Why your inner circle is the key to your success

Why your inner circle is the key to your success

I write a lot about going after your dreams because it is a topic I am seriously passionate about! We learn by breaking away from your fears, by doing and not waiting!

And learning to break away from your fears through doing and not waiting is really the part that will change your life!

And therefore, you need a support system, an inner circle that doesn’t squash your ideas and dreams. Instead, they help you brainstorm, lift you up on those darker days and give you a different perspective.

A group friend that are on the similar path in life and business. People who you can bounce ideas off without fearing to give too much away. And more importantly, they hold you accountable and will call you out on your bullshit.

It is one of those elements in our lives that we all should have.  You could, of course, build your dreams alone, but isn’t celebrating success with friends better?

And more importantly, they can see the blind spots, especially if you are frustrated.

Your inner circle is not meant for you to whine and complaint – they are here to help you maintain perspective and challenge you.  It is brainstorming, collaborating and creating dreams together.

Your inner circle will have different skills to suit yours and will be a mastermind of supporting you. Different skills complement each other well as opposed to everyone having the same skill.

Inner circle will provide you with emotional support, encouragement, informational support and tangible support. It is your success team.

Creating your inner circle

  • Make a list identifying who you go to for support. Circle the ones that are a positive influence and who are the negative people (the ones that are always Debbie Downer).
  • Now make a list of the ones that you want to add to your inner circle and tell them that. Be honest with them and tell them why you want them for support and accountability.
  • Nurture the relationship and share your successes and struggles and do hang out with them for fun.

Joining my accountability groups and creating my own inner circle, has tremendously changed my life and the way I do business.

Just a year ago, I was still fighting the daily struggle of what to do and create, but by showing up, staying the room and having someone that allows me to share the good, the bad and the ugly has brought forth a tremendous amount of growth.

You don’t have to do this alone! All you need to do is decide who the people are in your life that can support you and connect with them.

A word of warning perhaps, some will be on board and show up – some will not. We are all on our own journey and have different needs.

Now go off and create your inner circle of dreamers and doers and start building success together!

3 Steps to Communicate your Boundaries

3 Steps to Communicate your Boundaries

In my last post, I shared what How to Set Up your Boundaries in 5 Steps, which included sharing them with others.

I can only image in that your heart jumped into your throat and wondered how the heck you are going to have the courage to do that.

I have been there! My spine was feeling heavy and my gut was doing summersaults.  I knew I had to get over my fear or I would be stuck and never truly satisfied with life.

I’m sure you’ll agree that being able to sit down and have that conversation with a family member, friend, and even co-worker feels hard.

You Bet!

It does take some courage to make it happen, but let me ask you:

Are you willing to continue to be overwhelmed and stressed out or are you ready to set some boundaries and show people that you have respect for yourself? And moreover, that you love yourself enough to set those limits?

3 Steps to Communicate your Boundaries

  1. Plan to have coffee or tea with them.
  2. Give them examples of where they have crossed the boundaries
  3. Ask them to respect your new boundaries

In most cases, people will hear you and respect your request of being mindful of your boundaries. There will be some instances where people who will continue to cross them. You will need to stay firm, they’ll get the drift and if they don’t you need to reevaluate your relationship with them!

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How far are you willing to allow others to push you around?
  • Are you willing to continue to live with icky feelings to maintain peace?

Here is what I know to the true:

It is okay for you to be who you are, say and express yourself how you want. No one has the right to dim your light!

Something that has helped me build my confidence is to journal about my fear and worries. I dug in deep and still do what I should gain and lose not setting and maintaining my boundaries.

It will get easier with practice and you will feel so much better!

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