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Creative overwhelm

6 Steps to reduce the creative overwhelm

Every morning you wake up with a gazillion ideas in your head, and throughout the day you get a bazillion more!

The problem?

Knowing which one to start with because all of them are so incredibly exciting and you just don’t know where to begin!

I get it.

There was a time I would start a project, just to get a new idea and not finish the first project and before I knew it, I had a lot of projects started but couldn’t get myself to finish them.

Idea Creation Paralysis!

Yep, it’s a thing.

It’s the overwhelming feeling of too many ideas, feeling too flustered and overwhelmed to get started because let’s be honest you already tried so many things before to actually finish said projects. And every now and again you were successful but it just wasn’t enough to keep going.

So here you are, having all of those ideas you want to implement, put into action and actually have a finished or ongoing result.

Let’s not forget that you have a million other obligations that have to be done, like feeding your children. maintaining a balance for everyone getting attention and going to work.  And let’s not forget the spur of the moment activities you are doing because they feel like the right thing to do.

How in the heck will you find the time to create when you can’t even find a moment to breathe and have some alone time.

And it truly feels like there is NEVER enough time.

I am going to share with you 6 Steps to help you take consistent action, having the time to create.


This is one of the most go to activities that can help you not only clear the clutter in your brain but help you visualize all those ideas that could turn into not only started projects but also finish them.

The key, once you have done the brainstorming, is to decide which one excites you the most!

Once the brainstorm is complete, do another one. This time includes the things that need to be done daily and weekly. And then another that helps you break down all of those ideas into smaller steps!

Create a Schedule

One of the biggest struggles I have found for creatives is considering the notion a schedule will help them when they are wanting to be wild and free and just roll with the punches. But how is that working out?

Take a weekly schedule and create a rough draft. Start filling it in with the daily activities that have to get done such as meal times, school hours if you homeschooling, work hours, doctor appointments, errands and all that jazz. But don’t just write work hours but the action you are taking, this will help you know what you are doing!

Once that is finished, add the things you want to do such as self-care times and creative times. Again, be specific in the action by looking at your action steps from the brainstorm.

Batch your work sessions

Sometimes there are activities for the week that you could get done in a 2-3 hour work session. For example, writing your blog posts can be done in one day for the week or even the month if you have a dedicated time for this activity. Look at your draft and see what other activities could be batched together.

This will allow you to see where you have more time than you initially thought, therefore giving you more creative time.

Morning Routine

What time does everyone wake up in your home? Decide to wake up 30-60 minutes before everyone so you can have some alone time, plan your day ahead (look at your schedule) and even some creative time.

There is something to be said to look at your schedule every evening. What project are you working on? Are you writing a book? Take that extra 30 or 60 minutes in the morning to work on that.

Now you know what to work on!

Refine the Schedule

Now that you have a rough draft, take a good look. How does it feel? Did you include a break after your working session?

Another tip to help you is to use a weekly schedule and track your activities to help you plan for the following week. This way you know what you are spending time on. Maybe you could cut out some TV time or social time to actually sit down and write that book or create that piece of art.

The refined schedule is what you are committing to for the week. In order to actually finish something or learn a new habit is with consistency.

Review what worked and what didn’t

In order to create a schedule as a creative, you will want to tune into what worked and what didn’t. This is where you can acknowledge the steps you are taking, the part you are still struggling with so you can make the changes that will work for you.

One of the biggest challenges, that I have found is that a schedule can feel too rigid. But something to remember, every week will not look the same. You can make tweaks as you go along.

What you are after is not only starting taking action on your ideas but also finish them and a weekly schedule can help remind you but also support you with consistent action.

Extra Bonus Tip:

Keep a notebook with your goals so you can track your activity. Write the goal on top and the action steps below and every time you do one and finish one, cross it off or give it a check mark.

I have created printable to help you implement these 6 Steps!


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Deciding what you are letting go off.

Being mindful about your mindset and how you want to feel in each moment.

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What you are giving yourself permission to call into your life.

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It has a goal pyramid to help you work backward so you can see all the steps to take and free-writing space to note your thoughts and feelings.

There is no wrong or right way to create your colorful life, there is only your way!

You can read about my Be, Do, Have Goals right here!

Get you Colorful Life Workbook!

A blissful life

Your heart is begging you to do something about it

That idea…. that dream in your heart and in your head is begging you to do something about it.

You wake up thinking about it… you go to sleep thinking about it and I am here to tell you that if you don’t do something about that, it will never go away.

And you know deep down that unless you get over your fear, it is never going to happen.

But you have to decide wether you are going to listen to that fear or if you are stepping up and out and take action anyway.

It’s time to stop the bullshit stories you tell yourself of how you can’t and really dig deep into what is actually stopping you.

And if I was a betting person, I venture to say you are being held back because

  • you don’t feel good enough
  • you dont’ feel smart enough
  • you worry about what other people will think
  • you worry about failure before you have even started

It’s all hogwash! These are all stories you have learned along the way, and really they are no longer serving you, because

You are enough!
You are smart!

And really who cares what people think? 9 times out of 10 those people are afraid to take action, so how about you pave the way?

