How to create your ideal week so you can embody success

How to create your ideal week so you can embody success

As a multi-passionate individual with a few businesses, planning is important so I know what to do when, where and what. And I can’t really stand doing the same thing repeatedly, it dries up my creativity in massive ways.

One of the things I have found that works well for me is to batch a lot of what I want to create such as blog posts. Not only does that give me more freedom, I work less and I am still creating all that I want.

So how do I do it?

Each weekday is designated for either a business or something I want to work and/or need to work on. And my weekend is kind of a free for all – tying up loose ends, do the things I have been putting off all week.

There is not a right or wrong way to plan and get things done, there is only the way that works for you. When I first started planning, I followed Michael Hyatt’s way of planning your ideal week.  Over time, I modified it to what will work for me.

I really love planning my ideal week and how I want to spend my week while keeping in mind the things I want to do personally and what I want to create in business.

I usually begin with my yearly vision and then scale back to what I want my ideal week to look like. This helps me define my own be, do and have goals for the year. This then, of course, helps me figure out what I want to work on.

Some things to ask yourself:

  • What do you want to do?
  • How to you want to connect?
  • How will you do some self-care?
  • What will you do for personal growth? Business Growth?
  • What actions do you need to take?
  • What days are you seeing clients?
  • What days are you focusing on business tasks i.e. content?
  • When will you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
  • When will you have family time, date night, alone time?
  • Will you have a girl’s night? Spiritual time? Exercise time?

Once you have answered some or these questions, it is time to get your planner.

Circle the things you want to be, do and have. One of the key elements for me is knowing how I want to feel and always asking myself “Does this make me feel how I want to?”.

Now it’s time to start filling in your planner with your answers. You can check in with your intuition of what feels good on what day.

You can check in with your intuition of what feels good on what day.

So, for example, Monday is a non-client day and is the day I focus on creating content for my blog also known as the writing day.

Tuesday – Thursday are client days and I use filler activities during the time slots when I don’t have clients or prepare for clients.

Friday is a hodgepodge kind of day. I usually do some client work and take the time to work on a project such as a book I may be writing.

One of the key elements is that I have a morning routine to get me into the flow before I start my workday.

Following this, I have clear actions I am taking every single day but also work incredibly less because no longer have to wonder “what’s next”. I get a lot more done. And in my free time so-to-speak, I am still doing things but more aligned with what feels good in the moment rather than “I need to do this”.

In the comments share with me what your ideal week would look like.

How do you balance the actions and the rest?

How do you balance the actions and the rest?

actionGoing after your dreams takes action, sometimes it takes a lot of every day to the grind kind of action.

Massive action taking is awesome and necessary when you want to achieve a goal. What is not awesome is when you burn out and you have not given yourself time to rest and recharge.

So how on earth do you balance all of that when your biggest desire is to see your dream be a real thing?

1. Get super clear on your goal and the actions

Having clarity on your goal will often help you figure out what your steps are. And if they don’t become clear then you can create a mind-map or brainstorm 20 actions that will lead to the goal. Once you have those pieces figured out, look at those steps and see what your first step is and the steps that follow.

2. Don’t try to climb the mountain in one day

To maintain momentum and keeping focused on your goal, don’t try to do it all in one day. No one starts off running a marathon without proper training and no one climbs a mountain in one day. Create a plan and a deadline that allows you to take downtime. Schedule 1-3 actions a day or maybe 5 activities a week. Use the deadline to help you decide how many actions a day/week you will need to take.

3. Make room for some fun and downtime

Frustrations often happen because we forget to have fun or enough downtime. Our mind and body need time to rest, recharge and recover. Getting enough sleep is super important and just a healthy thing to do. Having fun helps us find new ideas and inspiration, because let’s be honest, sometimes in our brainstorming, we miss a step, which also leads to frustration.

You can achieve your goals given the right amount of balance, not doing too much but also doing enough.  The moment you are feeling frustrated may just be the moment you need to step away. The moment you are unmotivated may be the time you need to have some fun or talk to someone.

Remember Rome wasn’t built overnight!

How to discover your Strength with these 5 Tips

Life is a story intertwined with love, hope, romance and the plot twist of pain and horror.

Yet, we continue this journey because we are resilient in our being.

Taking steps in our journey that feels honest, compassionate with love and hope for a better tomorrow – except that you’ve just been delivered a blow so hard that it knocked you off your feet and you struggle to get back up. You are paralyzed by fear and pain and you wonder if you will ever be strong enough to get up and keep walking on this path of yours.

You are and you will be!

Let me share something with you. A few years ago, my relationship was rocky, hard and often painful. I wanted, no, I needed out but I had no freaking idea on how I was going to pull if. I didn’t have a job, I was a stay at home mom and my art business was far from sustainable. Child support and disability benefits for my son were steady but far from enough to support a family of 3.

The fighting, the pushed boundaries became too much to bear but I had no clue on how I was going to support my two boys and sustain a life of any kind.

I began to art journal my way and created affirmations to help boost my confidence.

I looked back at all the things I had already overcome and told myself to focus on the outcome I wanted to achieve, not the crisis I was in.

