It’s time for an attitude of gratitude

It’s time for an attitude of gratitude

You probably have heard it before, gratitude is pretty much everything. And I have in the past written about how challenging it can be when you’re in the trenches and finding that ounce of gratitude.

But the truth is there is so much to be grateful for right here, right now – even when life feels like utter shit at the moment.

I didn’t always feel grateful, even when I’ve heard it from friends and family and it used to piss me off because they didn’t really understand what I was going through at the time.

They tried to emphasize but all I received was sympathy.

The old saying “It could be worse” tends to make me grinch. Yes, of course, it could be worse but when you are in the heart of a struggle that isn’t really helpful to hear.

And it’s even more challenging to find the parts in your life that you can be grateful for.


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Embracing an attitude of gratitude means you are willing to change your way of thinking and in the world of personal growth, it’s an important piece.

You can be grateful for

The air your breathe and being alive
The trees, leaves, and nature
The seasons and what they mean in the big picture

Your family and friends that supports and love you
The lessons you’ve learned
The message you live and breath
The strength you have to keep going

Your dreams that excite you and your vision that gives you purpose

I am sure I could keep going and perhaps make this a super long list of things to be grateful for, but gratitude is personal and I want you to take some time and make a list of 100 things you are grateful for.

Will this challenge you?


But that is the point.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t promote growth.

And challenges, growth, strategy, and community is what Rebel Shine is all about.

How I was catapulted into the journey of gratitude on a soul level

How I was catapulted into the journey of gratitude on a soul level

When you are in the trenches of life, of the unknown and in the struggle, you are given situations and even opportunities to change and to make the leap to grow.

There is no denying that I struggled in my life, that I was in the trenches more than I can think about in one moment. And yet I know that each experience was also a lesson.

And I suppose that when my youngest son was diagnosed with this rare genetic disorder, the Universe was trying to make sure I finally wake up.

Walk on the Level of your Soul

It was time to look at me, my life and the people that were in it and decide that I could no longer go on the way I had existed.

And this isn’t something that can be taught but I made the space to be guided by my soul.

It meant to become more present in each moment and to walk some of it alone and yet I was never truly alone.

But the experience, the feelings, the knowledge I held combined with my soul made an impact. It set me free from conformity and broke the chains trying to contain who I really am.

Soul walk doesn’t just happen!

It starts with a wake-up call! 8 years ago, on this day, my son received his first donated liver. A few days after he needed his second liver. The month that followed, they were hard.

The kind of hard that is incredibly difficult to put into words. For a moment, I saw him not breathing, and the doctors doing their best to bring him back.

It’s in that moment you lean into trust. Give your soul permission to guide you.

It’s knowing that in each moment you are okay!

It meant that because of the medical advances, technology my son could receive this amazing gift of life. There isn’t a day I don’t think about the families who made the choice. The choice to give the gift of life.

I am so grateful for the families but also the soul journey that followed because it would mean nothing if I don’t walk on the level of my soul.

I had to get naked from all the shit I was feeding my mind with. Reframe the messages and the norms I was taught.

It was time to begin a new draft. A new story but one that is co-authored by my soul.

This doesn’t mean the struggle stopped, quite the opposite. But it taught me that gratitude is much more than just being thankful for what is.

It is being grateful for the lessons, the experiences, and the journey. This kind of gratitude is truly hard to explain because is a feeling from within.

And here is my message to you:

Until you are truly ready for this kind of a soul walk – you will without a doubt, struggle, experience hardships and wonder when your life will change.

And your life will change when you are ready to go into the darkness and come out into the light.

It is dark and scary and all too often overwhelming because of the unknown and gazillion what-if’s swirling in your head.

But in this moment, what if you could be present and reflect on where you have been, where you are and where you are envisioning to be going with your life.

Gratitude isn’t something that can be taught.

It is something you experience.

It is something you feel deep in your existence.

