How goal setting can transform your life

Do you wish you could make changes in your life, perhaps for yourself or your relationship? Or maybe even your work. You can feel it in your gut that something needs to be different because you are constantly drained, frustrated and bogged down with the current situations. Here’s the thing, they are… Continue reading »

Live in gratitude. Live in love. Life’s too short to do anything else.

Today we are celebrating Lennon Steps Book Release and yes that’s a big deal. A bigger deal, however, is that we are celebrating life and that Lennon is amazing. I say this every year and continues to be true. I am forever grateful to Lennon’s donor families and words will… Continue reading »

Final Results on the Biopsy


After meeting with our local doctor on the 25th, they explained it was an inflammation of the liver. Pittsburgh called today and stated that there was no change since the results in January and he continues to be in mild rejection. The good news is there is NO change …the others… Continue reading »

With the good, there comes struggle

Summer Camp has been an amazing experience from a mother’s point a view – from a counselors point of view and well from Lennon’s point of view. He has inspired me every day pushing through his fears. As it stands with all things there are also some challenges and I… Continue reading »