How imagination can help you win at life

How imagination can help you win at life

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been an artist, embracing and expressing myself in different forms. But it’s also held me back and as I dove more into personal development it showed me how much.

Especially when I sold my artwork at festivals and people would tell me one or all of the following:

  • I wish I had your talent
  • I am not creative
  • I don’t have the skills

And the truth is that they are false and limiting beliefs you picked up or imposed on yourself throughout the years.

But just because you don’t write, draw, crochet or paint, doesn’t mean you don’t have talent, that you are not creative or have skills. They may just be looking a bit different what is being understood as creative, talented or skilled.

You at some point made the decision to not bother because you haven’t given yourself permission to feel talented, to be skilled or feel creative.

Those words: talented, skilled, creative…they are open to interpretation!

And what does that have to do with imagination?

Only everything!

Think back for a moment to your childhood and remember the times you

  • were in art class and were given a prompt
  • were hanging out at the playground with your peers
  • were playing with your siblings or friends

And then remember the games you played, the stories you told and the dreams you talked about of what you would become one day or do for a living.
This was imagination at play.

You didn’t wonder or tell yourself that you are not talented, creative or skilled.

If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand. Bob Proctor

Imagination moves you into visualizing what you love to be, do and have.
Imagination taps into your current talents and gives you a starting point.
Imagination seeks out your inner child that believed in the impossible.

When I was about 13 years old, I dreamed of being a famous singer and actress. I would sing loudly going to the grocery store. I didn’t know then that this isn’t the way to be discovered, but I fueled my imagination and believed it was possible.

Now I am not a famous singer and actress and enjoy a night out singing karaoke, but more importantly, I have learned to use that imagination of when I was a teenager to fuel my dreams.

When you say you don’t have skills, talents or that you are creative, maybe it’s time to challenge yourself.

Is there a specific thing you would like to be doing but made excuses because you or someone else told you that you are not talented?

Have you bothered to take a class to learn a talent or a skill?

Have you ever solved a problem?

Have you ever helped someone with something that they perhaps didn’t know?

Do you have a career that requires specific knowledge?

I ask these questions so you can be honest with yourself about your talents, skills and your creativity.

A bookkeeper has a skill and a talent.
Tax accountants are creative (and not in an illegal way)
Musicians are creative – some natural an some have dedicated themselves to a skill.
Handymen are skilled, talented and creative.
Mechanics are skilled, talented and creative.
Real Estate agents? Yep them too.

And they every one of them has or is always tapping into their imagination in order to do what they love to do.

So isn’t it time that you too embrace your imagination, to give yourself permission to believe it’s possible and decide to follow the activities you would like to be doing.

Saying I wish has never made dreams come true.

Even lottery winners had to take action.

Deciding and committing, now that has changed lives.

You are only limited by your own thoughts and ideas of what life is or should be.

If you want to win at life, tap into your desires: What do you want to do?

It doesn’t have to be to make a living, it could be just a hobby.

  • Now take that and make it a goal.
  • Develop an action plan.
  • Commit to your goal and plan.

And if your objections is that you don’t have time, then frankly it isn’t important enough to you.

But in as little as 5-minutes a day you could

  • Learn a new skill that will help you move forward
  • Embrace current talents and expand on them
  • Acknowledge that you are a creative human being

So if you really want to win at life, then tap into that imagination of yours and know that no matter what you do for a living or have as a hobby, you are creative, talented and skilled.

And as always,

remember that you are one decision away.



P.S. If you are finding it difficult to use your imagination, own your skills and talents then join me in Rebel Shine.

In Rebel Shine, you will rise above the doubts, limiting beliefs and your old stories, because isn’t it time that it’s time you tap into your inner child and not be inhibited by outside constraints?

How to use the Create your Colorful 2017 Workbook

How to use the Create your Colorful 2017 Workbook

I wanted to take some time and review my workbook with you. I am already head over heels into planning my own colorful 2017 and couldn’t be more excited about the things to come.

It is time to dream and to dream big.

It’s time to call in the vision you have of who you want to become, the things you want to do and all that you want to have.

Creating your colorful life is a personal journey of creating your vision.

Deciding what you are letting go off.

Being mindful about your mindset and how you want to feel in each moment.

Know where you have been and how you have grown.

Acknowledge what you are willing to release.

What you are giving yourself permission to call into your life.

The workbook is meant to be highly customizable.

Print only what you need so you have the option to print pages multiple times if you are called to.

There is room to reflect on where you are right now with the Flower of Life, so you can tune into who you want to become as you write out your vision and all that you want to do during the year.

The workbook comes with monthly planner pages to map out 3 Goals each month and the main actions that are going to get there.

It comes with mind-maps to help you get a visual on how to put all the pieces of your dreams together.

It has a goal pyramid to help you work backward so you can see all the steps to take and free-writing space to note your thoughts and feelings.

There is no wrong or right way to create your colorful life, there is only your way!

Give yourself permission to dream!



