Artist Goals and Gallery Dreams

Artist Goals and Gallery Dreams

2016-10-01-10-19-34Creatives work hard chasing their dreams and are ecstatic when they come true.

When I first started wood-burning, I thought it would be super cool t have my work in a Gallery. But like many thoughts, it was a fleeting one because I had just begun and really needed to hone in on my new found craft.

The biggest struggle for most of us is feeling good about our skills and talents and for some of us that don’t come easy. We fight hard with ourselves to validate that we have skills that are totally valuable and help us feel validated.

We are our own worst critic and downplay and minimize those things we are so incredibly good at. And so we wait for others to sing the praises of our work until one day we realize that we can do things that well frankly, not everyone can do. Although, I do believe that all people are creative and talented just don’t bother to try and so downplaying just becomes easy.

One of the things I started doing in 2009, is selling my work at Festivals and Farmer’s Market, although I am doing less of that as my focus has shifted. But I still do two main events a year.

Last Winter, I participated in an annual holiday event at a local winery and was able to show off some of my artwork. 8 months later I received an email, asking me if I wanted to have my work in a Gallery.

2016-10-01-10-37-44There were a lot of gremlins talking to me, trying to hold me back from displaying my work. There were a lot of gremlins wrestling with the prices I was asking for my work.

But for heaven’s sake, 15 years of wood-burning, learning and mastering the skill, I was already validated by simply being asked and well all the custom work I do for people.

So here I am, with my artwork in a Gallery!

Dreams, my friends, do come true.


Demystifying the artist – A collaboration project

Demystifying the artist – A collaboration project

Demystifying the artist – A collaboration project and I am a wee late in sharing this but better late than never ha!

I have the honor to participate in the collaboration project with 31 Artists sharing their story of what it means to be an artist.

Eli Trier has created emails for 31 days from each artist sharing their journey of owning being an artist and amazingly enough – even when you sign up now – the last email will be a booklet with everyone’s story.

So you are not really going to miss out too much when you sign up now.

In my own journey, I have struggled to own being an artist because growing up, it was explained to me that an artist is someone who paints amazing pictures on huge canvas. I didn’t consider that crocheting, making jewelry and then later wood burning would be an art form that allowed me to “be an artist”.

My own mindset told me that “only other people are artists”. Over time, however, this changed because not everyone crochets and not everyone does wood burning. And really aren’t we all artists in our own way?

If you are finding it challenging to call yourself an artist and want to learn how other artists have walked through the veil of being an artist, I invite you to read about the project here, and consider signing up to get the remainder of the emails and then of course the booklet at the end with everyone’s story.

It really is amazing and empowering that we never truly walk this journey of life alone and that others can relate and know what it feels like when we think we are a fraud or when we struggle to really own “being an artist”.

There is a Facebook community, to discuss the topics from each artist and meeting like-minded people.

So join us as we are Demystifying the artist

Own your gifts and stop hiding

Own your gifts and stop hiding

Ok, so I have a wee bit of a confession to make.

I have been hiding some of my gifts, skills, and talents from you but in recent weeks, I felt called to share all of them in on place or space. This thought really was brought on when I visited my friend Linda and spend a few days with her and sharing what I love to do.

Here’s the thing, we always hear about to specialize in one thing or focus on that one thing but for some of us multi-passionate folks, it isn’t quite that easy.

Some of has can be good at multiple things but I think the thing to remember is to be really clear about it. For one, I am a coach. I help you get unstuck and remove frustration. I help you embrace your fear because fear can pretty much keep you stuck and well frustrated. I coach on starting the movement towards what you want to create and finding the confidence to make it happen.

But coaching and mentoring isn’t all I do, even though it is a very big part of my world. I am an artist, the kind who is ridiculous with all the things she likes to do. I own that because I struggled with it. So many times, again we are told to focus on one thing but man I can crochet and wood burn, I can paint and I can make jewelry. I don’t like to be told I can’t make it happen but I gravitate towards different things at different times.

Multi-passionate people like me, tend to struggle with sharing their skills, gifts, and talents. There is this notion that we can’t do it all and have it all and I agree with part of it. We can certainly not do it all but we can do the things we love and owning what we are good at doesn’t mean we are wishy-washy – we are just good at several things.

