Stop saying your broken and reclaim your power

Stop saying your broken or damaged because you are not. Saying you’re broken is like saying you can’t heal or do the things you want to do. You are not damaged goods; you are an individual with experiences that may have knocked you down a bit but you are so… Continue reading »

Fear everything and Rise


Fear is useful because it provides us with a signal of danger or we are at risk. But to stop playing small we need to face it and push through it instead of hiding from it. We are hard working so we can avoid failure but self-limiting beliefs will push… Continue reading »

How goal setting can transform your life

Do you wish you could make changes in your life, perhaps for yourself or your relationship? Or maybe even your work. You can feel it in your gut that something needs to be different because you are constantly drained, frustrated and bogged down with the current situations. Here’s the thing, they are… Continue reading »