Because I can tell you to write down what you are grateful for 10 times a day all day long, but unless you are ready to shed the bullshit it won’t matter and your soul will bring you that wake-up call if you don’t start listening to your soul now.

Allow your soul to guide you.

If you are ready to look at yourself in a different light, to really walk on the level of your soul, then join the Rebels Academy!

It’s filled with courses, programs, resources, and challenges to help you connect with you!

9 Productivity Tips for Mom’s doing it all 

9 Productivity Tips for Mom’s doing it all 

As a mom and a business owner, productivity is often the number one focus. How much can I get done in one day to feel accomplished and move towards my personal and professional goals? As I am connecting with more and more moms these days, balancing one’s time between doctor’s appointments or after-school activities can be daunting and overwhelming.  I have compiled 10 productivity tips to not only meet the demands of your business but also have that quality time with your family.

  1. Plan with flexibility

Sitting down and creating a plan for 90-days with the bigger picture in mind, provides you with clarity on the everyday tasks that need to get done. Every Sunday evening, I review my 90-day plan and look at the week ahead from doctor’s appointments, field trips, and business activities.

Planning meals ahead of time so you don’t have to figure out last minute what’s for dinner will also help as you are allotting time to cook or use your crockpot.  I mentioned flexibility because life happens and so do accidents. It is better to be prepared than becoming stressed by the crisis. If important meetings or tasks are on the schedule, have a backup plan can help you manage the unforeseen. Of course, in some instances that are impossible unless you have a stand-in double but knowing what to do will go a long way in your business and for your family.

  1. Include your kids in business activities

Having your kids help in your business with the task they can manage has multiple benefits, not only is work getting done but you are teaching your kids skills that they may not learn elsewhere. You are also sharing with them that business is hard work but also the perks of being self-employed so that you can spend quality time with them.

  1. Block your time

Now that my kids are older and in school, I have a lot more time without them but even on evenings and on the weekends, I can be found working. Blocking time allows me to stay focused on one task such as content creation or client calls. I share with my kids ahead of time what is on the schedule with sort of a “do not disturb” announcement. After that, my kids can come into the office and talk to me and have their needs met.

  1. Remember your Why

Every morning, I sit down with my journal and write about my goals, the tasks on hand and the reason of why I am in business. Reminding myself every single day that I am setting an example of what is possible is my driving motivation of getting the work done. It shows my kids what is possible with focus and determination as well as hard work.

  1. Don’t try to do it all alone

As business owners, we don’t need to work in areas that are not our zone of genius. Instead, hire someone for help and pay people for tasks that are too daunting, don’t light you up in your business so that you can focus on the reason you are in business in the first place.

  1. Make time for your family

As more moms work from home, we find ourselves working all the time, not only in mom duties but for our business. We know the saying “all work and no play…” well this holds
very much true for moms too. We created a business to have an income so that we can spend more time with our family and often neglect to do so because we are told we should be working all the time. Giving yourself a break from work and having fun with the kids will help you feel reinvigorated and inspired to focus on your business and get things done.

  1. Focus on money making and networking activities

Every morning I sit down with my planner and look at the top 3 activities and make sure they are the money generating actions or networking activities. Getting those projections and activities completed will get me a lot closer and faster to the result I want than spending hours on social media.

  1. Attitude and Mindset are everything

Being successful requires a positive attitude and continuous mindset work even if you already have a strong mindset. Fears and doubts always come up, even for the best of us but by surrounding ourselves with like-minded mom’s we can have the support the stop negative thoughts and give ourselves the positive pep-talk to keeping moving forward.

  1. Don’t allow guilt into your world

We can be hard on ourselves, especially when the kids are at home but you should complete this project or spend time on the phone with the client. This goes back to remembering your why but also taking time off to spend time with your family. When you have planned your week ahead, you can make time for everyone – and you don’t have to feel guilty. I often reward myself with things that I like to do that don’t include the kids and that was a tough one at first but one of the keys to success is to take care of yourself too.

