What’s it going to take before you will take action

What’s it going to take before you will take action

You have this amazing dream of writing a book, starting a business and perhaps even lose some weight. My guess you are thinking about your new year’s resolution and making some plans for 2016.

actionThat’s great, but what are you waiting for?

Why does January 1st have to be the day you start taking action and begin your journey?

Why can’t it be right this very moment?

What is holding you back?

Is it fear of failing? Fear of disappointing yourself or others?


The lack of not knowing how?

Every excuse you make is a bullshit reason for why you are not willing to make your dream, goal or resolution happen.

When is enough, well enough?

How much longer are you willing to just watch others make their own dreams come true while you are still wishing you could?

Here is the truth: You can!

You need to stop making excuses and start taking action – even when the fear is as loud as a damn jet engine.

Fear is just an emotion, just like anger, love, happiness etc. Are you willing to allow the emotion to rule you, or are you willing to decide how you are going to feel and what you are going to do?

I think too often, we forget that we have a choice.

We always have a choice!

When we were kids, we were told we don’t have a choice. We need to follow the rules, do as we are told. We are told to graduate highschool, go to college or learn a trade.

We are told that we should be grateful for the job we have and just go on with our mediocre life.

Yes, I said it: MEDIOCRE

Because I know you envision your life to be different. I know that you have dreams and goals that you want to achieve but because you were told you didn’t have a choice, you just let life slip on by.

What if I told you that you are in control of your life, that you have the power to choose what you will or will not do and how you will live?

Choose and Decide!

What’s it going to be? Living your life to the rules of someone else or your own?

If you are ready to make some changes in your life, I invite you to visit The Rebel Soul Connection and start achieving your dreams and goals with like-minded people!


How to embrace the journey of self-acceptance and self-love

How to embrace the journey of self-acceptance and self-love


You are always being judged! It stands in your way of self-acceptance and ultimately loving yourself.

This isn’t a new phenomenon or revelation but since childhood. The way you played, dressed and did your school work, there has been an element of judgment. This shaped how you show up every single day.

And it can be damaging to you and in most cases. This is not meant to harm you, but it can hinder you in achieving your dreams. The reason is often the person’s own limiting beliefs and the person’s idea of how to live and be.

Let me ask you this:

  • Have you ever stopped sharing your dreams for fear of what other people think?
  • Have you ever not allowed yourself to consider the possibility because of how you may be perceived?
  • Have you ever not taken action towards a dream because you’re afraid to lose people in your life?

Small signs that you are allowing someone else’s thoughts, beliefs and judgment influence your life and your dreams.

But how do you move into self-acceptance?

By having a willingness to shed the stories you have been telling yourself. Some of them are small stories that you are barely aware of, while other’s may be more present in your awareness.

Those small stories are minor but directly relate to how you were playing with your peers and told, “you are playing too rough”. Or maybe you received a bad grade giving you the message of not being good enough.

The bigger messages are more present because they were more profound experiences such as your parents were divorcing, a loved one died, or maybe you have experienced trauma through abuse of some kind.

Those stories aren’t easy to shed. I should know! 

Accepting growing up in foster care was hard. It meant I wasn’t loveable. My parents didn’t raise me, meant that I wasn’t good enough. Because of the abuse and trauma, I experienced, it somehow was my fault.

And the reality was that growing up in foster care didn’t have anything to do with me but had everything to do with my parents. And the trauma that I experienced was more about the other person than myself.

There comes a point in your life where compassion, forgiveness, and self-acceptance are the essence of learning to love yourself, despite your experiences and the stories you hang onto.

It’s acknowledging that loving yourself is not only trusting yourself but that healing those parts of your story that keep you in your fear and the judgment is breaking those chains of personal confinement.

And there is so much goodness within you and about you!

A simple exercise that can get you closer to accepting who you are and loving yourself is to create a mind-map about you.

Answer the questions:  

  • What do you love about yourself?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your values?
  • Who are you?

Don’t hold back on your answers and really dig into who you are and all your awesomeness.

The moment you can see all the positives about yourself, the easier it is to shed the stories others have helped you create.

And then it just becomes a matter of letting go.

Let go of fear and the judgment.

