Behind the Scenes of Creating 365 Days of Becoming

Behind the Scenes of Creating 365 Days of Becoming

So I just released 365 Days of Becoming and thought it would be helpful to give you a glimpse of what it took to put this beast of a Journal/Coloring book together.

Because it is a monster of 365 coloring pages and 365 journal pages.

How I came up with the idea!

I had a thought that it would be amazing to create something that helps you step into your power with two of the tools that have been super helpful to me: coloring and writing.

Then I thought, wouldn’t it be awesome to create something for every single day of the year.

And voila, the idea was born. Now I didn’t have a name yet, only that I knew if would have a lot of coloring pages and writing pages.

Getting to work

I started doodling and initially thought it would only take me about 15 days to create all of the pages. Yep, I am a little bit ambitious but I realized really quickly that I needed more time.

I encountered days where I had other things pop up, I just didn’t feel like doodling and for someone who preaches about self-care, I needed to manage my energy.

So, I extended the deadline and found my energy to be on par.

I finished all of the pages in 25 days. Scanned and edited them in another 3 days.

And then it came down to laying it out, creating a spreadsheet to not duplicate any pages and creating the feel I wanted to create with this monster of a book.

From there it was just a matter of getting the proof ready and correct to the printing standards it needed. This took another 5 days.


The Lessons Learned:

Deadlines are awesome and I kinda live by them but giving yourself enough time is key or you will burn out on the project/goal. If I am ever going to undertake another project like this, I am giving myself a much longer deadline.

Familiarize yourself with all the printing needs from I spend way more time editing and going back and forth to get it to proper printing quality than necessary. There bigger the book, the bigger the gutter and the margins need to be in retrospect.

Take enough days off so I am not burning out on the project. Again this was a big undertaking and 30 days was pushing it and I still had to extend the deadline. Also, there are still other things that need to happen in life and in business and it’s important I don’t neglect them.

Get your copy of 365 Days of becoming! 

How to build a routine that works for you

How to build a routine that works for you

routineLet’s talk about your routine and how you can bring all the things you love into your own world.

If you been around here for a while, you know I am quite a multi-passionate person and I refuse to deny myself anything I love to do, just because people think it’s crazy.

And if you are filled with lots of ideas and interests it can be hard to embody them all, when people insist on focusing on that one thing. But the reality is we are multi-dimensional.

There was a time where I tried to do a little bit of everything every day but that wasn’t working too well because I would get caught up in an activity and was so involved in it that other things would fall to the wayside.

And there is something to be said about routine, you just get more done!

So, no matter how many interests you have, you can do them all if you include flexibility and clarity of everything you want to do. It really comes down to you, what you love to do and managing your time.

My motto is: You can have the cake and eat it too!

Creatives have the hardest time with routine and strategy but I promise when you work out what works for you, the better you can focus and create all the things.

So just to give you a glimpse of what I do:

I have a coaching business, artist business, apparel, and gift business.

I love writing and am working on a novel, freelance content writing, and blog often, including a food blog just for fun.

This often comes across as A LOT for other people. People who don’t really get me or know me, and I am totally okay with that. This isn’t for everyone. Some people are better off just focusing on one thing, I am not one of those.

So here is what I did:

I designated a day to specific business or activity.

  • Mondays I am working on writing blog posts, course content, social media posts.
  • Tuesdays is a day of writing my novel or freelance clients.
  • Wednesday is my design day as well as blogging to share the story of how the design came about.
  • Thursday is accountability call, food blog if I have a new recipe and other miscellaneous activities.
  • Friday is art day which means I am focusing on my art business.
  • Weekends are kind of free for all depending if we are doing family things or not. This often includes a money review and other administrative tasks.

I get most of my activities done in 3-4 hours, giving me enough room to

  • connect with clients
  • do the dreaded housework
  • fun yard
  • working out
  • family time

Some of the activities I can do in the evening in front of the television, especially on days where I have several calls or networking activities going on.

Something that I find super important is to know how you work and create. Self-awareness is the best tool in doing all the things.

Since I know how long it takes me to write a blog post, I can estimate how long a week’s worth of posts will take me. Being able to hyper-focus on an activity for 2-3 hours really steps up the productivity in life and in business.

How do you create a routine that leaves you fulfilled?

  • Create a list of all the things you want to do
  • Write out what your ideal week would look like with all the things
  • Schedule in the activities where it intuitively feels good
  • Be open to adjusting as you play around with a routine that works for you

Let me know in the comments what you would like to do more off but haven’t made time for and how you can start creating that time!


Take control off your thoughts

Take control off your thoughts

Thoughts are an inside action we do as a response to outside influences and the process that tends to be automatic and we may think of not having control over.  However, allow yourself to become aware of your thoughts and start taking charge and allow your behavior to become aligned with who you are.

Sometimes the best way to take charge of our thoughts is to keep a diary and take note of how many negative thoughts entire your awareness.

As you are taking note of those thoughts, also write down your behavior because there is a link between our thoughts and our actions.

There was a time in my life where I was utterly frustrated and annoyed with life and how it was progressing. I wake up grumpy and go to bed grumpy all the while putting on a good face, pushing forward with the things that needed to get done each day.

What I didn’t do is acknowledge my feelings and thoughts and how pissed off and frustrated I was with life.

Cue personal responsibility and I haven’t had a case of the Mondays since then.

Every day we have a choice. A choice in how we want to feel, what we want to experience and how we show up in the world without pretending.

Here is what I learned, we are in complete control over our thoughts and our actions and behavior.

