10 mistakes that you do when planning for your goals

10 mistakes that you do when planning your goals

It’s time that you stop hitting pitfalls that keep derailing you off from achieving your goals. I have created a free mini-training that addresses the mistakes that occur when planning. After watching this training you will be able to plan your goals that you once felt were challenging. Still feeling… Continue reading »

The multi-passionate guide to getting things done


Are you a multi-passionate, multi-faceted individual? Do you have lots of interests, passions even? Are you finding it difficult to figure out what to do first and you end up doing nothing at all? All too often you may hear that you should focus on ONE thing. I call bullshit!… Continue reading »

How Setting Boundaries Creates Your Freedom

Does setting a schedule to feel ridiculous to you after venturing into the world of entrepreneurship? I mean, after all, you started your business because you wanted to set your own schedule, right? Do you feel like you are not getting anything done or are you spending so much time… Continue reading »