How to create Boundaries that support you

Boundaries are invisible lines where you space begins and ends and meets another person space. Boundaries are also physical and non-physical in such that when someone steps too close to you and you become uncomfortable that someone crossed the line. We all have our own comfort levels when it comes… Continue reading »

Never Give Up Hope – Interview with Carol Graham

Once upon a time I hated talking about me and my story. The memories, the pain was all too much to bear. It was like I was reliving all that I experienced and frankly who wants to relive trauma? I certainly don’t, but on my own healing journey and with… Continue reading »

My interview over at Mothers Joint

I always get nervous when I do an interview and my mindset takes a tackle. I want my story to be heard, I want to inspire and help other people overcome their owns struggle and go after their big dreams. Here’s what I learned however that when you share your… Continue reading »