September Coloring Pages – Color your own Stationary

September Coloring Pages – Color your own Stationary

Not too long ago, I joined a pen pal community. Something that I’ve been missing is connecting with people and even in the world of Social Media, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of people.

In my excitement I wondered, what kind of stationary I would use and made a face when I realized that I might have to go to the store and purchase some. It seemed inappropriate to just use regular old notebook paper.

And then it dawned on me that I probably have the perfect pages on my computer that would do exactly what I needed and it allowed me to show off my creativity. That’s exactly what happened.

That’s exactly what happened.

The cool thing is that you can color them in many different ways, making them look different from each other.

So let me ask you when was the last time you wrote a letter by hand?

There’s something so much more intimate when writing a letter than it is on Facebook or any other social media platform.

I found myself easily filling both sides of the paper and ready to write more, but didn’t want to spill my life story in one shot. That kind of defeats the purpose of a pen pal and regular writing.

You can get access to the stationary by joining Create your Colorful Life, a coloring page community. When you join, you will have immediate access to over 150 coloring pages that you can print off and color.

You can currently find the following coloring page themes in the community.

  • Monthly Planners
  • Goal Trackers
  • Coloring Pages
  • Affirmation Pages
  • Daily Planners

Get the stationary and 150 other coloring pages, when you join today!

August Coloring Pages are in: You are a divine being

August Coloring Pages are in: You are a divine being

The coloring pages I have added this month come from my Journal-Coloring book: 365 Days of Becoming.

I envision you to use these pages as an opportunity to reflect on who you are and who you want to become.

We don’t stay the same as we become more aware of our internal struggles of what is our current truth and the truth we want to embody that lies hidden deep within our heart.

You recognize this through feeling out of control and allowing things to happen to you, rather than you making things happen for yourself.

The more self-awareness we create within ourselves, the more insight we have in who we are and who we are becoming in the process. There are parts that may always stay the same, like your core values but there are also parts that will change. The deeper you go you recognize where you’ve been hiding.

Divine BeingYou are a divine being, a mix of warrior and goddess and balancing the two, keeping them in harmony is no small feat. But I believe that you are ready to step into your own power, take control of your life and be the woman you envision your future self to be.

You don’t have to wait for all the things to fall into place. You can reach within and unlock the pieces of yourself that you have been hiding and give them permission to emerge.

But you have to start with the here and now.

Who are you right now? Who do you want to be?

Use the coloring pages to express and give yourself a visual representation.

Look at the pages and find the pieces you think are missing. Perhaps they are closer than you think.

And if they are not, what do you need to do to bring those pieces and become one.

The person you are right now will always be with you, but you will grow into the person you want to become.

The time has come to stop hiding, to stop playing it safe and to maintain small.

The time is ripe for you to show yourself to the world, to tell your truth! There is no other truth but your own – live by it and other’s will notice that forging your own path, albeit lonely sometimes, is what you are here to do!



July Coloring Pages are in

July Coloring Pages are in

July’s coloring pages are in and I had lot’s fun creating them. One of the things I love about doodling and coloring is how it allows me to connect to me. My brain is on a constant drive and it’s nice to just shut it off for a little while.

My dad’s birthday is in July and I thought I would create a Lion to color in but I would love to see you do more than just color.

Doodle inside of the main and completely make it your own.

Share it in the group Create your Colorful Life

In addition, there is a Calendar for July, un-dated and three additional doodles I conjured.

Of course, I want to see all of your amazing artwork in the group! Don’t be shy and join us!

Create your Colorful Life Community

Create your Colorful Life Community

So I had this idea! I draw and doodle a lot and have since my youngest was hospitalized in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit because well, that was one of the few creative things I could do.

I love creating my coloring books, to infuse positivity and help you feel good about yourself. This kind of transformation takes time, but coloring does have amazing power:

Not only can it help you to relax your mind when you are feeling stressed and albeit temporarily switch off your brain. But in turn, it connects you to your inner source and boosts your creativity.

Sometimes sitting down unplugging with a coloring page you come up with new and amazing ideas to solve a problem. Or maybe you’ve been doing too much of something and now you need some time to care for yourself.

As it currently stands, I have added over 150 coloring pages and will be adding more within the next coming days. Some that I did during the time my son was hospitalized.

In addition, there will be new coloring pages every month.

But this isn’t just about coloring pages.

There are planners too!

Planners for daily actions, money planners, goal planners and yearly planners, ready for you to print them out and create a plan of action. And more importantly, personalize them with your favorite colors.

So in addition to the coloring pages, I will be adding planners and lists every month.

So you can expect 4-6 new coloring pages and planners every month.

And the crazy cool part is you can get everything in my coloring page and planner library at a very low investment.

So why don’t you head on over to Create your Colorful Life and see what it’s all about and I hope to see you on the inside!

Create your Colorful Life – Coloring to put your mind at ease!

Create your Colorful Life – Coloring to put your mind at ease!

This is how my mind works:

Buy a domain and think you will use it for something very specific and then 8 months later realizing that it would be served better very differently.

Welcome to

“Create your Colorful Life”


My entire collection of hand-drawn coloring pages and planners in one place and space in the interwebs.


So why not?

Here’s what I know from first-hand experience:

Coloring reduces stress and overwhelm and decreases anxiety and worry.

In 2008, when my kiddo was recovering from his transplant surgeries and fighting to stay alive, I used doodling and drawing to help me cope with the seriousness of our situation.

The coloring really helps you switch off your brain and calm your fears and allows you to connect to your inner source. It has tremendous power in not only boosting your creativity but in the process helps you solve a problem.

Kinda like when you sit and meditate and before you know it you are calmer and know your next step.

Coloring helps you disconnect and tune into you and increases your ability to focus. You will find yourself more relaxed while calming the fears in your brain.

imaginationAll of my illustrations hand drawn and I am excited to be sharing them with you in this new way.

All coloring pages come in a pdf file and are printables in the size of 8.5″ x 10″.

You can color them with your favorite colored pencils or crayons. Or dig out those old points waiting to be used.

You can glue them into your art journal or hang them up as posters around your home.


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