To act or not to act – your ideas are worthwhile pursuing

To act or not to act – your ideas are worthwhile pursuing

Do you feel pulled on whether to act on an idea or not? Sometimes it can be hard to decide if this new idea is the *thing* you have been looking for!

But I know that the only way you’re going to make anything happen is by taking action!

Because the reality of is that you can’t wish, hope or just dream about your ideas and then magically create the life you want. You will need to do something about it!

No excuses!

But fears creep in, the doubt, the limiting beliefs and thought patterns. I remember talking about writing a book about my life in foster care. I believed it was a story worth telling, but I didn’t want it to be a story that would bring pity into my world.

I wanted to share it because I want to tell people, that you can without a doubt make the change you want, and that every idea is worth following. Even if you don’t know how which is exactly the problem I ran into.

I didn’t know how to get published.

And then one day, a friend told me about self-publishing.

This seemed to have been the missing link for me because now I had no more excuses for not writing that book.

Except now I had a new problem!

I wanted this to be a book about rising above, about showing up for the challenge and really what would be the beginning of my own awakening.
And I realized that, even if others didn’t like the story, even if it wasn’t perfect, it was worth telling.

I wrote the book and I published it!

Did it become a best-seller? It didn’t, but I am so okay with it because I finally started taking action on all those things in my head.

  • Every idea deserves exploring.
  • Every dream deserves to be believed.
  • And you get to create each moment!

And as we are at the end of 2016 and heading into a brand-new year, give yourself permission to go to new heights.

  • Your vision is your GPS!
  • Your actions are your scenic overviews.
  • Your goals are you’re the destinations on your journey.

Don’t let this be you as we are in the last days of 2016. I have no doubt that you been contemplating, wondering and doing some hopeful planning.

But why not create a map of where you are going, with intention, clarity, and focus?

And knowing what you are doing to achieve the results you want?

How to use the Create your Colorful 2017 Workbook

How to use the Create your Colorful 2017 Workbook

I wanted to take some time and review my workbook with you. I am already head over heels into planning my own colorful 2017 and couldn’t be more excited about the things to come.

It is time to dream and to dream big.

It’s time to call in the vision you have of who you want to become, the things you want to do and all that you want to have.

Creating your colorful life is a personal journey of creating your vision.

Deciding what you are letting go off.

Being mindful about your mindset and how you want to feel in each moment.

Know where you have been and how you have grown.

Acknowledge what you are willing to release.

What you are giving yourself permission to call into your life.

The workbook is meant to be highly customizable.

Print only what you need so you have the option to print pages multiple times if you are called to.

There is room to reflect on where you are right now with the Flower of Life, so you can tune into who you want to become as you write out your vision and all that you want to do during the year.

The workbook comes with monthly planner pages to map out 3 Goals each month and the main actions that are going to get there.

It comes with mind-maps to help you get a visual on how to put all the pieces of your dreams together.

It has a goal pyramid to help you work backward so you can see all the steps to take and free-writing space to note your thoughts and feelings.

There is no wrong or right way to create your colorful life, there is only your way!

Give yourself permission to dream!



Lennon Steps

Lennon Steps

Lennon StepsLennon’s story is really kind of crazy and maybe even in parts unbelievable except that it is as real as you and me.

You see when he was born, life was complete. I had 3 amazing boys and I was good with this decisions. Little did I know that having my tubes tied perhaps was my saving grace with the years that followed.

Here was this cute little boy (yes I am biased) but life wasn’t cute at all. I knew deep down that something was not right but for the life of me, I couldn’t put my finger on it.

All I knew is that I was losing my mind with days of screaming and unable to bring satisfaction to my little guy.

And little did I know that he would bring a tremendous amount of change to our family. There is no doubt that parts of me are filled with guilt because it caused me to neglect my other children throughout, but I am also so incredibly grateful for having such amazing boys.

There is a level of understanding that sacrifices needed to be made in order to save their brother.

When my prayers were finally were answered and we finally had a diagnosis, Lennon was 4 years old. And he (we) are so lucky that he is still here with us today.

Urea Cycle Disorder is no joke, it’s deadly. It has taken many lives before Lennon and continues to take lives to this day.

And as we ventured onto our journey of living in medical chaos and survival, I started writing. And as we were sitting in Pittsburgh Hospital in January of 2011 and the doctors gave him his third liver, I decided it was time to write a book.

