Who is Petra Monaco?

Who is Petra Monaco?

Seems like it’s an odd post to an already somewhat established blog and it boils down to the fact that I always like to challenge myself and go to the next level – though I never know what the next level really is. I committed to Blogging for the own journey and I have said some time ago that I wanted to be a writer. I am already an author, but I wanted to be a writer.

But aren’t you a writer when you have already authored a book? Well, yes sort of – kind of – I think.

I don’t practice writing enough and with this, I am stating this goal publicly.

I want to write more.

I also want you to read it. I think I have some things to say that are meaningful to some of you – maybe even inspirational in some quirky way. I also have stories locked inside my mind that need to be unleashed.

But Who am I?

actionsI am a 39 – ok well almost 40-year-old mother who was born in Bad Homburg Germany and lived in foster homes since the age of 2. It has caused me great pain but also amazing victories in life. I became pregnant for the first time at the age of 17 with my first boy and at age 30 I gave birth to my last and fourth boy. I have been to college and attempted to pursue every dream or goal I have ever had – and all too often changed my mind on the dream or goal itself. I am currently doing exactly what I want to do and allow myself to simply follow the flow of the sunrise to sunset.

One of my goals to blog more consistently is to release the inner beast of the imagination but also share some insights that I have gained over the years through various experiences. I find that sharing what I have to say in a public place that I have a way of reaching out to someone who may have had or had similar experiences. I also hope to write short stories of fiction as I continue to challenge my own mind. So, you will probably continue to see a variety of topics on this blog from personal to fictional and even poetry in some form.

By undertaking the commitment to Blogging is that I will expand on my writing skills in the English language. Since English is my second language, my written word often differs from my spoken word and I hope to find a way to mesh the two if for nothing else to be clearer in my writing.

I feel like I’ve been trained too much in academic writing that somehow, I lost my voice with also the tiny realization that I am just now finding my own voice.

BooksSo here is to me sharing my world, you perhaps find a way to connect with what I have to say.


10 Reasons to work for yourself

10 Reasons to work for yourself

Being self-employed is an absolutely amazing thing one could do. I think a lot of people may become overwhelmed and literally are afraid for their life. Afraid to not make enough money and all the other responsibilities that come with being a business owner. This means of course that you the potential business owner is unable to see all the amazing things that you would gain from being a business owner.

Alright, lets 10 of them!

  1. You will do what you love and enjoy

You will be able to look forward to work because it is something you enjoy doing. No longer will you dread getting up in the morning, commuting to work surrounded by negative feelings and energy. Instead, you will wake up excited and allow yourself to be surrounded by positive feelings!

  1. You set your own schedule

It is amazing getting up when you can decide to begin your work day. If you want to start your work day at 8 or at 10 or even later – it’s totally up to you. I need to ease my way into mornings by drinking my coffee, check my email and do other minuscule tasks. With a job working for someone else, however, you don’t necessarily have that luxury. I like to plan my day ahead the night before and look at the things that need to get done.

  1. You answer to yourself

You answer to yourself, well and your clients but you don’t really have to answer to anyone above you because you are it! You work your business with your personal values and policies and not the ones defined by someone else. While working your own business is not always easy, it does feel good that you can work it the way you choose and its aligned completely with you!

  1. You define what you will earn

This kind of sounds like a lot of work and depending it could be. It could be a lot of work all the time – or it could be a lot of work for a little time and you are now earning passive income 🙂 Think about it … if you are an artist you make money from the product you create and if you are creating how-to’s you are now making money with your knowledge (passively). If you are a coach, you work with the client thus making money but when you share your knowledge through e-courses and e-books you are now making passive money. Have a bookkeeping or social media business? You have clients and can create passive income there too… its completely up to you how much you want to earn!

  1. You can work from anywhere

I love this! I can work from just about any location – even the top of a mountain or at the bottom near a lake. I can choose to work from my office/studio or make recordings while driving and thus still work, right? Since time management is so silly, it does matter how best we use our time but you could work from a coffee shop or you could work from the front porch. You decided what task is best completed at various locations. Going on a road trip? Work from your hotel! The choices are unlimited really.

  1. You will be gaining new skills

How cool is that? If you are working for someone else, you will continue using the skills you already know day in and day out. When you are working for yourself, you are now responsible for marketing, sales, accounting, social media and product development. This may initially be overwhelming BUT the great thing is that you are learning these skills and that is something to feel good about. Over time it will all become easier because you will have worked it out and they just then become tasks scheduled on your calendar!

  1. You are creating new jobs

In a world where the economy is never consistent and stable, you are making room for new jobs. Some of you may think you will never hire someone to help you run your business BUT you may come to the point where you are so busy that well you need a little help. You are now creating room and the chance to hire and employ someone to help you with perhaps accounting or social media – delegate those tasks you don’t really like so you can focus on the things you WANT to do… the reasons you began your business in the first place.

  1. Live a meaningful life

Too often we get stuck in trying to figure out what the meaning of life is. For some, the answer is 42, for others they search and search and can’t figure it out. When you discover and follow your passion, you are instantly creating meaning to your own life. You define what is meaningful to you and then you live it and this will make life feel awesome!

  1. Develop self-discipline and become resilient

When you embark on self-employment you will come across barriers and deal with setbacks but you will also learn and grow from them. You will set your schedule according to how you work and you will learn what aids and hinders your productivity. You will learn to take criticism and strive to improve when needed. Self-discipline can initially be money driven because well you do have bills to pay but eventually it will become really about the service and product you provide and you will feel good about it.

  1. You are creating a legacy

Never thought this, did you? I mean you will be able to tell stories when you reach old age about how you had a dream and then you made it happen. People will remember the service or product you offer but they will also respect you for what you have accomplished!