Counting the ways to express gratitude

Counting the ways to express gratitude

I express gratitude every single day and I always include all that I have and all that I am calling in. Sometimes I make a list of 10 and sometimes it’s a whole page in my journal.

It can be hard to express gratitude when you are deep into your struggle and you are barely seeing the light of day. If you read my post of what to do when gratitude doesn’t seem to be helping (read it here), then you know I have called you into action.

  • Getting clear on your vision
  • Mapping out a plan
  • Letting go of the shit
  • Taking Action
  • Actively participate in your own change

If you have done this, then you can express gratitude for creating your vision, planning which is often the first step.

But there are many other ways to express your gratitude. I am going to share with you some of my favorites!


There is so much power in writing it down and engrain it into your vibrational being and into your subconscious. I am a huge fan of pen to paper because it also allows you to “see” all that you have and all that you are working towards. Showing gratitude for creating your vision or mapping out you plan also allows you to celebrate you and not giving up.

Dance it out

I love to dance. I love to make up songs. And sometimes combining the two is exactly what I need to do to uplift my spirits, raise my vibrations and get really excited about what is. Give it a try! Start your song with “I am so grateful and happy that…” to whatever tune comes to mind. Do this for however long feels good. Yes, you may look like a goofball and wonder what people think, but umm be unapologetically you with yourself.

Say it out loud

Speaking out about the things we are grateful for also supports our subconscious and raises our vibrations. Maybe you can sit in front of a mirror or just sit for a moment and honor all those things you are grateful for in the moment and all that you are calling into your life.

Create Art

Take those markers, colored pencils and watercolors and create a piece of art filled with gratitude. Color is an amazing way to uplift our spirits and when we combine this with gratitude, it is so powerful because as you are in the moment of creating, you are giving yourself permission to let go of all the worries and stress and focusing on all that is good in your life.

Do one of them or do them all. Mix it up from day to day. Do one for consecutive days. Whatever feels good in the moment.  Some days I journal and then when I sit outside on my front porch I say them out loud. And maybe when something awesome happened, I’ll dance and sing my gratitude.

There isn’t a right or wrong way to do this, there is only your way.

Share with me in the comments which one you are choosing to do today!

Gratitude a 365 Day Practice

Gratitude a 365 Day Practice

Yesterday’s post spurned something within me. It’s November which usually is the start of people all around the world practicing 30 days of Gratitude.

They will post Day x of 30 Gratitude and then share what they are grateful for, and yes, I get it. Thanksgiving = gratitude but why on earth would you not practice this every single day?

Why would you not commit to truly showing gratitude to what life, the universe, your friends and family bring to your life and even yourself – every day?

It takes a minimum of 21 days to start a new habit, and if you stop after 30 days, well that’s the point?

Isn’t the point of showing, giving and practicing gratitude to really showing where you truly feeling blessed in your life?

I can’t help but think that for some it is an act, a show because I see the status of disdain, the posts of misery and the struggle to really embrace who they are and their life. I see this and I wonder that why bother with the gratitude if you are not invested in changing your life, in changing your outlook and started taking that action that you’ve been longing for from the depth of your soul?

You can love what you do, you don’t have to approve of the system if you are in a job. But reframe it, change it and acknowledge that well maybe they don’t know better. Maybe it is all about the money, but that is not why you chose your career.

And maybe your relationships and friendships aren’t what you are wanting. And maybe it’s time to reflect on who should stay and who should go so that you can feel amazing by the support you have every single day.

There are always going to be systems and people that bring us down. There are always thoughts and beliefs that keep us trapped, but for all that is awesome, practice your gratitude 365 days – not just for 30.

  1. Make it a priority
  2. Commit to it
  3. Do it

You see if you tell me you don’t have time, it’s not a priority.

If you don’t make the time, you aren’t committed.

And therefore, it isn’t happening.

Isn’t it about time you create the change you wanting? And shouldn’t it start with you?

Choose to be confident and own it

be confidentYou were born with confidence. It’s how you came into this world. When you were little you didn’t question whether you could do something, you just did it.

Learning how to walk, you fell and you stood back up and tried and tried again until you mastered it.

Eating with a fork, you poked yourself in the face or in the nose but eventually, you mastered the art of feeding yourself with a fork.

You didn’t question it or tell yourself that you will never master being able to walk or feed yourself.

This is confidence.

Practicing until you can make it happen.

But over time, however, you received messages that questioned your ability to be confident. This was influenced by the people who raised you, peer pressure in school and society as well as peer pressure in adulthood.

Your parents told you that you need you needed better friends because the friends you had were never good enough (for them) but trust me they were amazingly good enough for you right in that moment.

Friends made you choose because you wanted to fit it because standing out was out of the question.

Society and school told you to follow the rules, to fit in because that is how you become successful at life.

But let’s be honest here for a second.

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to just be you no matter how quirky, nerdy or introverted you are?

When you are attempting to go after your dream, you remind yourself of all the things you have learned about being confident. All those messages and stories from parents, peers, schools, and society come into the forefront reminding you that you are not confident and you shouldn’t even bother.

Screw that mess! You can unlearn those messages and relearn to be confident.

So how can you feel more confident right now?

  • Know that you have the resources within you.
  • Review all that you already have achieved. Take an assessment of your successes and skills.
  • Know that you alone are enough.
  • Let go of the stories you’ve told yourself since your confidence was shaken up.
  • Be okay with not knowing. (Psst… you can learn anything you want to learn.)
  • Know what confidence means to you. Define it.
  • Decide you will be confident.
  • Act no matter what!

How will you be more confident today and share what it means to you to be confident!

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