Being overwhelmed by your own interested is hard because you don’t know what to focus on but one practice that helps me stay grounded, focused and own all these quirky parts is to write out my ideal day but I have different versions of it and then combine them into an ideal week.

While I don’t think, true balance is achievable (hello I’m a Libra) I think we can create a life with ease and flow when we can take stock of how we want to live. I can do all the things I love to do and still spend time with family and friends and just good about my life and mostly myself. But it seriously helps to plan it all out.

If you are finding you are having a hard time balancing all that is you, I invite you to write about your ideal day and your ideal week and if you are still finding it too difficult to figure out on your own, come see if the Rebel Soul Connection is a good fit for you!


Who is Petra Monaco?

Who is Petra Monaco?

Seems like it’s an odd post to an already somewhat established blog and it boils down to the fact that I always like to challenge myself and go to the next level – though I never know what the next level really is. I committed to Blogging for the own journey and I have said some time ago that I wanted to be a writer. I am already an author, but I wanted to be a writer.

But aren’t you a writer when you have already authored a book? Well, yes sort of – kind of – I think.

I don’t practice writing enough and with this, I am stating this goal publicly.

I want to write more.

I also want you to read it. I think I have some things to say that are meaningful to some of you – maybe even inspirational in some quirky way. I also have stories locked inside my mind that need to be unleashed.

But Who am I?

actionsI am a 39 – ok well almost 40-year-old mother who was born in Bad Homburg Germany and lived in foster homes since the age of 2. It has caused me great pain but also amazing victories in life. I became pregnant for the first time at the age of 17 with my first boy and at age 30 I gave birth to my last and fourth boy. I have been to college and attempted to pursue every dream or goal I have ever had – and all too often changed my mind on the dream or goal itself. I am currently doing exactly what I want to do and allow myself to simply follow the flow of the sunrise to sunset.

One of my goals to blog more consistently is to release the inner beast of the imagination but also share some insights that I have gained over the years through various experiences. I find that sharing what I have to say in a public place that I have a way of reaching out to someone who may have had or had similar experiences. I also hope to write short stories of fiction as I continue to challenge my own mind. So, you will probably continue to see a variety of topics on this blog from personal to fictional and even poetry in some form.

By undertaking the commitment to Blogging is that I will expand on my writing skills in the English language. Since English is my second language, my written word often differs from my spoken word and I hope to find a way to mesh the two if for nothing else to be clearer in my writing.

I feel like I’ve been trained too much in academic writing that somehow, I lost my voice with also the tiny realization that I am just now finding my own voice.

BooksSo here is to me sharing my world, you perhaps find a way to connect with what I have to say.


Fearing the word Artist

Fearing the word Artist

Fearing the word Artist

Are you creative?

Do you fear the word “Artist”?

Are you afraid to call yourself an Artist?

Do you dabble with crochet, knit, watercolor, oil painting, acrylic painting, writing of any kind, jewelry making, photography, multi-mixed-media or any other creative outlet?

You, my friend, are indeed an Artist.

My own creative journey started when I was 17 and pregnant with my first child. Crochet was my hobby of choice. I started with doilies, placemats, and blankets and 22 years later I have created a variety of crochet works. Over the years, I also explored various creative avenues like scrapbooking, jewelry making and pyrography.

But I never really considered myself an artist until I endeavored on m pyrography journey. It was as if working with yarn was not worthy of being called an artist. But don’t I create amazing character hats or Star Wars toy set or even stuffed animals? Yes, of course, I do!

It took me quite some time to listen to my own voice that of course, I am an artist. I can create amazing things with yarn and yes I wood-burn creating images on wood like a painter uses canvas, pigment, and brushes.

So, in whatever creative endeavor you are feeling home be it with pen and paper, computer and Photoshop, wire and beads … it’s all art … It’s being creative and using a set of skills to make something fabulous.

It’s mind-boggling that we fear simple words and that we do not make proper use of it. Of course, if you don’t want to use the word artist, well don’t! I know that some prefer the word creative… choose whatever calls you … but whatever it does not be afraid!

You are worthy to call yourself Artist or Creative… This is no longer just about painters or sculptors. If it’s in you to create books, jewelry, paintings, art on wood, whatever the case may be. Repeat after me:

I am an Artist!

How did that feel?

What did that invoke within you as you said those words?

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