How to stop waiting and start taking action

How to stop waiting and start taking action

Have you ever considered what getting clear on your dreams does for you?

Or what one simple action will do for your life?

You have the vision that is so far out of reach and you wonder every single day when will your dream turn into reality.

You plan, plan and then plan some more waiting for perfection and just the right time. You keep analyzing every single detail about your dream. You keep talking yourself out of it and your doubts and fears tell you that it just cannot happen.

I’m going to tell you something and you may not like it, but the right time will never come into reality.

And now I am going to tell you that you CAN turn your dreams into reality, with one single thing.

Taking Action!

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Believe in you and in your dream.

But how can I take action when I don’t know what to do?

You already have a plan right? So, now create some action steps to go with the plan.

Brainstorm a list of things you will need to do.

Let’s say you want to start a business because you want the freedom.

What will you need to get started?

Create a checklist of what you will need to do.

Do those things!

Or maybe you want to make more art?

What art do you want to do? Decide it!

Purchase your supplies.

Make art.

Oh but I don’t have the time.


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You look at all the things you are doing now and decide what it is that no longer fits in your priority list, let that go and then voila, you now have time to do that thing you want to do.

Just maybe you are saying, but I want to be healthier.

Define what being healthier means to you.

Is it eating less junk food or cooking more meals from scratch or both. Is it exercising and moving your body more often?

Be clear on what that means for you and then write it down.

Now write all the things you can do to help you feel and be healthier.

You have just created a list of all the things you can do to take action.

When we start to overanalyzing and make excuses i.e. it’s not perfect enough or I don’t have time you are being a disservice to your own life and your own dream.

How can I help you to start acting today? Share in the comments!

This cold is a whammy

This cold is a whammy

whammyAlmost two weeks ago, Lennon was sick with a fever for about 4 days before I considered sending him to school again. Ever since then he’s been hacking this horrible cough in which neither of us has been getting any kind of sleep. It got to the point that we I finally had enough and took him to the pediatrician (bout time right?).

Well, the result:

Viral cold .. not much we can do about

Fluid in the ear but doesn’t seem to cause any trouble at the moment

Alright.. let it ride its course…

We continue to have interrupted sleep with one-hour coughing sessions at various times at night. Which at breakfast he is exhausted and so we take the toast on the way and he just isn’t having much of any of it.. except peppermint tea… He likes peppermint tea 🙂

Today he had his six months check-up with his behavioral and neuro-development doctor. His ADHD is being managed well but this cold his a whammy.

Lennon is down 7 lbs.

I knew that taking two immune suppression medication placed him at higher risk being ill and that it would take longer to get over but I wasn’t expecting the weight loss.

For a kid that needs nutrition to help his liver and his body and to maintain health, this is quite concerning. I am quite confident that this is due to the cold and his lack of interest in food in the morning because during the rest of the day, well he eats.. and I mean all afternoon and evening long.

Before the cold, he was eating Nutella sandwiches for breakfast or two eggs with toast and butter.

Not sure how I will get him to eat breakfast while he’s still coughing so much in the morning. He has a transplant follow-up on Monday with lab work – so I hope that he’s gained some weight or we’ll be having a chat with nutrition.

What to expect when change is wanted

What to expect when change is wanted

 When you are starting on your journey of finding balance in life, health, and food it can be overwhelming when we don’t know what to expect.

Expect to experience physical and emotional changes. As you are acknowledging your need to be more active, or having less processed food in the home or looking for ideas of fun you may feel scared, overwhelmed, thrilled, excited and maybe even as if change cannot happen.

What our mind holds onto will promote how successful we are with making changes in our life.

 One of the biggest issues I see when trying to have been healthier than the entire focus is on weight. How much can you will you lose if you do this or that when it needs to focus on your overall health, physical and emotional!

As you are gearing up to make changes in your activity level and even food preparations, listen to your body. Eat when you are hungry and don’t ignore your inner clock. Learn what it means to plan and prepare so you are not just throwing things around or together and then set yourself up to feel guilty.

3 meals a day are vital to sustaining, snacks in between are also good and don’t starve yourself – EVER!

Further, when you plan and look at your schedule to figure out what you will eat i.e. meal plan and what exercise you will partake in it will be less intimidating because your mind is already preparing for it. The biggest challenge may be to just get started. So, know that it is normal to feel intimidated when your schedule is already overwhelmed – but one change at a time and just making some things a habit will smooth things out over time.

 Preparing and planning help you create a foundation to find a balance.

Making the decision in your first step – Decide what you want.

My initial start was about losing weight but once I really got down to the bottom of it, I wanted to be a healthy, happy and positive role model to my children and focus on the things that make me feel good, which includes food. I hate going without chocolate and there’s no reason I cannot or should not have it every now and again.

