11 Lessons I learned in 2015


Every year during this time, I spend time reviewing the year, the good, the bad and the ugly and the super exciting things that happened. I also spend time planning my dreams and goals for the following year to follow my vision and create the life and business I want to… Continue reading »

How to know that you are enough


Sometimes the thought of alone scares us. We seek validation by engaging in conversation with others because we want them to tell us we are good enough. We believe that others can help us not only feel and be enough but almost depend on it because when we are alone… Continue reading »

5 Tips to get back on track with your dream

I am a huge advocate for NEVER EVER giving up on your dream. The reality is however that we create a barrier of fear and sometimes we have to take detours to really affirm what brings us the fire of what we really want to create. Being clear about your dream… Continue reading »

The Verdict is in: Not Guilty

Here you have filled with guilty because you can’t possibly meet all the obligations you have yourself committed to. It’s not your fault. We have been taught to be of service to everyone and conditioned to be a people pleaser and if we do attempt to say no, someone’s world… Continue reading »