It’s here! My New Book – Forge your own Path, One goal at a time

It’s here! My New Book – Forge your own Path, One goal at a time

You, me and everyone else in this world have a vision!

The challenge?

Falling into the abyss of doing it like everyone else because it’s what you “should” do. But what if you could create your vision, bring it to life without falling into the dark hole of conformity?

Forging your own path is a framework to read, learn and mold from. It’s part of the blueprint that you use to map out the adventure of a lifetime. It’s knowing that even the best laid out plans, sometimes fail. It’s embracing the challenges and detours along the way.

But it is not the know it all answer to solving your problems, another possible solution to forging your own path. More than anything else, it’s becoming who you are, by undoing who you think you should be. It’s defining your own rules and follow your own ideas because that next one could change your life.

I wrote, “Forge your own Path” not only because this is what I have been doing most of my life without even knowing this is what I did. You see, I tried to be the 1950’s housewife, the model employee and even the picture perfect mother.

And every fiber of my being told me it was all wrong.

Forging your own path isn’t easy, but I do believe you will agree with me when I say, it will totally be worth it!

This book emerged onto the horizon on accidental purpose. I am knee deep into my first fiction book that I am writing, and without fail, more book ideas have been inspired by it all. I struggled for awhile to write this book only to realize that I had started this book with a different title back in February. So anyway, here it is… words unleashed into the world once again!

I could really use your help. Below you will find quick and easy ways you can help spread the word about the new book Forge your own Path.

Thanks so much for your help!

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3 Tips on doing it all your way

3 Tips on doing it all your way

There is no one size, one system or one path that fits all. To think that there could be is an illusion and a huge disservice to you.


Sure, there are elements that may have commonality and this is where these three tips can come in handy!

Be open to learning

You don’t know, what you don’t know and the only way to know is to learn. Shutting yourself out from the openness to new information causes you to stay stuck and hinders the progress you would like to see in your life or business.

Tune into your intuition

Your intuition will help you discern what feels good, what information you want to apply and guides you on your own journey. They someone achieves their goals, may not be your way, trust that this is okay. Your intuition has no room for envy on how someone achieves their success. We are all on a different path and while the journey can look similar, how it’s achieved may not be.

Implement what feels good

When you have opened yourself to learning and taken in the information, given your intuition permission to guide you, it’s time to implement what feels good. Sure, there are things we all have to do that we don’t enjoy and some of those things can and ought to be delegated, but not everything can be. But the more you do that feels good, the less you are avoiding those that don’t.

Some things that can help is to look at it from a new perspective. Instead of saying “I have to do x, y, and z… you could simply say “I get to do x, y, and z …”

You don’t have to do anything, okay well except maybe pay taxes and such, but when it comes to your life or your business. you don’t have to do anything except what you want.

There’s is no diet that is the true and right way.

There’s no goal setting that is true and the right way.

There’s no business system that is true and the right way.

There is, however, your way.

And what that looks like is totally up to you.

You just have to decide what it is you want, start learning and begin to implement.

Tip for creating your own path

Tip for creating your own path

Similar to motherhood or parenthood, forging your own path isn’t for the faint of heart.

You have to ask yourself if you want to keep living in a box or if you are with 100% certainty okay with going against the status quo.

I see this phenomenon all the time and you’ve seen it too. Here are some examples:
Orange is the New Black, 50 Shades of Grey and yes even with Twilight. And I totally could go on and on about this.

But you know it’s totally okay to not ever read a single Harry Potter book or watch a Lord of the Rings movie.

I think the fear of not being liked because you don’t have a molecule of interest in any of those things, maybe at times greater than we like to admit too. And I get it.

I drank because I thought it was cool to do and it helped me fit in, nevermind the fact I didn’t really like myself.

And here is my one single tip for you:

Turn down the noise.

Turn it all off, the people, the TV, the radio, the social media – everything that’s literally interfering in not only stepping who you are but being in that truth of your soul being.

Get the journal or a piece a paper and your pen and start writing what YOUR path looks like.

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Write it all out. The work you do, the love you feel and with whom. The joys you are experiencing, the impact you are having – even just for yourself. The truth you stand for and the emotions that in intent to invoke within you and therefore the people around you.

And as you are getting super clear with who you are, what you are about and what this life means to you, know that your boundaries will be pushed, obstacles will rise and you’ll want to quit and squish yourself into that little box of conformity.


Stay in the room, feel the feelings, and keep forging your path ahead.

The Fractal Path: How To Get Things Done When You’re Good At Everything

The Fractal Path: How To Get Things Done When You’re Good At Everything

I love dystopian novels because they challenge me to consider whether I would be confident enough in my own identity to survive in a world in which my existence is perceived a threat to the status quo. The Divergent series is especially interesting because the conflict centers on people who cannot fit into one of the five virtue-based factions of society.

Our society is void of government enforced factions, but there are those of us who have difficulty defining themselves by one core passion. We know these divergent personalities as multipotentialites.


Jack-of-all-trades and master, too

Multipotentiality is a concept within the field of psychology that describes individuals who are exceptionally gifted in many disciplines. At various times known as a Renaissance Man, polymath, or jack-of-all-trades, the in vogue term, multipotentialite, became popular due to the work of Emilie Wapnick.

