Fear everything and Rise


Fear is useful because it provides us with a signal of danger or we are at risk. But to stop playing small we need to face it and push through it instead of hiding from it. We are hard working so we can avoid failure but self-limiting beliefs will push… Continue reading »

It’s time to STEP UP and STEP OUT

You know what happens when you put yourself out there? People see you! People connect with you! There is no magic and I don’t have a secret formula. I just know that without a doubt I can help! I just know that being real, raw and vulnerable is the essence… Continue reading »

Dear You, who loves to point out mistakes


Dear you, who loves to point out mistakes! if you have been around my site for a while you will have noticed perhaps some of the following: spelling errors grammatical mistakes syntactical errors misused words I want to thank you for telling me because I know what it’s like to… Continue reading »

I am so frustrated with myself

I keep telling myself that I won’t hide anymore. I keep telling myself I have a powerful message to share and I must be visible. Every day the same spiel in my head and then I allow the ball to drop. What a crapshoot! We all have our patterns of… Continue reading »