His story needed to be shared because it brings to the forefront what mindset, faith, and hope really mean in this world.

And I know full well that it all could have gone so differently.

And I know full well that it still could but I keep the faith and the trust that all will work out with the best intentions.

And I live life with gratitude because if it has taught me one lesson, it is that life is too short and the time is now to take action on your dreams.

You can get the paperback or Kindle version here!

Why Gratitude Matters

Why Gratitude Matters

gratitudeI have always expressed gratitude when I was down and out with nothing. I have this belief and philosophy if you will that “where there is a will, there is a way”.

It’s so easy to get lost in the struggle, in the frustration of feeling like life will never be what it is you want it to be. And day in and day out, you keep going and you hear it all the time, just be grateful for what you have right now.

There is something about it though that will keep you stuck because it’s asking you to be grateful when you don’t know how to pay your bills and you are working so incredibly hard just to survive.

But here is what I know, true and genuine gratitude matters that the half-arsed thanks you may be given in whatever situation you are in.

Practicing gratitude only when shit hit’s the fan isn’t fruitful or beneficial to your stress or your well-being in general.

Gratitude matters every single day and it needs to be a conscious part that you are engaging in, be it in a morning or evening routine through writing it down or reciting it in your head.

It’s about really noticing all the small and big things in your life right here and right now, but also calling in all that you really want.

And it matters that you do it every single day, like commit to it and engage with it.

Gratitude is one of those things that helps you truly transform your life and the more you show gratitude, the more your life will improve.

And let me tell you that at some point I only expressed gratitude for what is in the now, never what hasn’t happened yet. But the moment I also wrote out the things I am grateful for that I want to happen in the present moment, consistently every single morning, there was a shift within me but also in my life and business.

I learned some hard lessons in life to not take anything for granted, which I will write about later this week. With gratitude comes from within, from the immaterial things we already have before what it is that you want can materialize.

How Fear shows up in your life

How Fear shows up in your life

Fear is a bit of a tricky beast every now and again and it shows up in different ways and from different places in our body.

Fear is a signal of danger but the challenge is that you don’t always know if it’s real or fake.

If you are going hiking and standing on the edge of the path, and there is that possibility of falling, that is an actual fear because you fear the result, which depending on the height of the edge can be landing you in the hospital or worse.

There is some reality to that kind of fear because you know it could happen and you are being signaled to get off the path for your safety.

But what about the fear when it comes to our dreams and goals?

This fear is often self-imposed because you fear change, success, failure and even missing out. I will be covering all of this in my posts this week, so you can go after what you want and have a better understanding when fear is sabotaging you.

For today I am going to just cover how the beast shows up as that can help you as you move through the actions you must or want to take to move forward.


Procrastination is when you are having an idea of what you want to do but you just can’t sit down and make it happen because you are riddled with doubt and second-guessing. It’s the internal messaging system that signals you with limiting beliefs that you may be holding on to such as “I am not good enough, no one wants what I offer or I am a fraud”. These are things you may have picked up over time from experiences that chipped you a bit in your mindset and tend to hang on to. It is also a signal of not knowing how important something is. Procrastination is when you keep putting things off which leads me to the next point.

Lack of Clarity

When you don’t know what you want and where you want to go, the beast is telling you that right here right now, this is the best you’re going to get. Because there is a lack of clarity, you don’t know what you ought to be doing, what the steps are to get there and how it will all turn out. Having clarity will enable you to feel excited, and it does not mean you won’t feel the fear, but once you know, you are willing to go after what you want anyway. If you have clarity and you can make this idea or dream a priority, your ego will be a little more silent as you are making progress. But this brings me to the last and final point of today’s post.

Are you over-committing?

See the thing about fear is that the ego will find excuses and activities to keep you so busy that you do not have time to prioritize your own dreams and goals. And in the end, you are allowing the beast to win because you are not prioritizing your own stuff and then wonder why you are not progressing and again it comes down to fear. So maybe you could look at your commitments and get some clarity on what you are able to let go?!

When I first started my business, I didn’t realize that a lack of clarity for me personally actually meant that I have a fear of success and that procrastination meant that I have a fear of failure.

Here is what I know however that fear shows up for you to push through, to look at it for what it is, recognize it and know that you are much bigger than your fear and most importantly your ego.

Tomorrow I will be covering Fear of Success and Failure, which are the most common fears one faces when going after their dreams.