Embrace your future vision into your reality now

Embrace your future vision into your reality now

Your vision is what you are working on every single day. Each small action you take will get you closer to that of what you desire. But it really is so much more than that because as you work towards your dreams and goals you want to make happen, you are changing in the process and truly are becoming who you already know is the real you deep inside.

But what is vision really? What does it mean and how can it help you?

What is Vision?

Vision is that place in the future of where you want to go and what you want to achieve. It’s that ongoing dream you have of all that you wanted to do and how you want to live, but you are currently not living in that version of yours. In short, vision is having a rough plan on where you are going and what you are creating in your life. Vision goes beyond the immediate short-term goals and being able to imagine yourself in the life you up until this point, you have only dreamed about.

What is the purpose of vision?

Something I find true for most of us is that we need a purpose, and vision in it’s the simplest form gives you something to strive for. It’s that dream that keeps repeating itself in your mind, that you get so excited about to make it happen. It is the essence of living and really feeling like you are alive and not merely existing. Without the visions and dreams, one might ask themselves, what is the point of all this? Why bother getting up every morning and repeat the same mundane process of life repeatedly. The purpose of your vision is to help you feel excited about getting up every single day.

But just how do you find your vision?

What is that reoccurring dream you have that you can’t wait for to be real? It feels so amazing and yet so big but you struggle to see just how you are going to that end goal. And let me just add here now, that your vision may change, you will always have new dreams and goal and you will find it challenging to reach the place of “I have arrived”. Because every time you feel like you have arrived, something new and exciting just may peak your interest.

But just for a moment, imagine your biggest dream. How does it play out in your life? What will it mean to you to achieve that vision?

Finding your vision is seeing your biggest dream come to life. And not in a fairy tale like scenario, because you will have to do something about it, although it can have that same kind of magic. It makes your body tingle with excitement, even though parts of you are scared to bits.

How do you bring your vision to life?

To bring your vision to life, you must know what you want. And sometimes that can feel overwhelming and it’s helpful to make a list of what you don’t want. Take some quiet time with your favorite drink and start creating a list of the things you don’t want. From there, start writing your vision.

Give it a date, by xx I am so happy and grateful to wake up_____________________.

It’s almost critical that you free write this without restrictions. Allow your dreams and goals unfold in front of you without restriction. Imagine that if you could not fail and didn’t worry about money, what would your life feel and be like.

  • Who would be part of it?
  • Where are you living?
  • Who do you wake up with?
  • What does your morning look like?
  • When do you start working?
  • What does your work day look like? Your weekend?
  • What does your evening look like? Again, who is part of it?
  • When do you go to bed?
  • How do you feel?
  • Describe your environment.

As you begin answering those questions, you will define who you want to become and realize that you can be that person right here, right now.  You see your life isn’t in the future but it’s bringing those small pieces into your existents in your current reality.

As you are reading through your vision, what elements can you actively make happen now?  What parts of your morning routine can you include now? What part of your work can happen now? How can you feel now?

Your vision is a lot closer than you think!

Turning your Dreams into reality and 7 Steps to make it happen

Turning your Dreams into reality and 7 Steps to make it happen

dreamsFor the ones that don’t know, I am also an Artist and love to wood burn and crochet, paint and occasionally knit. When I first started my artist business my goal was to have a brick & mortar store to sell my creations. 8 years later, I did just that by supporting other artists in my community to sell their handmade work. I loved supporting them and hear people talk about the local artists.

My challenge was, however, that I wasn’t in love with retail and being stuck in the store for several hours a day and not really tending to my family or my own needs. The store remained open for 1 year before I closed it for personal and financial reasons. And that was the best decision ever.

One of my key driven motives is to help you out of the starting box and it’s been a bit in the making, but the Rebel Soul Connection is for you if you want the support, tools, and community to follow your dreams!

When we light up by the thing we love to do – well that is passion. And who doesn’t want to do something that they are passionate about?

But what does it take to make it all happen?

  1. Believe in your passion and that it will support and change lives (your own or others).
  2. Trust in yourself and know that someone NEEDS what you have to offer.
  3. Be confident in your abilities and define the actions that it will take.
  4. Have the courage to do it anyway even if others don’t believe or agree.
  5. Trust your intuition because it will never steer your wrong!
  6. Work on your mindset every single day!
  7. Start taking action!


Getting clear on your goals

Getting clear on your goals

visionChallenge, situation or circumstance I have been asked: How do you do it?

This is a simple enough question, except that I have struggled to give the answer because I just do. It is such an automatic process because it is something that I have always done.

I asked myself, just how did you reach your goals? And Saturday morning I wrote this down:

·       I got clear on what I wanted

·       I created a vision of the result

·       I did the work

This isn’t always as easy as it seems because obstacles and hurdles come up and try to get in the way. Fear, frustration, and self-doubt will trip you up and others, including your ego, will tell you that you can’t do it.

I was told I am a failure but if failure means going to school, graduating with two degrees and raising my children well, then I have succeeded! I win!

To gain the confidence, you must do the work and once you do the work all those negative voices will be silenced!

Going after your goal is scary and you will hear that you are not smart enough, that you are not good enough but who the heck are those naysayers? What do they know? They only know what they believe about themselves – because they didn’t go to college, you can’t go to college. Because they were told to work a job for their rest of their lives, they can’t have a business of their own and neither can you!

Well to hell with that!

Go and get clear on your dreams and turn them into focused oriented goals!

Things I thought I never had to do as a parent

Things I thought I never had to do as a parent

When I first became a mom I thought about the conversation I would have with my kid. I dreamt about telling some of the crazy stories from my own childhood minus a part here and there.

I dreamt of happy and healthy children, who would have amazing careers and create their own little families. What I didn’t envision is that one of my kids would be ill and that he would eventually be able to tell his own amazing yet scary almost unbelievable story of going undiagnosed for 4 years and three transplants later.

And yet in all those 22 years of parenting and 11 years of being a special needs kind of mom, I never thought I would have the conversation about taking too much medicine and what it could do.

Yes, of course, I have at one time or another explained that too much Tylenol isn’t good for you. Or that one could alternate between Tylenol or ibuprofen in order to feel better.

Tonight I was reminded just how different parenting Lennon is compared to his older siblings. His oldest brother who recently completed his time in the Army and joined the life of civilians or his other older brother, who is you know just a typical teenager.

Lennon: Mom what will happen if I take all these meds?

Me: You will probably either be really sick or not wake up – ever

Lennon: Really? Would I be missing school?

Me: You would miss school and so much more. You could die – and a lot of people would be incredibly sad about it.

Lennon requires a lot of explaining. The kind of explaining that you are not sure if it will make sense or even be real to him. Lennon’s short-term memory was damaged during the ages of urea cycle disorder and so repetition is necessary and the key too much of his learning. It’s hard to figure out how much of a repetition he needs until it sticks and so I foresee that tonight’s conversation will not be the last one.

This week, next month, next year or even several years, for now, I will talk with him again of what could happen if he overdoses on *any* of his 10 medications – and what that may look like.

Tonight I hugged him tightly and called him my sunshine .. and he broke out in a song “I’m walking on sunshine”

So soon he has forgotten the conversation that tugged at my heartstrings.

Sweet Dreams my boy – see you in the morning.