How I was catapulted into the journey of gratitude on a soul level

When you are in the trenches of life, of the unknown and in the struggle, you are given situations and even opportunities to change and to make the leap to grow. There is no denying that I struggled in my life, that I was in the trenches more than I… Continue reading »

9 Productivity Tips for Mom’s doing it all 

As a mom and a business owner, productivity is often the number one focus. How much can I get done in one day to feel accomplished and move towards my personal and professional goals? As I am connecting with more and more moms these days, balancing one’s time between doctor’s… Continue reading »

Life is about having experiences now – not later


I just returned from a quick trip to NY for a concert, and I say quickly because it was just 24 hours all together. But it was a great experience – Madison Square Garden, Central Park and of course Time Square. Earlier this year, I made the commitment to myself… Continue reading »