Life is about having experiences now – not later


I just returned from a quick trip to NY for a concert, and I say quickly because it was just 24 hours all together. But it was a great experience – Madison Square Garden, Central Park and of course Time Square. Earlier this year, I made the commitment to myself… Continue reading »

You either step up or believe everything just is


Do you believe in your dreams? In yourself? What happens when you get frustrated at everything? You may play the blame game, wonder how you got there, feel disappointed that you are not where you envisioned yourself to be. You wonder why you must face one challenge after another and… Continue reading »

Dear Foster Parents thank you for my drive

Petra Monaco

My Foster Parents would eat their words right about now When I was 8 years old my foster parents told me in heat of their own frustrations that I would – Be nothing – Be a failure. – Be an alcoholic like my father – and yeah there is some truth to this. – Be a whore like my mother – and I don’t think she’s a whore btw Right then and there I told myself I would prove them wrong. I would not be like my parents – end of story! But it wasn’t the… Continue reading »

The top blogs to follow for in 2016

blogs to follow

There are some amazing people out there and I love them because they speak my language. The language of showing up and doing the work. There is a commonality between them is that there is passion, alignment, dreams, and creation. If you are a creative with a passion you must… Continue reading »

I am so frustrated with myself

I keep telling myself that I won’t hide anymore. I keep telling myself I have a powerful message to share and I must be visible. Every day the same spiel in my head and then I allow the ball to drop. What a crapshoot! We all have our patterns of… Continue reading »