Why it is okay to go against the grain

Why it is okay to go against the grain

How do you feel about going against the grain? Does it make you feel uneasy, or maybe you feel a little out of place, because well you know that sets you apart from others?

Going against the grain and being different isn’t exactly easy.

I remember when Harry Potter first came out and everyone went crazy. I have yet to read a single book or watch a movie.

And people still love Harry Potter and I am totally okay with that, but it isn’t for me. And it doesn’t have to be.

We are all so very different and because most people like this or that, doesn’t mean you must either.

Those things that set us apart from others, the mainstream, those can be the most things about us.

But most importantly, what if they help and get other people to think.

  • To think for themselves for what they desire.
  • To speak for themselves to what is in their heart.
  • To be true to them and have a life that feels good.

Isn’t that really all that we strive for in some way? And those who go against the grain, pave the way for those who are trying to still figure it all out. For those who are just a little afraid to speak up, to be true to who they are.

Going against the grain may feel like you’re an outsider, someone, who doesn’t fit it, but trust me there are more of those around than you think.

I had this conversation one day about how I do these things that make me feel good and take action on those ideas that inspired me. I have no desire to fit in and to play it safe.

My desire is to feel free of the pressure of needing and being like everyone else. The freedom to do the things I love and help those who would like to find their own path in this world.

There are other people like you who enjoy random genres of music and dislike the holiday season – and it’s not that we don’t love giving gifts.

There are other people like you who have never read Harry Potter or watched Twilight, let alone read 50 Shades of Grey.

There are other people like you who don’t like playing it safe, who take inspired actions on their ideas and live their life according to their own truth.

Be okay with who you are – even when it means going against the grain.