You are only limited by your own imagination

You are only limited by your own imagination

You have dreams to make a living through creation but somewhere in your mind, you told yourself that you can’t, you shouldn’t or holy moly maybe you don’t feel good enough.

Your imagination as a creative is not only what brings you fulfillment but it maintains the balance of alignment. And isn’t that what we are all striving for a life that feels amazing, aligned with who we are at our core and leaves us fulfilled.

And in the end, it is more about the journey of how far we can stretch ourselves outside of our comfort zone.

It’s one thing for me personally to create coloring books. I love the process, I love creating tools and resources for others on a similar journey because as I create them, I am finding myself fulfilled, aligned and amazing that I get to share my imaginations with you.

I heard about Society6 a long time ago, but never did I consider that I, as a creative, an artist, could sell my work on this platform. It seemed to stretch me in areas I didn’t feel comfortable. It made me consider the stories I was telling myself.

Why the heck could I not? 

Really, there was and is no reason why I can’t other than me telling myself that I couldn’t. And then I took the leap.

This is the essence of mindset work, to dig deep into the stories that tend to hold you back. It’s also about recognizing that your imagination is here to serve you, to bring you closer to your own purpose.

What you can believe, you can achieve! 

And the thing is we tend to think linear which limits us in our growth and stepping into our imagination. Let me share with you that I am working on one of my biggest projects right now, with 183 original drawings, doodles, and illustrations. And then I realized that out of all those images, I have several more project ideas that I can make for you.

So where are you thinking too small right now?
Where do you need to allow your imagination to roam some more?
What is stopping you from tapping into that part of yourself that helps you feel fulfilled?

Tell me in the comments below!

How to Find your passion

How to Find your passion

multi-passionateWe hear it all the time, find your passion and you will never work a day in your life again. But what if you have no idea where to begin? Or when fear of being you truly scares you because of all the things you would be losing such as

  • friends
  • security
  • stability

But what about all those things you are gaining?

  • Freedom
  • Love
  • Truth

I get it stepping into who you are and following your passions is scary because it pushes you out of your comfort zone and really your ego is helping you stay there. Because when ego deems things unsafe it will sabotage you although you believe it to be protected.

But what if you are really wanting to find that passion despite the ego and fears?

  1. Start with deciding to stop for other areas to fall into place.
  2. Make a list of interests that you have. What brings you joy and what fires you up.
  3. Make a list of the things that frustrate you or make you angry.
  4. What can you do about feeling less frustrated and angry? Where do you have control and where do you not feel like you have control?
  5. If you had a superpower that could change the world, what would it be? How can you create this word without having the superpower?
  6. Write down what having a purpose means to you. Be clear and identify what you would be doing, how you would feel and what would be different about your life.
  7. Are you already doing some of those things? How can you bring into your life what is meaningful to you now?
  8. Decide on a goal that lights you up and makes you feel inspired.
  9. Brainstorm all the ideas that come to you to help you achieve this goal. Include your skills and talents that can support you in this.
  10. If you like visions boards, create one and print off the images that bring your purpose and meaning.
  11. Keep track of your negative thoughts and beliefs. Journal about them and do some evidence-based writing. Where has this been true? Where has this been false?
  12. Surround yourself with people who will support you on your journey.

Finding purpose is a journey and may even change over time because our mind and awareness expand. If you are following your passions, the things that light you up and excite you and bring you a tremendous amount of joy, odds are you will find your purpose sooner rather than later.

Celebrating confidence in seeing success

I’m a foster kid.

I used to be so embarrassed about that part and hated to talk about it because life as a foster kid was everything but roses and glitter.

I questioned for a long time why anyone would love me if my own parents couldn’t even love me. It’s taken me years to stop looking for love in all the wrong places. It’s taken me even longer to move on from co-dependency and self-destruction.

I was promiscuous all through my teen years and abusing alcohol because I didn’t want to feel a damn thing. It was much easier to drown how I hated myself rather than recognizing all that was good in me.

I not only married the same guy twice, but I broke up a long-term relationship trying to break free just to end up back together. Until last year when I finally called it quits and started putting myself first. Co-dependency at its finest but once I started setting those boundaries, I knew I had to make a change but the shift wasn’t easy to come because as a single mother and special needs mom, I didn’t believe that I could become self-sustaining let alone raise my kids on my own. I was riddled with lack of confidence and self-doubt.

And then one day it dawned on me, I am a foster kid success.

And this is where my shift happened. When I started to look at all the things I achieved despite the naysayers, and my own disbelief, I could celebrate my existence.  There are some negative statistics about foster kids who are unable to break the cycle of abandonment, self-loathing and rising above everything that comes in our way.

