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Riding the Wave of Creativity

Anytime I get an idea, in most cases, I immediately follow it with action. There is something I learned about myself, and that is that when I let it sit for too long, the inspiration is gone and I lose interest fast.

There are plenty of unfinished projects in my studio I could show you because I hesitated or simply just stopped instead of following it through.

But I fully believe that ideas and dreams come to us because we are meant for them. Let me sound a bit cliche for a moment “it’s part of the destiny”.

So the next time you notice an idea and you can’t wait to take action, start. Don’t hesitate!

This is the moment to seize the idea and just run with it because the moment you hesitate all the doubts and fears will make their appearance. And you will literally have killed the idea before you even took action.

But what if for just a moment you decided to take action and allow yourself to ride the wave of creativity?

Sometimes these are very fleeting moments and you owe it to yourself to show up for them.

Here’s the thing, it’s okay to not always feel inspired but when the moment comes, ride it out. Surfers don’t always have the perfect wave, but even they keep showing up to catch just the right wave.

And what if your idea is that one thing that could change your life forever? Isn’t that just the thing you may be chasing?

So the next time that idea enters your mind, make a choice to not hesitate.

Decide that you will take action, even if you don’t know how or what the end result will look like.

No one can really predict the outcome and you won’t know it until you do it!


Free Coloring Page: How to start Doodling and why you should

Imagine waking up every few hours to machines beeping and giving your son the air he needs to breathe and medication flowing into his veins to keep him calm and sedated. Without the sedation and the breathing tube, he would fight too hard and exhaust himself, which would only hinder his recovery.

The doctor’s come and have a heart to heart with you because you asked for it. You want to know the truth and the reality of the situation.

“We are doing everything we can, but it is up to him and the higher power”. 

And so you sit and wait, day in and day out, weeks then a month.

There is nothing you can do, to help him feel better, other than just talking to him, hoping he can hear you and to keep up the fight. And the only other thing you can do is to sit and watch with hope and faith, that one day he will walk out of that hospital.

But then you pick up a pen and some paper, and you start to draw and doodle for hours on end and you realize that this is helping you calm your thoughts, relief your stress and helps you unplug from everything that is going on in your world.

This was my life!

After my son received his liver transplant in 2008 and doodling helped me cope with those really hard days when I didn’t know how much more I could handle – let alone how much he could endure.

And what was once a way for me to deal the harsh reality of life and death, has turned into a passion and still quite the essential part of my life.

And there are some amazing things I learned along the way, and I hope that my hand drawn pictures will do the same for you.

 And this is what doodling does for you:

It not only helps you build your concentration, it can also help you be more productive. People may look at you funny if you doodle during a meeting, but it can actually help you retain the information a lot better.

It can also help you stay more present and serve as a portal to your own solutions. If you are frustrated and overwhelmed, doodling (and coloring) help you access the part of your subconscious that has the answer waiting for you.

It can unlock your own creativity and unleash your ideas, and who doesn’t want more of that?

And of course, it relaxes your mind and calms you when you are feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

This whole process is like a win-win situation!

But how do you get started?

  • Go buy yourself a sketch pad or a journal and some markers.
  • Get yourself some resources such as books to learn some tricks.
  • Check out Pinterest for inspiration.
  • Just get started and start putting a line on the paper.

There isn’t a wrong or right way to doodling and you are only limited by your own imagination but you can find inspiration everywhere.

Click the image to download your FREE coloring page

I am getting ready to release a new coloring book on May 10th, 2017! It’s going to be a monster of a coloring book and journal where you can partake in the journey of becoming!

Sign up here to be in the know of its release! 


Create your Colorful Life – Coloring to put your mind at ease!

This is how my mind works:

Buy a domain and think you will use it for something very specific and then 8 months later realizing that it would be served better very differently.

Welcome to

“Create your Colorful Life”

My entire collection of handdrawn coloring pages and planners in one place and space in the interwebs.


So why not?

Here’s what I know from first hand experience:

Coloring reduces stress and overwhelm and decreases anxiety and worry.

In 2008, when my kiddo was recovering from his transplant surgeries and fighting to stay alive, I used doodling and drawing to help me cope with the seriousness of our situation.

Coloring really helps you switch off your brain and calm your fears and allows you to connect to your inner source. It has tremendous power in not only boosting your creativity but in the process helps you solve a problem.

Kinda like when you sit and medidate and before you know it you are calmer and know your next step.

Coloring hepls you disconnect and tune in to you and increases your ability to focus. You will find yourself more relaxed while calming the fears in your brain.

All of my illustrations handdrawn and I am excited to be sharing them with you in this new way.

You can always get the books on Amazon as a whole, or purchase individual pages to your liking or your needs.

All coloring pages come in a pdf file and are printables in the size of 8.5″ x 10″.

You can color them with your favorite colored pencils or crayons. Or dig out those old paints waiting to be used.

You can glue them into your art journal or hang them up as posters around your home.