And it was up to me to make those changes and these changes included:

  • Thought awareness – what thoughts am I experiencing without analyzing
  • The behavior that followed the thought – how am I acting
  • The impact of my thought – what does it mean and in what situations is this common for me
  • What needed to change about my thought – what thought do I need to have to not behave in a way that no longer fits me
  • What needed to change in my behavior – how can I engage and act now to support the thought transformation

One key element in this process is acknowledging that you are responsible for your thoughts and actions and therefore also in control. Which gives you tremendous power in creating the change you want in your life.

One thought can you change today that will move your life forward and what behavior will support this?

You don’t know, what you don’t know

You don’t know, what you don’t know

painLife is a journey and a continuous work in progress.

Getting frustrated with jobs, relationships and even yourself is a sign of getting to understand where you are and where you want to be. But until you become frustrated or feel stuck, you don’t know that you are because up until that point, life was as good as it gets.

I fully believe that we get frustrated, stuck or feel like we are lacking confidence or the life we want, because we come into an awareness, that something isn’t aligned or working in your current stop on your journey.

The moment we realize we don’t know how to transition out of that frustration or being stuck, we tend to focus on everything that isn’t working, rather looking at everything that is working.

At the same time, your subconscious is working on finding the information that it needs and you searching for answers through blogs, books and but we forget to really look outside ourselves.

But what does looking outside of yourself mean?

For one, it isn’t going on this journey alone. It is being open and willing to see how other people do it and having conversations with friends, people who have been where you are now and coaches.

In 2011, full of passion and my dreams but frustrated with my relationship, I didn’t know how to no longer be frustrated and feel like I was stuck.

I knew I was unhappy and I knew that life wasn’t working the way my vision showed me it was possible. I met a lady, who is a Reiki Master and practitioner and she offered me her service.

I had never heard of Reiki before and not really understood how energy works.

I also didn’t really know or understand affirmations – even though I understood the positive thinking and that our thinking dictates our behavior.

I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

But I was open to the possibility of learning and gaining better insight into myself.

Since that day, I have not only used affirmations but have a greater understanding of energy work and how that applies to my life.

I have a greater understanding of what it means to be vulnerable and open with people when it matters. But also know when I need to protect my own energy and perhaps not share quite as much.

I have coaches and mentors come into my life that helped me move forward but also, really look at my own internal dialogue and how that impact my own life.

I am sharing this with you because when we are frustrated with something or someone in our life, or we are stuck with taking action and really learning to love ourselves – we tend to hinder our own growth because we are SO focused on everything that isn’t working.

When we can look at the challenges, we have the power to yes go within, but also step outside of ourselves and be open to exploring and learning what other people have done.

Not everything works for everyone, but I fully believe we should give it a try and learn more, so we can use what does work for us and improve not only our lives but fully be the person we already are – but just maybe hiding.


See Your Dream and Hold Your Vision – Always

visionWe all want a better, improved an amazing life. Let’s not kid us around that and sometimes we are stuck in the dreaming mode because we don’t really know how to make it all happen.

And then, just like that, we get a glimpse of the steps to take. So, you make your list of all the things you need to do and you hold that vision of the end goal.

But then life throws you a curveball and everything comes to a halt.

This is exactly what happened to me 8 years ago.

I had started my art business in 2005, working from home and loving every minute of it. what I didn’t love was that my youngest was going undiagnosed with what we later learned was a potentially fatal genetic disorder. I knew it in my gut, however.

Fast forward to 2007.

I blended my family and relocated to a new area and life was grand, minus the unknown piece about my kiddo. I worked on my art business, got a job and life was as good as it gets.

But I had bigger dreams and I wanted to help people. I wanted to help improve their lives and go after their own dreams, but again I had no idea on how to make that happen.

Then we received the diagnosis for my son and we lived in emergency crisis mode because his disorder was so unpredictable that going after my dreams was tough. But it was also the life changing moment I needed.

You see, I don’t want people to wait until an accident, a diagnosis or anything else to happen before they go after their dream. And despite the new challenges of food control and medication management, I went back to college.

I’ve always been a go-go person and keeping busy because during those idle times I had too much time to think and didn’t want to feel how my world was literally turned upside down. It has taken me years to recover from the trauma that ensued through his liver transplants and the grief of not having normal (normal being relative) functioning child.

As special needs parents, we grief all the things our kiddos may or may not accomplish because we have dreams for them. We want them to go after everything they desire and want in life.

As I started to heal from the pain and the crisis removed itself from our lives, my dreams emerged again more vividly. They never really left but I just didn’t know how to care for my kiddo, maintain a happy family and go after a life of adventure and freedom that I craved so much.

In the process of my healing from grief, sadness, and the trauma, I realized I had a choice.

I had a choice to play the victim and continue to share how difficult it all has been OR I could just make a choice of going after what it is I want with confidence and courage. Because I knew I had courage, this part was evident.

I pulled up my big girl panties and started working on my mindset. I needed to believe that I can be successful, that I can have the business of my dreams and a life full of adventure.

I worked as a therapist and learned the skills and really got some insight on how other people view the world, their challenges and figured out ways how I could help them, knowing I had done all the work myself already.

I tapped into my intuitiveness and stopped being so hard on myself and just be present with each client during their own struggle. And now when I help clients in my business, this is like the icing on my cake, it feels so damn amazing when I see them act after a conversation.

But the point is, we all get curveballs thrown at us. Those are the moments testing our strength and confidence in our dream and in our vision. And if you really believe in your dream, no matter how many curveballs your get threw at you, you will make it happen.

Some will call this divine timing. I will just think of it there is something that needed to be learned before you were or are ready for the next time.

For me, it was simply just learning how to feel and love myself first and allow myself to feel confident in my abilities to help others. For you, this may be something entirely different.

Everything we go through, whether it be positive or negative, allows us to learn something about ourselves. And the bottom line is that self-awareness is the crucial part of taking the next step forward.

May you always see your dream and hold the vision no matter where your journey takes you!


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