Be open to the gift of life no matter where it takes you


7 years. That’s how long it’s been since Lennon’s first liver transplant. When we made the decision to move forward with the transplant, there is no way we could have known of all that occurred after. All we had, was hope. Hope that the transplant would indeed ease Lennon’s life…. Continue reading »

The memories won’t let go but love will keep us moving


This morning I read this article “What I Wish Others Understood About Almost Losing a Child” and it is just one of those things that will always be with me. I don’t have the morphine bottle deep in the fridge but I have to make sure Lennon takes his meds twice… Continue reading »

April is Organ Donation Awareness Month

organ donation

I am way over due for a blog post and an update on Lennon and so with it being Organ Donation Awareness months, I am tackling both at the same time. Win! Lennon is making physical progress and even some cognitive progress. He’s still academically behind with his peers and… Continue reading »

Live in gratitude. Live in love. Life’s too short to do anything else.

Today we are celebrating Lennon Steps Book Release and yes that’s a big deal. A bigger deal, however, is that we are celebrating life and that Lennon is amazing. I say this every year and continues to be true. I am forever grateful to Lennon’s donor families and words will… Continue reading »