The truth about multi-tasking

The truth about multi-tasking

Multitasking has become a new fashion word. It’s praised as the most efficient way of getting things done. But is it?

Multitasking is merely the opportunity to screw up more than one thing at a time (Steve Uzzell)

The word multitasking comes from the computer development world and was meant to describe multiple tasks sharing the same resource (the CPU). But this has turned around and is translated today as multiple tasks being done simultaneously by one resource (a person).
This is very misleading as even computer CPUs can only do one piece of code at a time. It just does it so fast, it appears that many tasks are done simultaneously. But it’s just an illusion.

Our society loves the idea of multitasking. You can find it in peoples CV as a great skill and many are proud to be real multitaskers. It’s seen as a great advantage if you can multitask, like driving a car and texting at the same time!

But hold on, that’s not what we meant, right? What do we mean?

Most of us can do multiple things at the same time. We can walk and have a conversation at the same time. We can shave or apply makeup while listening to music on the radio. No problem with that. Where it becomes more difficult is when we try to focus on two things at the same time. That’s when we realize, we can’t. Have you ever spoken to someone who was looking at his phone and you suddenly realized that he stopped listening to you? That happens when the attention was taken by something happening on his phone and he started focusing on it.

The only way we can create the illusion of multitasking is by rapidly switching focus from one thing to another and back. Have you ever tried that? The result will always be a small percentage of the result you could achieve if you fully focus on it.

In the real world and especially in working environments we are constantly bombarded by attention seeking distractions around us. There is the loud conversation in the hall or the ringing phone. Emails are announced via notification systems in regular intervals. It’s really hard today to get some uninterrupted time to focus on one thing. This all becomes even harder if we’re faced with tasks that require our full attention. It’s exhausting. We believe we manage to multitask, but we’re just driving ourselves crazy.

Instead of being proud to be a great multitasker, we should be proud to find ways to fully concentrate on one thing and get it done right. I am sure you’ve heard about good listeners. Why do you think they’re good listeners? Because they focus on you alone and cut everything else out. Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than talking to someone who is constantly looking at his phone, right?

If you’re a person who’s always looking for ways to improve and be the best you can at anything you do, you need to learn to focus on one thing only and to shut everything else out. That’s the skill that should be on your CV:

Able to fully concentrate on the task ahead while shutting out and reducing distractions that would cause a lesser quality of work and result!“.

How does that sound?

Be a focused single tasker and you’ll be the best you can ever be!

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Focus on the progress and persistence is key

Focus on the progress and persistence is key

Focus on the progress and persistence is key to your success!

Since dealing with IEP meetings for the last 8 years that is without the doubt my biggest takeaway.

There was a time I focused on where my son was rather than seeing where the progress has been. I focused on where I was rather than the recognizing the progress I made in my own self-awareness and personal development.

Yes, we need to recognize where we are and take stock on the self-awareness but knowing that each decision we have made was the best decision for us in every moment, allows you to meet yourself and others with compassion.

My son graduated from speech therapy and for a kid who used to be non-verbal transitioned into selective mutism and now talks your ear off (not literally) who dare I ignore the progress he has made. Progress happens when we put one foot in front of the other, take a little step each day.

When we focus on where we are instead of the progress, we are denying ourselves to acknowledge the work we put in towards becoming who we are and creating the life we want. Focusing on the negative will never allow for true progress. Persistence – I think we own this part. Never giving up and always pushing through and forward… this is our element of success.

And this is where persistence is so key.  Never giving up and always pushing through and forward… this is our element of success.

And this is key in creating the life you want, the business you want to have, the book you want to write – and just going after that dream lurking deep within.

By focusing on progress and the positive results you are supporting yourself, working on your mindset and the results, they will show up.

Trust and Believe it!

Say YES to frustration

Say YES to frustration

frustrationAre you feeling frustrated most of the time? Frustration builds on frustration!

The more you focus on being frustrated, the more overwhelmed you become and the more you can’t see all the amazing things in your life that are present.