Get real about adjusting your thought patterns and help create positive change.

Get stronger and healthier

Get in touch with your emotional eating triggers

Get on with finally living and feeling good about yourself

Expect to be excited about feeling energetic and healthy, like you could conquer the world.


Finding Balance with life, food and activity

Finding Balance with life, food and activity

balanceThey say that education is your biggest investment but what if I told you that your health just maybe bigger?

Time is probably the number one reason, why people don’t cook well or exercise. I know that I have used this excuse myself.  Between work, kids, a partner you are still supposed to find time for yourself, make great homemade meals and squeeze in 30 minutes of exercise.

After my son’s medical journey and years not caring for myself, I made the decision that to be around and continue to care for my children I needed to take care of me. I needed to find a balance that included making better food choices and exercise.

This decision helped me not only lose some unwanted some pounds, but I quit smoking and I am feeling much more energized and good about myself. My body feels good and when your body feels good everything else does automatically balance.

I never really struggled with my weight until my son was hospitalized for an extended period and crappy hospital cafeteria food appeared to be the only option. I was what one would consider skinny and was distorted in my body image of what healthy looked like. I’ve tried a few diets but felt unhappy about most it. I decided to focus less on the number on the scale and more about the kind of food I put in my body and the amount of exercise I would do.

What I found after a few months is that I fit into pants I haven’t worn in two years, I felt good, less tired and not craving all the foods that did not nourish my body well.

 I have found a way to balance being active and food to find my own personal health instead of being a number approved by society. 

Once you learn to take care of your body, you will also take care of your mind because when you physically feel good, the emotional wellness will follow.

Measuring success should be about feeling great because you are not a number on the scale and you should never live up to someone else’s expectations.

Your journey to wellbeing is permanent and not a temporary fix.

Making the decision to put yourself first is hard, especially when you have so many other commitments such as work and family. But what good will you do when you are not around?

Maybe you feel guilty or embarrassed for letting yourself go, because I know I have had those feelings and verbally beat myself up over it. But each day I decided to stay on a road that did not consider self-care the more I was continuing to engage in unhealthy habits.

What if you could feel good about yourself and the food choices you make, even when you are living on a budget? And most of all, you do not have to sacrifice food.

You can achieve a weight that is healthy for you – but this isn’t going to happen overnight. I noticed my change after a year more specifically.

Change your mind – Change your Body

You might experience strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Other side effects include deeper sleep, improved stress management and a greater sense of control of your life.

Make the decision to find your healthy and not be a number on the scale and you will foster your own well-being.


Drama at the Eye Doctor

Drama at the Eye Doctor

Lennon has been complaining about headaches for a few weeks and I made him a long overdue eye appointment. If you have been following his story, you may remember that immediately following the urea cycle disorder diagnosis, Lennon went blind for about 6 months or so, if not that’s okay!

eyeAnyway, the appointment was at 2:30 and we got in, registered and after 15 minutes or more waiting, we were called in a room for an eye test. Lennon was engaging, fascinated and super excited – silly boy actually WANTS glasses. Well, we went through it and back into the waiting room we went.

And about 4:30 we FINALLY saw the doctor who reviewed his history, asked me a bunch of questions and ordered two more tests.

Now mind you, we did not have the Kindle with us, nor the Ipad and my phone battery… well died. Lennon was maxing out fast with patience and it took everything I had to keep him entertained and supported as he was struggling more and more as time went on. We looked at magazines, used the bathroom and despite it all – we both began to struggle and patience was wearing thin.

And then we heard his name..whew.. ok let’s do this…

Visual test to check his peripheral sight in his eyes.. one eye is better than the other.. yep this is how Lennon rolls. This test is a mere 15 minutes but  Lennon who had already struggled so much worked hard, fidgeting in his seat to hit the button every time he saw a light. I was on the edge of my seat too.

Immediately following was the dilation of his pupils and this is where he lost it and I was mustering everything I had to get us through this. The first drops went in and my 11-year-old boy flew into a rage of “hell to the no” you are not doing this again.. but it had to be done. We made it through the ordeal but Lennon was a mess and well me too and so I just held him for the longest time, questioning if this really was all necessary.

I knew it was because it had been an incredibly long time since his eyes were checked.. and well headaches, who needs them?

We waited in the waiting area – the last people there. Receptionists, residents, and other techs had already left the building.

Pictures of his eyes complete, we saw the doctor one more time and the result is that Lennon is nearsighted, and because he’s so young as he gets older, it will progress to becoming worse.. thus glasses forever… it’s not the end of the world but the visit was incredibly dramatic.

The good thing?

We don’t go back for 2 years!