Never Give Up Hope – Interview with Carol Graham

Once upon a time I hated talking about me and my story. The memories, the pain was all too much to bear. It was like I was reliving all that I experienced and frankly who wants to relive trauma? I certainly don’t, but on my own healing journey and with… Continue reading »

Sweet Success and the emotions that follow


I was published in the Huffington Post “Change your Mindset to Create Positivity” and it is such sweet success. When I received my email, last week telling me that my post is a good fit, I jumped high and high-fived the universe and did some dancing around the house. And… Continue reading »

See Your Dream and Hold Your Vision – Always


We all want a better, improved an amazing life. Let’s not kid us around that and sometimes we are stuck in the dreaming mode because we don’t really know how to make it all happen. And then, just like that, we get a glimpse of the steps to take. So,… Continue reading »

How to stop watering your fear and watch yourself grow

You can’t create your dream when your mindset isn’t in the form of believing and winning. When you have limiting beliefs and fear, you will never achieve the vision of your dreams. The key to overcoming this fear is that you must always work on your mindset. Acknowledging the fear… Continue reading »