It’s like we are in this unhealthy relationship with frustration because really, we don’t want to be frustrated but find us constantly battling the war of how to get out of this feeling.

So instead of fighting so hard against it, what if we invited frustration in and say YES instead.

Frustration is here to teach us what we don’t want and it helps us grow because it pushes us out of our comfort zone.

One of my favorite activities is to use a bubble map to help me move through frustration.

I write the frustration in the middle of the paper and then create bubbles around it with possible solutions and action steps. It’s allowing me to acknowledge that I can do something about the situation, I just need to be open and sit for a moment to bring in the ideas to help me move through.

One of the biggest challenges I see is that most of us tend to be frustrated with money. We get stuck thinking we can’t do anything about it and it just is the way it is. But here’s the thing it doesn’t have to be that way. I am using money as an example but you can use this process for just about anything that could use brainstorming and that is essentially what my bubble map is.

As you can see there are several things I can do and I have implemented most of these already for the past few months.

2016-02-16 09.01.08

I think that sometimes when we become frustrated it is because we focus on only one thing, but the heart of an entrepreneur means that they do and have multiple things going on for them.

But the process as mentioned before can apply to just about any kind of frustration you may experience. You can use this or a list version to help you get clear not only what you want but what you can do about it.

My becoming an entrepreneur for me means that I am also traveling and I hadn’t done much of it in the last year. In the next 2 months, I am going to three different states, and this includes fun, business, and personal development.

It was something I wanted but couldn’t see be reality because as a single mother, my support network in helping care for the kids isn’t big and so I held back and made the excuse that I couldn’t.

I created a list of all the people who do support me and connected with them for help and their support and voila I am no longer frustrated about it nor am I holding myself back because of it.

As you maneuver this life and come across frustration, sit for a moment and allow the ideas to come to you because when you are willing to hear them, you will be provided with actions!

Focus on your accomplishments

Focus on your accomplishments

A blissful lifeWith only 15 days left in the year, I like most people reflect on the year and all the things we have accomplished. There as a time, however, I would be sad and frustrated about ALL the things I didn’t do that I had planned on doing. It was just a few years ago that I realized how that focus on the negative was not helpful to my mood and overall well-being.

It took some work to recognize that holy cow I did manage to do a lot and with each year I became more focused. In December 2013, I sat down and reflected on my year but I also decided about the things I would do in 2014. I must tell you that I did A lot of what was on my list but there are also some items I didn’t do for one reason or another. However, instead of focusing on what I didn’t do, it’s been incredibly helpful to look at the list of what I did and just sit with it and take it all in.

And some of those things I have done are big while others are just little things. I tell you that I had totally intended on publishing my book in May of 2014 and no it did not happen and there are many reasons why, the biggest one, however, it wasn’t ready to be. That’s ok! Knowing that it is okay is sometimes half the battle because we only ever do what we are meant to do at the right moment. I now have slated the book to be published January 20th, 2015 and nothing has felt righter!

When I focus on what I accomplished, well I (finally) started what I feel passionate about, which is help mamma’s and interested folks cultivate their own dreams, turn them into goals and make things happen.

I consistently made my car payment on time! Finances had been a struggle for many years due to messages I had learned when I was much younger. Being able to work on my “stuff” has been super helpful and I no longer feel like I can’t survive.

I made the income I set out I wanted to make – and this next to starting my business – is a huge deal for me. I created a vision and set a goal. My mind went on auto-pilot and created ways on how I could earn the amount I had intended. Halfway through the year, I realized that I achieved my money goal.

I have also become the parent I wanted to be and really am stepping into my own person and speaking my own voice. There have been some trials and troubles along the way with some hearts being hurt but I was met with some understanding and it really has been the best thing for me. I am slowly healing some of my wounds that I have carried around with me for so long and in the process, I am finding my voice.

All those things are big to me and I am celebrating all the accomplishments. Never mind about what I didn’t do because you know that there is 2015 and it’s already jam-packed with goals, action plans, and timelines.

By creating your vision and creating goals that align with appropriate and doable actions steps you can do the same things to move forward to grow your incredible life.