Brainstorming and Action Plan Email Session

Brainstorming and Action Plan Email Session

Every day there are a gazillion ideas floating in my head. Some of those excite the heck out of me and other’s feeling a bit meh. And then there are the times that I absolutely love the idea but I get stuck on my next move.

As a matter of fact, this happened with my book Rebel Shine. I had an idea and even the content to support the idea but I was stuck on how to make the concept meet the vision I had for it.

I talked to my trusted accountability partners bouncing off ideas and getting feedback. And of course, ultimately it was up to me to decide which way to proceed with the book. And in the end, I ended up taking a different path to finalizing the book.

But it was because I let it sit and then one day Boom it solved itself. But here’s the thing, I did reach out for feedback.

So let me ask you how many times have you:

been stuck with creative blocks?
been at a loss for ideas?
wished you had your own brainstorming buddy at your beck and call?

There is no doubt in my mind that when you have someone in your back pocket to help you overcome whatever is getting in the way, you a can achieve your goal and go the next step.

If you need to get unstuck, I got you.
If you need ideas (and like, now), I got you.
If you need inspiration, I got you.

There’s really nothing worse to me than being stuck or feel like you’ve run out of ideas to feel the flow of inspiration. So, allow me to be your secret weapon and a direct line solving the creative idea and inspiration challenge you are experiencing.

And if you need a weekly or monthly action plan you can use this service as well. Just be clear in your email to me!

Here is how it’s going to work.

You pay the investment of $33 and then you’ll be redirected to a page where you tell me all about one specific project or challenge you are facing. I will answer your email with a detailed response, a list of ideas, and whatever else comes to my mind so you can bust through whatever is holding you back.

Don’t allow on small thing stand in your way to do great things!

I think I want to start a business

I think I want to start a business

businessSo, you’ve been working for someone else but you really want to start a business!  It frustrates you that you are tied down to a job to survive.

The problem?

You have no idea what your business is going to be about, or what it will do (for you and the people!)

Some may disagree, but I firmly believe our business should reflect who we are, reflect our passion, something you are good at and are able to do well.

What often stops us from moving forward is fear!

To find out what your passion is and develop into a business that provides you income, will not only ask you to dream bigger but may need you to engage in some brainstorming. The goal is to identify 10 possible areas that could be turned into a business!

Use this to help you figure out what your business can be about!

  • List all the Wacky, wild, normal thing you want to be or do in life.
  • Aim for at least 50 items from big to small, anything and everything you can think of.
  • Write as quickly as you can and keep your answers brief and your list on one page. This is a brainstorming exercise, so nothing should be ruled out and everything should be included from the mundane to the extreme.
  • Circle 10 items as possible choices that get you really inspired or excited.

What you have now are some business possibilities. But we’re not done yet.

  • Look for opportunities ~ what problem needs to be solved?
  • If you cannot wait to get started, you are onto something!
  • Start small by exploring researching and offering product /service to friends!
  • Not starting is a BIG mistake – even if it fails you will learn something amazing!
  • Start a blog! Share the journey.
  • Be valuable – word of mouth is still important despite social media!
  • Start lean meaning use the least amount of supplies to get you started!
  • Advertising does not necessarily create value for your customers! Save it for later!
  • Forget about numbers instead worry how you can help solve the problem!
  • Forget perfection – there is never a right time or the perfect moment – so just DO!
  • Start from home – share with friends and family what you are doing!
  • Your focus should be on producing something of value i.e. service or product!
  • Surround yourself with interesting people
  • Learn to be ok with not knowing and just do!

This really sounds scary but trust me when you do all these things not only will you grow as a person but it will bring amazing value to your own life!

Want to join a community with like-minded people and get support along the way?