Lennon Steps

Lennon Steps

Lennon’s story is really kind of crazy and maybe even in parts unbelievable except that it is as real as you and me. You see when he was born, life was complete. I had 3 amazing boys and I was good with this decisions. Little did I know that having… Continue reading »

How I was catapulted into the journey of gratitude on a soul level

When you are in the trenches of life, of the unknown and in the struggle, you are given situations and even opportunities to change and to make the leap to grow. There is no denying that I struggled in my life, that I was in the trenches more than I… Continue reading »

Self-Doubt fills that negative space of yours


Self-Doubt fills that negative space of yours Are you finding yourself stuck in a negative space You know the space where you struggle to see yourself succeed? The place where you believe you will not only fail as a partner, or mother but perhaps in your career or your business…. Continue reading »

5 Mindset Shifts to Start Living Now


It has taken me years to realize that life is truly about mindset and the way we look and view things. Perspective is truly something amazing and allows us to dream and choose possibility. I have always been an optimist believing there is another way but deep down there were… Continue reading »