How to stop waiting and start taking action

Have you ever considered what getting clear on your dreams does for you? Or what one simple action will do for your life? You have the vision that is so far out of reach and you wonder every single day when will your dream turn into reality. You plan, plan… Continue reading »

Final Results on the Biopsy


After meeting with our local doctor on the 25th, they explained it was an inflammation of the liver. Pittsburgh called today and stated that there was no change since the results in January and he continues to be in mild rejection. The good news is there is NO change …the others… Continue reading »

Tips and Tricks to Prepare and Plan ahead

Planning your shopping and cooking takes a bit of work up front, but saves you time in the long run. It also saves you money! And once you get into the planning habit, your family should be eating better, too. Planning your food budget is one of the most important… Continue reading »