From Thought to Published Book


If you had a dream about publishing a book but don’t know how this program is for you. Free yourself from the idea that book writing isn’t for you and the fear that you are not good enough and have nothing to say. You can go from the thought of… Continue reading »

23 Years ago I stepped onto an airplane never looking back

On this day 23 years ago, I took my then 8-month-old son and bravely stepped on an airplane and went on a 13-hour flight. I had traveled through Europe growing up, France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark and so on but either by car, train or ferry but I had never been… Continue reading »

You either step up or believe everything just is


Do you believe in your dreams? In yourself? What happens when you get frustrated at everything? You may play the blame game, wonder how you got there, feel disappointed that you are not where you envisioned yourself to be. You wonder why you must face one challenge after another and… Continue reading »

Don’t wait until there is no point of return

Most often we wait to make changes until it’s too late. Until there is no point of return. But you don’t have to wait that long until that happens. You can make the changes you want, right now. Because making changes when you are dead are pointless. If you want… Continue reading »