I not only recovered from alcohol abuse and self-loathing, I am independent and self-reliant. I not only graduated high school, which is a huge deal considering but I also put myself through college, twice earning myself a spot on the National Dean’s list three years in a row and made honor society. I never gave myself credit for those.

When I began working as a therapist, I had the guidance of a supervisor, who validated that my work was good. Sometimes outside validation isn’t a bad thing, but I knew that validating myself would bring me to the life I craved.

When venturing into being an entrepreneurial my confidence was lacking even though I fully believe in my mission and am passionate about helping people move forward. But it’s been a hard journey going from hating myself to loving myself and truly believing that I am on this earth to help and support women on their own journey, but I am so glad that I made this shift and that I have the confidence and mindset to keep pushing my own life forward but help others along the way, because that for me is the best feeling ever.

Celebrating confidence in my success!


We never arrive but we can live in the moment

Some years ago, I shared that I felt like that I had arrived because I truly believed I had figured out my calling but it wasn’t shortly after that it dawned on me that we never fully arrive.

Yes, we can figure out our passion and call in life but because we are amazing creatures that evolve time and time again, everything is subject to change.

15 years ago, I believed that my calling was to become a CPA and so I put myself through school. I was good with the numbers and detail oriented enough as well as quite tech savvy. But a few weeks into an accounts receivable position and I was bored out of my freaking mind and realized that I am not a cubicle girl. I took a different position as a bookkeeper to help me get by until I figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up.

My heart has always been called to helping people and after some more twists and turns in my life story, I went back to school to become a mental health counselor. I knew deep down what it meant to recover and heal from the pain that we endure through actions of others and when I finally got myself a job as a counselor, I had this feeling of having arrived once again.

I took so much pleasure in serving my community and helping people and gave it my all and literally found myself at the end of a burn-out. I realized that I was no longer aligned with the work I was doing and sabotaged myself out of the job.

But it was a total blessing in disguise for me because I truly love helping people believe in their dreams and support them in taking action. There is something quite magical that happens when I see dreamers do the work and do what it takes to create their own reality. And I find myself once again has having arrived at my next destination.

I am fully aware that each destination is only temporary but what feels so much more incredible about this is that I am in the present and for the moment I am enjoying the ride.

And that is what life is about, to enjoy each arrive with excitement fully believing this is it because, in that moment in time, it truly is it. And if you are still looking for that feeling that has you jumping for joy because you’ve finally made it, trust that you will know when you arrive.


How to be unapologetically you

I believe we came into this world as positive people. We can see it throughout our childhood as we take risks with bicycles and roller-skates attempting crazy stunts. Simply because we believed we can!

But then things happen such as negative messages from family members.

  • You can’t do this because …
  • You won’t make it in this profession because …
  • Your dreams are stupid.
  • You’re not smart enough or brave enough.

We come conditioned to accept limiting beliefs and become so afraid to follow our own heart, intuition and just be ourselves.

What if you followed your heart? What would that do to your life?

What if you could just be you, the you that’s been hiding for so long?

Chances are you would feel a bit of freedom in your own skin. And isn’t what we want truly just be ourselves?

Becoming and Being you takes a bit of work because it means that you are accepting yourself 100% flaws and all. Your flaws are uniquely yours and they are everything about you to love.

A few things I learned over time:

Giving yourself a label is limiting you. Not too long ago I called myself a Boundary Strategist – the thing is I still do this work but what I really do is I help transform people’s lives. But I am so much more than that, and so are you! All those labels don’t fit in a nice put together box – and I am everything but put together. I am however quite passionate, energetic and fun.

Know that people will ALWAYS make assumptions about you. People will stereotype you based on how you dress, how you speak, your spiritual beliefs and even your heritage. I am from Germany and you won’t believe how many people assume that I am racist. I grew up multi-cultural and love learning about different cultures and beliefs. Those assumptions hold you back because you become fearful of what others will think about you. The sooner you learn to not care about this, the freer you will feel and the more you, you will become.

People will always label and generalize you as being too this or too that. I am either too quiet, too energetic or too out there in my thinking. What comes across as being confident people will interpret as being stubborn. I have some very strong beliefs but I am also willing to hear the other side and get a new perspective. What I do with this is up to me. The same is true for you! You can totally have your own opinion and beliefs, listen to what others have to say and remain with those beliefs – or you can change them. It’s just you are being confident in being unapologetically you.

The crazy thing about just being confidently you – people will hate it and they will try to change you, put you down and challenge you to see how far they can go to break you.

Don’t let them!

Be confident anyway because how other people see or feel about you, well that’s none of your business – it’s theirs and by sticking to being unapologetically you, they are either with you or they are not.

If you are comfortable enough standing up in a room of people to speak up and stand for what you believe in, say you disagree with something or volunteer for the president chamber of commerce position (true story) – you, my friend are my hero!

So, shine your light and always be unapologetically you.


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