Life is about having experiences now – not later

Life is about having experiences now – not later

experienceI just returned from a quick trip to NY for a concert, and I say quickly because it was just 24 hours all together. But it was a great experience – Madison Square Garden, Central Park and of course Time Square.

Earlier this year, I made the commitment to myself that this year would be about experiences because I don’t want to wait until I am old.

I don’t want to wait until I perhaps physically can’t-do the things I love to do and then say to myself “I should have done this or that”.

Nope, this isn’t how I envisioned living my life.

Instead, I opened myself up to possibilities and opportunities.

At the beginning of March, I traveled to Kentucky, alone. This was the first time I had traveled by myself for more than 4 hours since getting my driver’s license. For someone, who believes in overcoming whatever is holding me back, that was just another thing.

And I say another thing, because, in a few days, I will be venturing off to another location, again driving by myself for the most part, right after I drop my kids off with their dad for spring break.

Somewhere along the line, we are told we can’t or shouldn’t do the things we want to do because it isn’t safe. And we should save for retirement and then go do all the things but sometimes, just sometimes it may be a little too late.

But it isn’t just about what we are told, it is the excuses we make ourselves of why we can’t or why we shouldn’t. Years ago (and I mean years) I felt so guilty for doing the things I want to do because I would be bringing my kids along. As a mother and the service-oriented person that I am, I always put other people first before I filled my own well.

But when I was nearing my burnout and had my breakthrough or break free moment if you will, I realized that not only do I work for the things that I want and bring in my life, I deserve them because of my dedication to my family but also myself.

On the journey of self-acceptance, that meant I don’t have to share the last donut and I certainly can go on a trip without my kids. It doesn’t nor should it be all about them. And yes, I know people will disagree – and that’s totally fine by me.

We all must find whatever it is that works for us.

We must find what allows us to feel good and have the experiences we crave.

All I am saying is that we shouldn’t wait – we should live right here and right now.

And yes, of course sometimes it’s easier said than done because perhaps money is an issue, or maybe work is getting in the way.

But you are going for the adventure and the feeling that it provides and not all the things you can buy with money though money is nice and it helps.

There was a time I couldn’t see how my trip to Kentucky or NY was going to happen. I wanted the experience but it wasn’t until the moment I realized that it is about how I am in this very moment that would change everything, and, of course, believe in the possibilities.

And believing in the possibilities begins with your own attitude and mindset, followed by taking action. You can’t wish experience into your life but you can be creative on how to make it happen.

If you want some help along the journey,

I invite you to join the

Rebel Soul Connection!

I am my own Super Hero Coloring Page

I am my own Super Hero Coloring Page

inspirationThis week’s coloring page is for the Super Hero in all of us. Sometimes we can’t see all the things we do in one day and all that we accomplish.

Sometimes things are beyond our control but we show up and overcome each challenge like it is nothing but the deep dark truth, sometimes it takes everything we got inside of us.

I am my own Super Hero!

You can get yourself the “I am my own Super Hero” coloring page, by joining Create your Colorful Life.

And if you like to start using daily affirmations in your morning ritual, here is just one way you can start:

  1. I sit quietly and take a few breaths.
  2. I ask what I need to know in this moment.
  3. The first thought that comes to mind is what I go with because I believe that when we start second guessing, we create it to what we want it to be rather than really looking at what is coming up and requires us to do some work.
  4. Then I journal about why this came up. I explore past experiences where I may have felt the negative aspect of what I am trying to affirm right now.

This has been super helpful to me in acknowledging areas in my past that needed some healing, forgiving and even rewriting parts of what I tell myself about the situation. I am not rewriting the situation in itself, just my feelings around it.

In using affirmations this way, I allow myself to dive in deeper to get at the root of where I may be lacking confidence and yes even feel the need to empower myself.