How to be confident in 5 Steps


There’s usually a lot of focus on the negative parts of the mindset that we forget the power words that I find we need to build on more. Confidence is one for those that require more attention to overcome self-doubt and limiting beliefs. Yes, we all need to do work… Continue reading »

What’s it going to take before you will take action


You have this amazing dream of writing a book, starting a business and perhaps even lose some weight. My guess you are thinking about your new year’s resolution and making some plans for 2016. That’s great, but what are you waiting for? Why does January 1st have to be the… Continue reading »

From Thought to Published Book


If you had a dream about publishing a book but don’t know how this program is for you. Free yourself from the idea that book writing isn’t for you and the fear that you are not good enough and have nothing to say. You can go from the thought of… Continue reading »

Stop making excuses and find reasons of why you can


Isn’t it about time that you stop making excuses of why you can’t and instead look for reasons of why you can? There is this saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know”, so you keep making excuses of why you can’t something because the fact of the matter is… Continue reading »