A Behind-the-scenes look of the office of a multi-passionate

A Behind-the-scenes look of the office of a multi-passionate

An office just for me! There’s no question, I need my own space. A space to think, to dream, to create.

officeThere is beauty in having an office, a place to go to so you can create. A place to just let your mind wander, to write about all those random thoughts in your head, but also a place to make art.

One of the things that have been becoming very clear over the years to me, that having such a space is crucial for my own needs and in some way even survival.

There is a lot going on in my life on a consistent basis, businesses, family, and self-care needs. And every so often, someone will ask me how to do you do it all.

So, I thought I would share a wee bit about how I manage to fit in all those passions of mine without really sacrificing myself or anyone else for that matter.

It really starts out with getting clear on my values and the things I wanted to embody every single day:

  • Freedom
  • Peace
  • Joy

And every day before doing anything at all, I ask myself, what actions will not only support my business but support me in feeling free, peaceful and joyful.

It all begins here at this desk. Where I journal in the mornings about everything that is in my head, the ideas, the doubts, the thoughts that support me to do it anyway.

This is such an important part of my morning routine, it helps me get centered, brings forth awareness and so much more than without journaling, well I wouldn’t function as well.

And then, I create my list of things I will be working on for the day. Another key part.

I only plan on working on 3 main things while keeping a list of fewer priority things to do, you know in case I get done with the big things, which often include writing my blog posts, social media posts, client work, and other writing projects I am working on.

I literally have specific workstations for my interests and passions, because despite the creativity and at times chaotic mind I still need some sort of organizational structure to support my many ideas. When I am working on a new wood-burning, I switch to the desk on my right. And don’t mind the chaos right now, I am still packing things away from my recent move.

And then, of course, I have my table with candles, cards, and all that jazz to burn incense, give myself a reading or simply just be.

And it naturally transitions into my bookshelf with all the books I currently feel important enough to have a presence.

Creating a space that will work for you is not only smart but supports you in how you want to be as you are working towards your goals. Working in a room that makes me feel alive, helps me stay sane and productive, and now you know where the magic happens.

You have permission to be a multi-passionate

You have permission to be a multi-passionate

empowerYou know what drives me bonkers?
Focus on one thing … that… absolutely maddening.


We are not one-dimensional – we are people with multiple interests and quite dimensional in a wee hexagon kind of way.

I don’t know if you feel this way, but for me, focusing on one thing would lead me to not have an interest in that one thing. I need multiple projects, businesses, hobbies, and activities to keep me feeling alive and seriously harnessing all that I love.

We need to explore different things, do the DIY, do the exploration and learning to see what we like and what we don’t like.

Years ago, I went to college for an accounting agree, something I am incredibly good at because I have a keen sense for detail. What I am not good at is sitting in a cubicle and being an employee.

I then build my first business, selling my handmade creations – not just one thing like crochet items, but multiple handmade things by me because I love to create like wood burning and occasionally painting and making jewelry.

I have some mad skills because of this because I taught myself how to build websites in WordPress – I am techy this way … and I am so good with that. I can learn just about any program in a matter of a day or so.

Then I earned a master’s degree in counseling because I love the brain, love learning how it works and specialized in cognitive behavioral therapy because your thoughts influence your behavior and vice versa and I use this modality in my coaching.

So now I run 3 businesses, by myself – thought I do outsource some things!  Because I love to create (handmade and build websites and I am not developer or designer but I can take a theme and make it happen). But I also love to coach people in going after whatever it is they want.

All of this is WHO I am. A multi-passionate individual who listens to mostly rock music with a heavy dose of love for The Beatles and John Lennon. I love to be in nature, hike and go out for karaoke.

The thing about this is that you CAN absolutely own your passions and make them happen, you just have to find your flow in it all. So, if focusing on one thing, isn’t really your thing, own that – it’s okay – other people do it and it CAN work.

I am Creative Coloring Page

I am Creative Coloring Page

This week’s coloring page is for the Creative in all of us. We know we are creative but find it difficult to own that because it feels foreign and strange – but truly we all are creative.

Years ago, when I started my first business, I had the hardest time calling myself an artist and then again when I published my first book, I found it tough to call myself an author.

But in the end, this is who and what I am


You can get yourself the “I am creative” coloring page, in Create your Colorful Life Membership right here!

And if you like to start using daily affirmations in your morning ritual, here is just one way you can start:

  1. I sit quietly and take a few breaths.
  2. I ask what I need to know in this moment.
  3. The first thought that comes to mind is what I go with because I believe that when we start second guessing, we create it to what we want it to be rather than really looking at what is coming up and requires us to do some work.
  4. Then I journal about why this came up. I explore past experiences where I may have felt the negative aspect of what I am trying to affirm right now.

This has been super helpful to me in acknowledging areas in my past that needed some healing, forgiving and even rewriting parts of what I tell myself about the situation. I am not rewriting the situation in itself, just my feelings around it.

In using affirmations this way, I allow myself to dive in deeper to get at the root of where I may be lacking confidence and yes even feel the need to empower myself.