What being in Foster Care has taught me about life and business

What being in Foster Care has taught me about life and business

foster careThe journey of healing is hard, interesting and a powerful one.

It’s taken me more years than I’d like to admit to looking at my upbringing in foster care in a positive light.

But I am incredibly excited to finally can look back and not feel ashamed because the reality is there is so much better I have learned that has played a key role in how I approach life and business.

The Lessons:

Taking Risk – Now this has come with good and bad experiences but one thing I have learned is to not be afraid of taking a risk.

Strategizing – This has been playing a role in my survival. Learning this skill has proven to be one of the most profound lessons.

I am in charge – I control how I show up when I show up and the actions I take. Creating the life, I want, is up to me and the past does not hold any dark clouds over me.

How all of this serve me now:

It’s really amazing what appears to be so small at times, really has the most profound impact. Because I am willing to take a risk, I have started businesses, close them when they fell out of alignment and changed course as needed. I have written books

I have written books to share my story risking judgment and ridicule.

I have taken a risk in agreeing to my son’s liver transplant even though there are a lot of risks involved and lifelong medical care.

Taking risks is the cornerstone of being an entrepreneur. It’s like laying everything on the line because your vision and mission are so much bigger than who you are.

The ability to strategize allows me to see how to connect the dots from the big vision, working backward to the point where I am now. I am a visionary, the kind of person that dreams big can see that bigger picture and my mind just channels all the pathways to make it happen.

It’s the thing that I rely on when I hit a stumbling block and feeling the frustration because it will ask me to take a step back and reevaluate the strategy and come up with a new plan.

And because I am in control, I can decide which step is the best one and the next one. I can choose to follow the initial strategy or make a change.

This life is a journey and so is your business. It isn’t easy no matter what your past but if you can look at your childhood from a different perspective can make all the difference in the world.

Lessons are always to be learned and it’s important to reflect and acknowledge them.

Thank you for the memories – thank you for the music

Thank you for the memories – thank you for the music

introvertDo you always remember the bad stuff? Does it replay in your head day in and day out?

Always so focused on things that hurt you, that even shaped you into the person you are.

What if for one moment you could try to remember the good stuff?

For 6 years, I practiced and played the recorder, learning to play Mozart and Beethoven, and for this, I am super grateful to my foster parents. There were days I would practice for hours, to make sure I could get my finger positions just right.

Music speaks to my soul!

In a conversation, I was reminded that my father loved music. He was the one that introduced me to the Rolling Stones and Queen. And that we spent weekends together, listening to the records just hanging out.

Music connects me in ways I can’t explain, but it has the power to speak directly to my soul and at any given day I have music lyrics make their presence in my mind.

Not all memories are bad!

It is far more challenging to find the good memories when there have been so many bad ones, but that’s your ego always telling you to be wary, to be aware and not be too open with your hearts.

But what if you could for each moment that you are here, you try to remember the good.

What if you could for each moment that the pain rises, you remember the good times?

Hanging onto the pain does not change your life!

I don’t know where my father is today, according to some sources he vanished in the tsunami in 2004, and I’d like to think that the lyrics that so often come to me are his little-guided messages to me. Telling me that all will be well, that I am loved even when it hasn’t felt that way.

Today I honor his memory jamming to his favorite band the Rolling Stones.

How can you honor a good memory today?

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