Love yourself for who you are and stop worrying about what other people will think about you.

Stop allowing them to interfere with your dreams.

And then it just becomes a matter of letting go.

Let go of fear and the judgment.

Love yourself for who you are and stop worrying about what other people will think about you.

Stop allowing them to interfere with your dreams.

Confidence Challenge – Day 3

Confidence Challenge – Day 3

So, on day one in this challenge, we talked about your vision and then how confidence either hinders you or supports you – or the lack thereof.

On day two we talked about creating a brag list and looking at all your wins and then how affirmations and mantras can support you in keeping that high frequency going.

Today we will look at comfort zone and fear.

Confidence grows when you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the uncertainty. I kind of like living in the uncomfortable zone always doing those things that keep pushing me and ultimately lead to my own personal growth.
As you are looking or thinking about your 90-Day vision and your goals, consider the following:

What are you so afraid of?

Here you have an opportunity to name your fears, all of them. So, make a list and acknowledge your fear. When we can name our fear, we can do something about it!

Now that you have your list, look at your fears and journal the worst-case scenario and the best-case scenario as it relates to your fear and your goal.

Now, this may look at bit ugly and totally scary to think about “what’s the worst that could happen” but that is also why we look at “the best that could happen”. Because now you get to choose.

You get to decide to feed your fear or to starve your fear.

If you decide to feed the fear, your life will stay the same, nothing will change and you will forever wonder “what if”. But if you decide to starve your fear and take some action, you not only build your confidence, but you are ultimately changing your life.

So, in the comments, tell me which you will choose today!

Stop being so afraid of taking action

Stop being so afraid of taking action

Do you have this dream, this burning desire to create something magical?

But you are consumed by work, scrolling through Facebook and searching for the solution?
When really you want to take action but you just keep making excuses. You feel you are not ready. You list the things in your head of why you can’t do x, y or z.  It’s too challenging.

But what if you could? What if with some small adjustments to your mindset, you can see how to make it happen? What if you had a starting point to get you going?

Here is what I really want to ask you!

  • Have you really allowed yourself to see the whole vision of your life?
  • How about for this next year?
  • Have you created clarity on what you want to focus on so that you can take action already? Even if it means doing it scared?

Vision > Clarity > Action > Results

It’s time that you embody your vision and creates some serious clarity around what you want to be, do and have!

  • You will make room for creativity and action.
  • You will know what you are working towards and why.
  • You will stop with the excuses.

Your mission if you choose to accept it is to write out your vision and get super freaking clear on what you want to make happen in the next 365 Days!

  • How do you want to feel when you wake up?
  • How are you waking up to and with?
  • What is the first thing you do in the morning?
  • What will you be doing?
  • What does your environment look and feel like?
  • What will you have for dinner and who is with you?
  • How do you feel going to bed?

Get into the nitty gritty of all the details, give yourself permission to believe in the possibility that it actually can happen. You just need to allow it.

Your vision is your compass to a colorful life and business!

Tell me in the comments, the one thing you will start doing today!

Here’s how to challenge your fear

Here’s how to challenge your fear

fearAll this week, I have talked about fear how it shows up, where it will stop us and how it is asking you to play bigger.

This is known to be true, if it scares you so much that you almost piss your pants, then you are called to step out.

Here are a few things that you can do to challenge your fear:

Start where you are in small and tiny steps

What really scares you is that your belief you should make big huge leaps and it’s more about taking tiny and consistent steps forward. What tiny thing can you do today to move forward?

Believe in yourself and trust that you know

Think back about a moment in your life where you believed in yourself. Now take this feeling and transfer it into the present moment and really feel it as you are visualizing your next steps. Trust that your intuition is guiding you and that you know what to do.

Challenge that fear by writing it down

This is perhaps one of my favorite journaling activities because I get to proof fear aka the ego wrong in many ways. Take your journal or a piece of paper and write down your fear. Now create a list of evidence to show whether it is true or false. If it’s true, journal what you can do about it.

Do something different from what you have always done

This will without question challenge you and push your comfort zone which is the point! You aren’t going to move forward and achieve your dreams by doing what you have always done. You will need to take it and just get over yourself.