How to realign to your vision

How to realign to your vision

Do you ever find yourself caught up in your daily to-dos and BAM you are unmotivated?

It’s like one day you are all inspired and full of go-go juice and the next day you can’t even decide where to start or what to work on.

And that is really how it shows up in your life when you ventured off your path.

You don’t know what to do.

You are constantly distracting yourself maybe by endlessly scrolling through Facebook and you may be even binge-watching the latest show on Netflix.

And at the end of the day, you are frustrated because nothing really got done.

But here’s the thing, even in those moments things are happening. It’s in those moments where you will expand, grow, transform and being called to reconnect with yourself.

And there is a process, and yes there always is.

Check in with yourself!

It’s time, to be honest with you and how you are showing up? To acknowledge where you have been hiding and maybe given into fear.

To acknowledge where you have been hiding and maybe given into fear.

Where in your life and business are you feeling the disconnect?

Write it all out, let it flow like the water from the hills.

This release of words will collect at the bottom like a pool of water.

And that is where the change begins, by acknowledging all those little pieces that feel like a small part of untruth.

Sit with this knowledge and embrace the process of unbecoming so that once again you can reconnect to you.

Rewrite your Vision

When you know what isn’t working and you uncovered the fears, the thoughts and beliefs that have led you astray, it’s time to write your vision once again.

It’s the process of finding your way on the map when you got lost for just a moment.

Write the vision for 90-days, 6-months or a year.

Give yourself permission to write out what you want to be, do and have and feel yourself come alive with excitement.

Highlight the be, do and have’s and turn them into goals because once they are transformed, you define your actions steps and make a plan.

Commit to the plan, remind yourself of how it feels to have achieved your be, do and have goals and watch yourself get out of bed in the morning ready to take action, even through the mundane tasks.

And anytime you feel stuck and unmotivated – rinse, lather and repeat so you can get yourself back into the groove.

Be the Phoenix and Rise Above

riseFor women who are ready to rise above and take charge of their mindset so they can create the life their want.

For many years, people asked me how I do it.

How do I go to work, raise children, go to school, care for a medically fragile child and still show up in the world believing and doing?

I never questioned the how of doing something as I just do but as a realization set in that this guide is to help you learn my process and create the change you want in your life.

I was driven by wanting to remove the frustration from my life, and the see the abundance that already surrounded me.

My story isn’t unique but it certainly is unique to me – a little bit of a huh? what?

There are plenty of other people who have risen above through challenging stories and each story is unique to the person. We all have what it takes to change our story and to rise above those limiting beliefs that we impose upon ourselves.

And this is exactly what this course is about, identifying what you want to change or improve and come up with a solution. You have the answers already, stuck inside of you and the course is asking you to open the doors to possibility.

Change always begins from inside before it can be translated into our outer world. This course is about the internal work and applying it to the external parts into our life.

If you had enough and you are ready to change the direction of where you want to go, then this course is for you. It’s time to stop being extra in your life and start being the main character.

Give yourself permission to dream, believe in yourself and take action.

Your time is now!


How long will you wait to live your life?


How long will you wait, in order to live your life?

Why do we wait for retirement to do after the dreams we have always had?

Why not today? Why not now?

And everything you are saying now in your head is an excuse.

Need money?

Make some!

Don’t know how?

Get creative!

I have done this myself for the longest time. I told myself that I can’t or couldn’t because I didn’t have the money to create the life I wanted.

What I really needed to do is get clear what I wanted my life to look like and what my dream like means to me.

My dream is to have my businesses (yes, I have 3 because I believe in diversifying and as a multi-passionate person, boredom strikes easily). But by having those businesses, I am also being able to share my message: Dream, Believe, Take Action because you can have what you want.

My dream is to be the best parent I can be and that kind of parent, in my mind, is available to the kids. To be able to take them to doctor’s appointments without guilt, to spend time with them playing poker on a Friday night for fun.

My dream is to have the freedom to work with clients on the days I choose while I may work on my other business on different days. To have the freedom to dress how I want, to color my hair, to have piercing and tattoos.

