How to stop waiting and start taking action

Have you ever considered what getting clear on your dreams does for you? Or what one simple action will do for your life? You have the vision that is so far out of reach and you wonder every single day when will your dream turn into reality. You plan, plan… Continue reading »

What’s it going to take before you will take action


You have this amazing dream of writing a book, starting a business and perhaps even lose some weight. My guess you are thinking about your new year’s resolution and making some plans for 2016. That’s great, but what are you waiting for? Why does January 1st have to be the… Continue reading »

You have permission to be a multi-passionate


You know what drives me bonkers? Focus on one thing … that… absolutely maddening. Why? We are not one-dimensional – we are people with multiple interests and quite dimensional in a wee hexagon kind of way. I don’t know if you feel this way, but for me, focusing on one… Continue reading »

From Thought to Published Book


If you had a dream about publishing a book but don’t know how this program is for you. Free yourself from the idea that book writing isn’t for you and the fear that you are not good enough and have nothing to say. You can go from the thought of… Continue reading »

23 Years ago I stepped onto an airplane never looking back

On this day 23 years ago, I took my then 8-month-old son and bravely stepped on an airplane and went on a 13-hour flight. I had traveled through Europe growing up, France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark and so on but either by car, train or ferry but I had never been… Continue reading »

Dear Foster Parents thank you for my drive

Petra Monaco

My Foster Parents would eat their words right about now When I was 8 years old my foster parents told me in heat of their own frustrations that I would – Be nothing – Be a failure. – Be an alcoholic like my father – and yeah there is some truth to this. – Be a whore like my mother – and I don’t think she’s a whore btw Right then and there I told myself I would prove them wrong. I would not be like my parents – end of story! But it wasn’t the… Continue reading »