Review, Retell and Rewrite your story

Review, Retell and Rewrite your story


You have a story, just like I do. Maybe it felt like a bad comedy show or maybe it was much on the lighter side.  And whether you are aware or not, you tell yourself this story every day.

Fear and anger keep you trapped and stop you from enjoying this life right here. The moment you let go of the blame is the moment you can set yourself free.

I blamed my parents, foster parents, the system and a lot of other people for all the things that were going wrong in my life rather than acknowledging that some things happen but that I am always and forever in control of the outcome and how I handle the rest of my life.

And truly the same thing is true for you.

You (and I) could go on blaming other people but here’s the thing, when you remember that other people have a story too, creates space for forgiveness and compassion. But more than anything else, it lightens the path for you to rewrite your story.

When you are willing to review your story, objectively and detach yourself emotionally, you can see your story from a different perspective.

Retell your story by acknowledging the pitfalls you have experienced and dig out the root cause. This isn’t about blaming but recognizing the parts most helpful so you can then rewrite your story.

So what does that look like?

The Review: One of my prime examples growing up was that my foster parent yelled at me telling me I would not be successful.

The Retell: I was hurt. I forever felt like I wasn’t good enough or smart enough. This meant I beat myself up when I failed at school, in my marriage or any other relationship I have had.

The Rewrite: My foster mother doesn’t define success for me. She has her version of success and I have my own version. Which means that I am smart enough and good enough.

The experiences through pain and love shaped you.

They helped build your character.

The defined your values.

And there is nothing wrong with owning who you are, rewriting your story so you can chase after your dreams and actually make things happen.

Closing 2013

Closing 2013

I hadn’t really thought about closing out the year before. December the month of reflection on how the previous year has played out. I gotta say that I LOVE Leonie Dawson’s Life and Biz Workbooks & Calendars because they really do help you close out the previous year.

It’s a matter of evaluating what you have accomplished in the last year in business and life!

  • My business has maintained sales without much marketing
  • I wrote my manuscript and am in the editing stages with the publish date in March
  • I started using Essential Oils to live chemical free ( I don’t do this anymore)
  • I have developed healthier eating habits
  • I work out regularly as part of my daily habit
  • I am slowly developing my coaching business while still working and gaining experience in the mental health field.
  • I have learned to be patient and delved into myself with a deeper understanding.
  • I’ve learned to listen more and talk less. I am still working on letting go of things and removing self-doubt.

I have maintained true to myself and continue to be authentic in all my interactions with people. This is one of my highest things that I value. I realize that I have been deleted from people who I thought were friends in some ways or at least wanted to stay connected. I realized I do NOT need to be friends with every person I have ever encountered in my passing’s on my journey. Instead, some people really need to stay just where we met and where he said good-bye.

I do not need anyone’s approval as I continue to walk down the path I feel that needs to be traveled. This to me is such an amazing closure of all times. For years as a foster child, I NEEDED everyone’s approval. I NEEDED to be an over-achiever and I NEEDED people to recognize how hard I have worked. I am letting go of this. I am doing what feels right in my heart and what speaks to my soul and your approval is not needed 🙂

Thank you 2013 for the lessons you have given me, it’s been fun.

Hello, 2014 I am ready.