Let’s check it out!

P.S. Use coupon code: spring2017 to receive 10% off. This does not apply to Books or Society6 items!

P.S.S. Some of my designs are also available on Society6 as black and white designs.

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Superman got nothing on me

In today’s 10 Day Blogging Challenge, we are supposed to unlock our super power. I’ve been asked this many times before and every time it’s the same struggle.

I’ve overcome a lot and done a lot already in my life and while I don’t like gloating, I do love celebrating my success.

When I celebrate my success, I hope to show others that it is possible for them.

And as I sat here pondering what my super power is here is what I know to be true:

  • I am insanely creative
  • I think outside of the box
  • I am a master at adversity
  • I am bloody smart as shit
  • I have a ridiculous amount of talents

All those combined have given me the ability to change my life. With the recent changes to my website, I hope to showcase all of my super powers.

I have taken my own powers and

  • Came out of foster care like a resilient beast
  • Gone to college twice (Accounting & Mental Health Counseling)
  • Earned National Deans List 3 years in a row.
  • Joined the honor society at Walden University.
  • Raised 3 boys, each challenging in their own way cause teenagers and special needs
  • Started my artist business and coaching business
  • Know my way around the internet, build a website and more
  • Started a T-shirt (and more) business
  • Written 3 books and created 2 coloring books

But this didn’t come without blood, sweat and tears.

I needed to heal parts of me I believed to be broken. I needed to forgive people who didn’t deserve forgiveness but I deserve happiness. I needed to make amends for my own mistakes and I needed to find a new way to talk to myself in a positive way.

Superman may be able to fly but I have risen out of the ashes from a childhood that once felt like doom itself.

Superman may not be able to handle kryptonite, but I have faced death through my child’s eye and battled it head on.

Superman has 2 sides to him and I have multiple facets to myself and it’s awesome.

And in the end, my ultimate super power is taking an idea, seeing the big picture and going after it.

It is silencing the voices that tell me I can’t, the fear that I shouldn’t and the doubt that I can.

And it is all of that, that I bring to the table when I work with my clients, creating courses and workbooks or write books.


I am going to change it up this week and share some of the blog posts that got my attention. As part of being an entrepreneur is to keep learning, to keep reading what role models and mentors share.

1. I am going to start with Denise Duffield-Thomas. I joined her Bootcamp about a year ago and I am super grateful for the process of learning and to keep myself moving forward. This week Denise shared an article about resisting passive income. I have been creating various sources myself, I could definitely identify. So without further ado, you can read her article here: 4 Reasons you’re resisting passive income 

2. We all have a personal story, one that has created a shift in our lives in some form or fashion. Every experience shapes us. Amber Fant talks to us about losing her dad and how that shifted her world. If you browse around my blog, you’ll now I had my own personal realization about life. I encourage you to read other articles on The Gem too because not only am I a contributor but there is a massive amount of wisdom that Allyn Lewis curates!

3. Leonie Dawson, yea I love her. She writes with so much realness and speaks much to my heart. A few months ago, she wrote a blog post about losing creativity. And OH MY GOSH I have so been there. Days where I felt like doing absolutely nothing at all, where I couldn’t because overwhelm, burnout and frustration. Periodically I go back to this article because it reminds me that we are all human and all of this is a process. But for some who live through creativity, burning out and overwhelm.. it’s heartbreaking really. Anyway, give this one a read Dear Lost Creativity 

Let me know your takeaways from what you are reading in the comments!

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What I learned taking the day off

Last week, I took the day off.

No social media, no content creation for blog posts or courses. Nothing.

And it was the most incredible fun day I have had in quite some time.

It was a day in the waves, playing in the sand and eating dinner at sunset.

Sunset 1

But there are amazing lessons I learned:

Taking time off is vital for memories and recharging.

The memories I have made with my family can’t be replaces. My family is as much as part of the life I am experiencing and it doesn’t need to involve work all the time. Getting away together just for a day brought joy and fun for all of us.

feet in the sand

Inspiration will hit when you are not trying so hard

One of the challenges is to come up with new content, new ideas and all the things we do in running our business – to achieve the life we want. While being disconnected from my email and Facebook, I had three new inspirations and ideas plus new content for the blog.

hat and beach

Taking time off is a great reminder of why we do what we do

We all start on our journey to create a life that feels good. But feeling good doesn’t always involve work. Being able to eat dinner at sunset, seeing my kiddo amazed at the pigeons (yes pigeons – we too thought it was odd) and feel grateful for being able to do these things and to have those experiences – it’s just good stuff.

sunset 2

Freedom is the ability to take detours

Quite often we avoid detours because that means it may take longer to get where we are trying to go. We decided to take a different way home and it added 2 extra hours to our drive. The ability to handle the challenge without getting too aggrevated or too much negativity, that’s growth. And even in the moment, I was feeling myself getting frustrated, I reminded myself that my life is about freedom and that sometimes it means taking detours.