Love yourself to be the priority in your life

Are you taking enough time for you? Do you prioritize yourself! Are you always saying yes to everyone else? Does that leave you feeling alone or perhaps even resentful? Are your personal needs met? As Mother’s Day is approaching, a day where mothers are being doted on for all that… Continue reading »

5 Tips on How to Set up your own Boundaries


Boundaries are what honors you – all of you. For you to have healthy relationships with yourself and others – setting and maintaining those boundaries takes time and practice. It means you are aware and know your limits. Here are some examples of when you are struggling with healthy boundaries… Continue reading »

Fear of not having it all together – what is your priority?


Sometimes we think, we should have it all together and everything should happen at once. Fear creeps in because we don’t have the perfect job, lifestyle and partner and you are so afraid and stressed out that this will never happen that you are stuck. I had a client session… Continue reading »

What to do when you are feeling discouraged

We all get those days. We are working so hard in our lives and in our business but can’t seem to be moving forward because and we get discouraged. We are too worried or too stressed about external forces that impact our personal lives. Or maybe we have been working… Continue reading »