A misunderstood yet powerful minority

Indicators of multipotentiality include intense curiosity, highly creative and visionary thinking, advanced intellect, rapid mastery of new skills before moving on to something new due to boredom, and the ability to understand multiple perspectives. Some of the most dynamic men and women throughout history were multi-passionate thinkers who advanced society by thinking outside of the box.

We can all breathe freely knowing that people with multiple gifts and interests won’t be dragged away by an oppressive regime as in the Divergent series, but modern society hasn’t made it easy for the multipotentialite to thrive. The tide appears to be changing as researchers recognize the value of these innovative thinkers who defy the message to specialize for success.

Credit: Tiffany Ingle

Embracing your gifts

Multipotentiality is a mixed blessing. You can choose to explore the depths of your incredible abilities and change the world. Or you can choose to succumb to analysis paralysis and get stuck in a prison of inactivity.

It is possible to lead a productive life while exploring the fullness of your potential. Here are five strategies to maximize your abilities.

1) Reflect on your options and make a choice

It is impossible to move forward in life without taking the first step. You don’t have to tie yourself down to a single identity or interest, but you do need to choose a direction to go in. An excellent method of gaining clarity is the classic SWOT analysis. SWOT is a classic decision-making tool used by businesses. Similar tools include SOAR, PEST, and SCOPE. Use one of these methods to perform an inventory of your strengths. Determine where your best opportunities lie then take action.

2) Give yourself permission to be yourself

Few things are as detestable to a multipotentialite than having no options. This is the reason it is so hard to make those initial decisions that lead to progress. As you begin work on a goal, the path will shift and opportunities to explore other facets will appear. Learn to listen to your inner voice and go with the flow when it is time to veer off the path a bit. Until that happens, know that you aren’t saying no to your desires by sticking with a task for awhile. You are saying, “not yet”. You are gaining valuable skills that will prepare you for the time when you can pursue a new project.

3) Learn to love the fractal path and document the journey

A linear path goes against your core personality. Be comfortable with a pattern of progress that may seem jumbled at first. Trust that it will make sense as your journey unfolds. Embrace the concept of work cycles. Lost interest in something? Move on, but don’t abandon it for good. The breadth of experience you have will serve you well down the line. Accept that you will always want to explore the possibilities. Develop the discipline of journaling so you have a record of where you’ve been to reflect upon. You will be aware of your progress when you can see your accomplishments written down.

4) Carve out your own destiny

Instead of picking a career, make room in the world for your unique gifts by starting your own business. Entrepreneurship gives you the freedom to combine your interests into profitable and fulfilling work. If you prefer to be an employee, consider what changes would lead to greater satisfaction. Brainstorm ideas and pitch the best ones to your boss. Use your unusual intellect to win that autonomy you crave in the workplace. Companies love talented individuals who propel their brands forward with bold, creative solutions.

5) Create a Life Map

Keep the big picture in mind with a personal vision that you have represented with words or visuals. Dream big about how you would like to craft your life. Set mini goals over smaller periods of time to bring you closer to fulfilling your purposes. Decide on your goals for this year, then break those goals into smaller tasks to complete each month. You can achieve every goal you desire as long as you are consistent even if you take a few rabbit trails along the way.

It’s time for the divergent among us to stop feeling guilty. Your interdisciplinary approach to life can benefit your workplace, your community, and beyond. Commit to creating a new standard for your own success and harness your power. What changes will you make to forge your own way?

Why it is okay to go against the grain

Why it is okay to go against the grain

How do you feel about going against the grain? Does it make you feel uneasy, or maybe you feel a little out of place, because well you know that sets you apart from others?

Going against the grain and being different isn’t exactly easy.

I remember when Harry Potter first came out and everyone went crazy. I have yet to read a single book or watch a movie.

And people still love Harry Potter and I am totally okay with that, but it isn’t for me. And it doesn’t have to be.

We are all so very different and because most people like this or that, doesn’t mean you must either.

Those things that set us apart from others, the mainstream, those can be the most things about us.

But most importantly, what if they help and get other people to think.

  • To think for themselves for what they desire.
  • To speak for themselves to what is in their heart.
  • To be true to them and have a life that feels good.

Isn’t that really all that we strive for in some way? And those who go against the grain, pave the way for those who are trying to still figure it all out. For those who are just a little afraid to speak up, to be true to who they are.

Going against the grain may feel like you’re an outsider, someone, who doesn’t fit it, but trust me there are more of those around than you think.

I had this conversation one day about how I do these things that make me feel good and take action on those ideas that inspired me. I have no desire to fit in and to play it safe.

My desire is to feel free of the pressure of needing and being like everyone else. The freedom to do the things I love and help those who would like to find their own path in this world.

There are other people like you who enjoy random genres of music and dislike the holiday season – and it’s not that we don’t love giving gifts.

There are other people like you who have never read Harry Potter or watched Twilight, let alone read 50 Shades of Grey.

There are other people like you who don’t like playing it safe, who take inspired actions on their ideas and live their life according to their own truth.

Be okay with who you are – even when it means going against the grain.