Behind the Scenes of Creating 365 Days of Becoming

Behind the Scenes of Creating 365 Days of Becoming

So I just released 365 Days of Becoming and thought it would be helpful to give you a glimpse of what it took to put this beast of a Journal/Coloring book together.

Because it is a monster of 365 coloring pages and 365 journal pages.

How I came up with the idea!

I had a thought that it would be amazing to create something that helps you step into your power with two of the tools that have been super helpful to me: coloring and writing.

Then I thought, wouldn’t it be awesome to create something for every single day of the year.

And voila, the idea was born. Now I didn’t have a name yet, only that I knew if would have a lot of coloring pages and writing pages.

Getting to work

I started doodling and initially thought it would only take me about 15 days to create all of the pages. Yep, I am a little bit ambitious but I realized really quickly that I needed more time.

I encountered days where I had other things pop up, I just didn’t feel like doodling and for someone who preaches about self-care, I needed to manage my energy.

So, I extended the deadline and found my energy to be on par.

I finished all of the pages in 25 days. Scanned and edited them in another 3 days.

And then it came down to laying it out, creating a spreadsheet to not duplicate any pages and creating the feel I wanted to create with this monster of a book.

From there it was just a matter of getting the proof ready and correct to the printing standards it needed. This took another 5 days.


The Lessons Learned:

Deadlines are awesome and I kinda live by them but giving yourself enough time is key or you will burn out on the project/goal. If I am ever going to undertake another project like this, I am giving myself a much longer deadline.

Familiarize yourself with all the printing needs from I spend way more time editing and going back and forth to get it to proper printing quality than necessary. There bigger the book, the bigger the gutter and the margins need to be in retrospect.

Take enough days off so I am not burning out on the project. Again this was a big undertaking and 30 days was pushing it and I still had to extend the deadline. Also, there are still other things that need to happen in life and in business and it’s important I don’t neglect them.

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A Behind-the-scenes look of the office of a multi-passionate

A Behind-the-scenes look of the office of a multi-passionate

An office just for me! There’s no question, I need my own space. A space to think, to dream, to create.

officeThere is beauty in having an office, a place to go to so you can create. A place to just let your mind wander, to write about all those random thoughts in your head, but also a place to make art.

One of the things that have been becoming very clear over the years to me, that having such a space is crucial for my own needs and in some way even survival.

There is a lot going on in my life on a consistent basis, businesses, family, and self-care needs. And every so often, someone will ask me how to do you do it all.

So, I thought I would share a wee bit about how I manage to fit in all those passions of mine without really sacrificing myself or anyone else for that matter.

It really starts out with getting clear on my values and the things I wanted to embody every single day:

  • Freedom
  • Peace
  • Joy

And every day before doing anything at all, I ask myself, what actions will not only support my business but support me in feeling free, peaceful and joyful.

It all begins here at this desk. Where I journal in the mornings about everything that is in my head, the ideas, the doubts, the thoughts that support me to do it anyway.

This is such an important part of my morning routine, it helps me get centered, brings forth awareness and so much more than without journaling, well I wouldn’t function as well.

And then, I create my list of things I will be working on for the day. Another key part.

I only plan on working on 3 main things while keeping a list of fewer priority things to do, you know in case I get done with the big things, which often include writing my blog posts, social media posts, client work, and other writing projects I am working on.

I literally have specific workstations for my interests and passions, because despite the creativity and at times chaotic mind I still need some sort of organizational structure to support my many ideas. When I am working on a new wood-burning, I switch to the desk on my right. And don’t mind the chaos right now, I am still packing things away from my recent move.

And then, of course, I have my table with candles, cards, and all that jazz to burn incense, give myself a reading or simply just be.

And it naturally transitions into my bookshelf with all the books I currently feel important enough to have a presence.

Creating a space that will work for you is not only smart but supports you in how you want to be as you are working towards your goals. Working in a room that makes me feel alive, helps me stay sane and productive, and now you know where the magic happens.

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