I allowed my intuition to take control and guide my decisions and found that doing things we are good at helping to boost your confidence.

4 years later, I own 3 business, am single parenting and providing for my family. I am happy and move through life with love, nurture, and compassion for anyone that enters my life. Not every day is a rainbow-spewing glitter all over, but every day is the best day that it can be.

Here are 5 ways you can find your strength and boost your own confidence:

  1. Journal for 10 minutes every day. Free write and let all your thoughts go onto the piece of paper. It is better out of your mind than in.
  2. Use Affirmations to remove limiting beliefs. When “I can’t” enter your mind, write and say, “I can, because_____________”. It will sink into your mind by validating yourself.
  3. Find your support system! Friends, Family, Counselor or Coach who will cheer you on and support you without judgment.
  4. Make a list of your achievements and challenges that you have overcome. Reminding yourself when you survived hard situations and note your strength in being the resilient person you are.
  5. Do something meaningful or fun, or both. When you are spending your time with constructive activities in your life, you will focus less on the pain and sadness. I am all about noticing your feelings and acknowledging them (see journal note) but I don’t believe in living there. So, go out and improve your life by doing things that bring fun and meaning into your life.


3 things I learned owning up to my actions

Have you ever found yourself why in the heck you just snapped at a friend?  Or why you engaged in behavior that led to not feeling so good about you?

The more I began to immerse myself into my self-growth, I began wondering who I was and what I was about. The more I had thoughts like “OMG I did that?” or “I behaved this way?” And it wasn’t pretty.

My initial reaction was to feel bad about my behavior of people pleasing and not being able to use my voice. I had always wished I could speak my truth. The challenge was I wanted to be needed and loved. I hated conflict and avoided it at all costs. Acknowledge your action, own it and then forgive yourself. You can also go ahead and make an amends if you feel the need.

I used to be super co-dependent and the people pleaser from hell. This created space for people to take advantage of me. I jumped when people said jump. I did this because I do genuinely care about people but I had some unhealthy boundaries. I sacrificed myself to such an extent that I struggled to be me. Nothing went the way it was supposed to and I lived in the state of unhappiness.

When I began to awaken to my true self, I sent my ex-husband an apology message for my codependency. It felt right in the moment and I believe in owning my actions, even if it feels uncomfortable.

I am grateful because I can acknowledge now when something doesn’t feel good. I can address it when it needed without fearing about making someone unhappy., because the bottom line is how they feel is on them.

3 things I learned to own up to my actions

  1. Owning my actions, I am more secure about who I am because what I do and say continues to be authentic.
  2. I am humbled by knowing I am human and I make mistakes and that I can own them and apologize as needed.
  3. I respect myself for being aware, acting to make a change within and allow myself to grow from there.

Owning negative action doesn’t feel good. But when we want to live an authentic life owning your actions will allow you to be humble and respect yourself.


How to get out of your head

When I was at the workshop not too long ago, during the “unwinding” exercise I was stiff. I felt ridiculous between 20 people moving their body to their essence. Unwinding is like dancing but not – it’s more of a form of connecting with your body through movement medication.

I stood there, my left leg stiff and my body swaying because it is all I could muster, even with my eyes closed. Even with everyone’s eyes closed.

I just could not let go. I swayed, my shoulders feeling heavy and that damn sciatic nerve started to bring awareness to my body. I held my breath, literally waiting for this exercise to be over.

One of the presenters came over and guided my breathing and just like the tears began to flow. I still didn’t move very much, so damn stuck.

Why the hell was I so freaking stuck?

I love moving my body.

I also love being in control over my body!


In this room with all the people I connect with that day, I could not (would not) relinquish my control.

I continued to sway and received Reiki during this time, and the floodgates opened, again. This time more uncontrolled and heavier.

How much am I living in my head? What a mess I was.

At the end of the day, we were to draw a picture of our experience and, finding my voice in the crowd, I shared how much I am in my head and that I was ready to change that part. Why? Because I knew as soon as I would stop living in my head, I would have the freedom of just being me.

So, what can we do to not live in our heads?


We can dance

Let the vibration control your moves. Allow your body to be guided into the movement that feels good. Endorphins will begin to flow, filling you with positive feelings. The essence of this, however, is to let go of control and just allow your body to move.


Spend time in nature, connect with mother earth and spent some time in solitude. Take your shoes off, spend some time bare feet really grounding you. Have a mountain nearby, go climb it.


Find yourself a quiet space and meditate to quiet your mind and do some breath work. One of my favorite ways to meditate is in the bathtub these days.


This is so good for you in so many ways. Exercise triggers your endorphins that fill you with positive feelings and well it is good for your body. I recently started running again (yay warmer weather) and OMG so good!

Let go of the outcome

You cannot control the world – neither can I – but dammit it would be good, sometimes. Anywho, what you can do is to set your intention, focus on the things you should do and go about your business.

What will you master when you are not living in your head?

You will notice is that your conversations flow easier and that your connections are growing deeper. You will recognize that you are finding your voice and you are feeling confident.

I would love to hear from you on how you get out of your head!


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