sentence, made a difference because I could see and acknowledge everything I had overcome and made happen.

And just like that, the struggle was different, the frustration was different and my life was different.

Sometimes, all you have to do is change one word or one sentence.

Make a choice to change your story and watch your life unfold in ways you never imagined.

From Thought to Published Book

From Thought to Published Book

bookIf you had a dream about publishing a book but don’t know how this program is for you.

Free yourself from the idea that book writing isn’t for you and the fear that you are not good enough and have nothing to say.

You can go from the thought of a book to completely writing, editing and publish your book in 4 Weeks.

Do you have a book in your soul that needs to be unleashed into the world?

The challenge is that you don’t know where to begin, let alone how to get it published.

All you need is some guided help, a plan of action and the how-to steps on getting it out into the world.

It is time to unleash your book into the world, now!

In this course, we go through:

  • Solidifying your idea
  • Have a marketing plan
  • Commit to writing

And then when you finished your manuscript, we go through the steps that it takes to get it published.

Gone are the days of waiting for a rejection letter and here are the days of unleashing your thoughts and words into the world.

Who am I to teach you how to write a book?

I have published:

  • Three nonfiction books
  • Two coloring books
  • And participated in collaborations with other creative beings.

And I am currently working on a novel and have more planned, using the same strategies I am teaching in this course.

What are you waiting on?

The time is now!

Join the Rebel Soul Connection

Get the support, tools, and resources

to write and publish your book! 


Transforming your Core Beliefs

Transforming your Core Beliefs

Learning and understanding what core beliefs are and how they impact your life because you can step into the awareness of when your drift into old habits. It’s like your ego remembers a contract you have signed a long time ago but that you have since forgotten about and ego makes sure you remember that contract.

Discovering hidden core beliefs is like going on a scavenger hunt and can be an uncomfortable process as you notice the destructive behaviors your core belief persuades you to participate in.

But amazingly, we do have the ability to not only become aware of our belief system, but we can change it.


Daily journaling of 3 pages, 10 minutes or 30 minutes is a great place to start because you can go back and read them and notice a pattern of your thoughts and the belief you are holding onto. A belief of “I don’t matter” or “I am invisible” is something you have learned through experiences. Effective journaling will help you recognize that the core belief exists.

Thought Awareness

As you are writing in your journal or go about your day, take note of the things you are telling yourself. Paying attention to our inner dialogue helps us recognize when we are engaging our core belief.

A thought diary is a great way of exploring your thoughts and brings your core belief into the forefront so you can choose to change it.

  • A thought diary may include the event.

“My girlfriends went out for Karaoke but I wasn’t invited”

  • List all self-statements you are telling yourself about the situation and ask yourself what does it mean?
  • Beliefs – everything you believe about the situation
  • What does that mean?
    “My girlfriends don’t like me”
  • What does that mean?
    “There must be something wrong with me
  • What does that mean?
    “I am unlovable” this is the core belief
  • Write down words describing how you feel.


This process helps you shift through the layers until your reach the bottom of the barrel. And you are ready to identify where it originated from, the impact it has and how it feels.

I have created a core belief exercise worksheet to help you not only identify the core belief but also transform it.

The key will be to acknowledge when it comes in, tell it to stop and state the new core belief. Eventually, the old core belief will no longer be in your existence.