And failure.. failure is a good thing.. it’s allowing you to see what is or isn’t working and then revamp how you are going about it.

Those ideas that have been swirling in your head, they are yours for the taking. They come to you because you have something amazing to offer to this world.

Incredible gifts to share and how dare you deny others from what you are so carefully hiding.

The pain of not taking action, of not doing that thing, ask yourself: Is it worth it?

Because I know you are aching to bring it to life.

It is

  • Time to stop hiding.
  • Time to stop worrying about being enough.
  • Time to stop worrying about whether people will like you or not!

It is time to start doing!


Kick Fear to the Curb and Take Action with Confidence

All week I have been talking about how to get confidence and here’s the thing, sometimes we need someone to push us because … well did you do the work?

  • Did you get clear on your vision?
  • Did you create a brag list and created a new mantra?
  • Did you name your fears and actually figure out worst/best scenario?
  • Did you take one single action?

If you have, you freaking rock!

If you didn’t, what held you back? What about all of this has you scared that you can’t even think about what you want to bring into your life?

Trust me I get it because for YEARS, and I mean absolute years I only ever talked about all of those things I would do one day.

But the truth is, that one day will never ever come to you. One day doesn’t have an end date an with no end date you have nothing to strive for.

So let’s cut the bs and let’s create some magic and build confidence while you take action!

We are literally in the end phase of 2016 and it’s time to stop fiddling around with all of those ideas and dreams that you may do one day.

Mindset on Fire E-Course

A 90-Day Goal Setting E-course to break free from limiting beliefs and know what to do every single day.

Every day there is a question for you to journal about. A 3-step action plan, a place for gratitude and celebrating your achievements.

You will also have access to a private community for support and accountability and have access to me for questions!

And as a bonus if you sign up before December 24th, 2016 you will receive a 90-Minute Deep Dive Session where we will create the clarity you need and know exactly what to focus on for the next 90 days.

Do not let fear and doubt get in the way of achieving your dreams.

Do take action and have your vision become a reality.

This is for you if:

– You’re ready to step into your overflowing power
– You’re committed 110% to following your dreams and intuition
– You’re sick of being pushed into a social box
– You want to live FREE and create your own life

This is not for you if:

– You want someone to do the work for you
– You want to keep playing small
– You are okay with self-sabotage
– You don’t want to take responsibility for your life

Confidence Challenge – Day 4

The entire week I have been talking about confidence. And the truth of the matter is that confidence happens through doing.

In case you missed any days here they are

Day 1 Click here

Day 2 Click here

Day 3 Click here

I live dangerously in the uncomfortable zone because it’s so easy to stay in that comfort bubble but then nothing happens.

And so you have to push yourself just a little bit each time.

So for today what can get you a little closer to your vision and your goals?

What action will you take to make that happen.

Are you sending an email, calling someone, create a video, go Live on Facebook or somewhere else?

You have to do the things that scare you the most or a little in order to grow and build your confidence.

And while it’s true that some people are just natural at some things, it is also true that some or all people will feel that fear and doubt creeping up.

Just because someone is good at something, doens’t mean they have not struggled with confidence at some point in their lives.

And you already are good at a lot of things (see your brag list)!

Isn’t it time that you stop making excuses?

So tap into those feelings, give yourself a pep talk and a high-give and know that you got this.

And then go and do that thing, and then do it again and again – as long as it aligns with your vision and goals of course.

Shed the believe that it needs to be perfect or the right time.

And just do.

And if you are finding yourself in a meh situation, realign with your vision, look at your brag list, embody your new mantra and name your fears so you can rewrite your story!

Because really you have to start somewhere, so why not now?

Tell me in the comments what you are committing to doing today!



Confidence Challenge – Day 1

Overwhelm and procrastination hit because confidence has decided to hide from you. There are so many things you want to be, do and have but you are finding yourself thinking, who the heck am I to do this or maybe you are surrounded by the inner critic of not being enough, feeling enough and many other fears that you may not be aware of.

I am not one to beat around the bush (as you can see) and I like to dig right in and get to the core of the situation. But first we need some clarity.

So I want you to think about a goal you have for the next 90 days, and answer the following questions:

  • What is you vision for the next 90 days?
  • Who do you want to become in those 90 days?
  • What goal do you want to achieve in the next 90 days?
  • Why do you want to achieve this goal?

In order to get from point A to point B, we need directions or we end up lost in the middle of nowhere. So now that you have answered those questions, let’s go a little deeper.

  • How will having confidence help you achieve your goal?
  • How is lack of confidence serving you right now. In other words, how is it stopping you?
  • Who can you reach out to to hold you accountable and support you?

Self-awareness is the magic pill of becoming who you want to be, doing what you want to do and have all that you desire.

So take some time today and sit with those questions. Make a cup of tea or coffee and then answer those questions in a free writing atmosphere. Don’t hold back because you really want to tap into that core of who you are.

Having answers to your motivation aka the why and knowing who you want to become, will give you the gps coordinates to get there.

Tell me in the comments one insight you have gained and come back tomorrow for day 2!