Your heart is begging you to do something about it

Your heart is begging you to do something about it

That idea…. that dream in your heart and in your head, is begging you to do something about it.

You wake up thinking about it… you go to sleep thinking about it and I am here to tell you that if you don’t do something about that, it will never go away.

And you know deep down that unless you get over your fear, it is never going to happen.

But you must decide whether you are going to listen to that fear or if you are stepping up and out and take action anyway.

It’s time to stop the bullshit stories you tell yourself of how you can’t and really dig deep into what is stopping you.

And if I was a betting person, I venture to say you are being held back because

  • you don’t feel good enough
  • you don’t’ feel smart enough
  • you worry about what other people will think
  • you worry about failure before you have even started

It’s all hogwash! These are all stories you have learned along the way, and really, they are no longer serving you, because

You are enough!
You are smart!

And really who cares what people think? 9 times out of 10 those people are afraid to take action, so how about you pave the way?

And failure… failure is a good thing… it’s allowing you to see what is or isn’t working and then revamp how you are going about it.

Those ideas that have been swirling in your head, they are yours for the taking. They come to you because you have something amazing to offer to this world.

Incredible gifts to share and how dare you to deny others from what you are so carefully hiding.

The pain of not taking action, of not doing that thing, ask you: Is it worth it?

Because I know you are aching to bring it to life.

It is

  • Time to stop hiding.
  • Time to stop worrying about being enough.
  • Time to stop worrying about whether people will like you or not!

It is time to start doing!

Own your gifts and stop hiding

Own your gifts and stop hiding

Ok, so I have a wee bit of a confession to make.

I have been hiding some of my gifts, skills, and talents from you but in recent weeks, I felt called to share all of them in on place or space. This thought really was brought on when I visited my friend Linda and spend a few days with her and sharing what I love to do.

Here’s the thing, we always hear about to specialize in one thing or focus on that one thing but for some of us multi-passionate folks, it isn’t quite that easy.

Some of has can be good at multiple things but I think the thing to remember is to be really clear about it. For one, I am a coach. I help you get unstuck and remove frustration. I help you embrace your fear because fear can pretty much keep you stuck and well frustrated. I coach on starting the movement towards what you want to create and finding the confidence to make it happen.

But coaching and mentoring isn’t all I do, even though it is a very big part of my world. I am an artist, the kind who is ridiculous with all the things she likes to do. I own that because I struggled with it. So many times, again we are told to focus on one thing but man I can crochet and wood burn, I can paint and I can make jewelry. I don’t like to be told I can’t make it happen but I gravitate towards different things at different times.

Multi-passionate people like me, tend to struggle with sharing their skills, gifts, and talents. There is this notion that we can’t do it all and have it all and I agree with part of it. We can certainly not do it all but we can do the things we love and owning what we are good at doesn’t mean we are wishy-washy – we are just good at several things.

Being overwhelmed by your own interested is hard because you don’t know what to focus on but one practice that helps me stay grounded, focused and own all these quirky parts is to write out my ideal day but I have different versions of it and then combine them into an ideal week.

While I don’t think, true balance is achievable (hello I’m a Libra) I think we can create a life with ease and flow when we can take stock of how we want to live. I can do all the things I love to do and still spend time with family and friends and just good about my life and mostly myself. But it seriously helps to plan it all out.

If you are finding you are having a hard time balancing all that is you, I invite you to write about your ideal day and your ideal week and if you are still finding it too difficult to figure out on your own, come see if the Rebel Soul Connection is a good fit for you!