My dream is to define my life by simply being myself.

This can be challenging when we are taught to follow the norms and rules of graduating high school, getting a college education, dress professionally, go to work every day until retirement and hope to have vacation time in-between.

But somewhere deep down you want to write a book, go on vacation, maybe even start a business.

What is stopping you is not knowing how to do it because there is plenty of information and support available to figure that out.

What IS stopping you is what you are telling yourself about your dream because someone once told you that you can’t and you believed it.

Someone once told you that this kind of thing (book, business, vacation) only happens to other people and you believed it.

Someone perhaps even told you that taking a risk is crazy because it’s so much safer and even normal to follow the rules of society and you believed them BUT something deep down is bubbling up.

Deep down you have hopes and wishes that you want to make happen and be true. And here is where the hard work comes in: Mindset work is everything and if you don’t believe in yourself or your dream, no one else will either.

You are the example of possibility, the image of courage and bravery.

Don’t wait another minute to wait until retirement.

Don’t wait for another second that the right moment will come.

The perfect time is now – and it’s perhaps the only time I would use perfectly.

We must start before we are ready because we will learn everything we need to know along the way.

For today, take a moment and write down all the reasons for why you can’t-do something.

Then challenge those thoughts by rewriting them with all the reasons of why you can.

Affirm to yourself, your mind and your inner being that you have it within you to create the life you want now!

Dream – Believe – Take Action

Dream – Believe – Take Action

Dreams help us feel alive and excited because we are going after the thing we absolutely believe in and we want it to give it so much love because it lights up us and we truly know that it’s going to feel amazing.

In this book, Petra wrote about the essence of dreams and what it takes to make them happen. Sometimes fear gets in the way but the book covers doable steps to get over the fear, that even your dreams can turn into reality.

I’ve done it again. Another book because I have something to share with this world. Do you ever wonder where your inspiration to create comes from?

This book came about in such a fun way. One day I was driving and thought about what I would like to send out into this world. What is my message and who as well as what am I all about.

Enter the words: Dream Believe Take Action

I wasn’t sure if this would be the title but as I set out to write the book, it felt good. It’s the premise on how I run my life and how I make things happen that I want.

Dreams enter your mind for a reason. They come to you because you are the person for that dream. Allow yourself to dream this dream and decide to bring it into existence.

Believe in you. For this dream to really become reality, first and foremost you must believe in you! You must overcome any fears, doubts and anything else that may get in the way of making it happen.

Take Action because dreams are earned. While the idea may fall into your lap or enters your mind, it won’t create itself into reality. You must take action but when you believe in you and your dream, taking action won’t be quite as hard.

Find the courage and confidence to turn your dreams into reality NOW!

Purchase your copy on Amazon

Paperback $5.99

Kindle $0.99



Never Give Up Hope – Interview with Carol Graham

Never Give Up Hope – Interview with Carol Graham

Once upon a time I hated talking about me and my story. The memories, the pain was all too much to bear. It was like I was reliving all that I experienced and frankly who wants to relive trauma? I certainly don’t, but on my own healing journey and with the support of some close people, I became a warrior.

And being a warrior means you are going into battle doing what you must and turn with your battle scars. Some warriors don’t make it but I am grateful that I am here and I get to change the world – one day at a time.

Putting your story out there is scary but your message to the world is so much bigger than yourself – once I got this in my head I tackled the fear of being heard and seen. I made it my mission – a goal if you will because by never giving up hope and never giving up on myself, I am making things happen that in the not so long past, I only dreamt about.

I hope you take a listen to the interview because it is really my core message of changing your life and you absolutely have the power to do so.

Sometimes it can be so easy to just give in or give up but do you really want to take the easy way out or do you want to embrace the powerful person you are and make that change you’ve been desiring?

I encourage you to listen to my interview with Carol Graham – Never Give Up Hope because I openly share my experiences as a foster child but also the journey of my son’s at times traumatic medical journey.

My recipe for you:

Dream. Believe. Take Action.

And then throw in some Hope and Faith!


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