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Riding the Wave of Creativity

Anytime I get an idea, in most cases, I immediately follow it with action. There is something I learned about myself, and that is that when I let it sit for too long, the inspiration is gone and I lose interest fast.

There are plenty of unfinished projects in my studio I could show you because I hesitated or simply just stopped instead of following it through.

But I fully believe that ideas and dreams come to us because we are meant for them. Let me sound a bit cliche for a moment “it’s part of the destiny”.

So the next time you notice an idea and you can’t wait to take action, start. Don’t hesitate!

This is the moment to seize the idea and just run with it because the moment you hesitate all the doubts and fears will make their appearance. And you will literally have killed the idea before you even took action.

But what if for just a moment you decided to take action and allow yourself to ride the wave of creativity?

Sometimes these are very fleeting moments and you owe it to yourself to show up for them.

Here’s the thing, it’s okay to not always feel inspired but when the moment comes, ride it out. Surfers don’t always have the perfect wave, but even they keep showing up to catch just the right wave.

And what if your idea is that one thing that could change your life forever? Isn’t that just the thing you may be chasing?

So the next time that idea enters your mind, make a choice to not hesitate.

Decide that you will take action, even if you don’t know how or what the end result will look like.

No one can really predict the outcome and you won’t know it until you do it!


Take your idea and run with it

That idea you have that may be different that what is out there, go make it happen.
If you wake up in the morning thinking about it and can’t stop thinking about it during the day or during your sleep, you owe it to yourself to create it.

“But there is nothing like it out there!”

Well hell, that is, even more, the reason you should make it happen because SOMEONE needs what you are dreaming and scheming about!
A recent client of mine has this amazing idea.
Her idea has her waking up in excitement every single morning saying “Hell yes” this is what I want to do.
But just like so many, she got stuck on the validity of it.

What if no one wants this?

But what if there are people out there that NEED this idea to come to life?

That if this idea is life changing for some people? Don’t they deserve it to be a reality just as much as you do?

I don’t think there is a dumb idea out there. There are only ideas that not been given their full potential.

And that makes me sad. 
If an idea lights you up so much that you wake up thinking about, daydream about it and go to bed thinking about it, then you owe it to yourself to create it.

So my client did the only thing she knew to do in this moment.

She reached out to me for a meeting, to hash it out, to hear her thoughts validated and she left inspired and excited like in an “I can’t wait to make this happen” excited.
If you have something you’ve been mulling over and just need some validation or someone to tell you, that you are not crazy, I invite you to 1-Hour Validate your Idea Session.
In this hour, we will explore your idea and come up with a strategy to make it happen. When you schedule your session, there is a questionnaire for you to fill out, so that I can be well prepared and we are not wasting too much time but can get right to validating your dreams.