Take a look inside the Rebels Academy

Take a look inside the Rebels Academy

Here is what I know about myself:

I get ideas, follow them and they either get completed or put to the wayside, but I take action. And this has allowed me to learn a lot of skills over the years, from building websites, starting businesses, creating my own coloring books and much more.

I have learned to work from the inside out, that when I am okay with myself when I can look in the mirror and say “I love you” and when I stay consistent with my boundaries but more importantly with my vision, things just fall into place.

I am a big dreamer and visionary. I am also a creative and a rebel.

I want to do things in a way that feels really good to me, from the inside out. And for me, this had been the missing link for a lot of years. I tried to follow other people’s structure and systems only to realize it doesn’t work that way.

It wasn’t always this way because I was intimidated by other people’s presence and success and so I kept saying “one day I will”. And then I heard other people talk about their dreams and goals and they too said: “one day I will”.

But life is funny sometimes because it provides you with events and lessons and you soon realize that “one day” will actually never arrive with one exception “one day you will die!”

And then not so many moons ago, I wrote my vision for 2017 and in that vision, I wrote about making an impact to help people, to support them with their dreams and goals and to give them the tools and resources they could want and need to make it all happen.

The Rebels Academy a community of like-minded people, who have big dreams and goals, who may or may not be intuitive, quirky but they are rebels, creatives, and dreamers.

The courses, programs, and guides within the community are the framework for you to build on. There is no right or wrong way to create the life you want and forging your own path.

Surround yourself with people like you sometimes we need a little help from our friends along the way. We need our own cheerleaders and pep-talk squad to make it through those hard days where you wonder if any of it will actually pay off.

Your one day is today!

It truly is time to start doing what you have always been talking about and stop wasting time just waiting for one day to happen.

What is Rebel’s Academy?

Rebel’s Academy is a system of videos, fun-to-do activities and in-depth guides to help you overcome obstacles and go the distance.

The key to creating a lifestyle of ultimate freedom.

The Rebel Plus program includes The Complete Rebel’s Handbook and membership to the Rebel’s Academy online portal.

The portal contains all three Rebel’s Academy Lifestyle Business Tracks and access to 1:1 support, when you need it most.

Your membership doesn’t expire. You’ll even have access to future materials added to the Lifestyle Business Tracks at no extra charge.

Your materials, resources and supportive tribe of rebels will all be there, ready to stand beside you in your own Rebelution.

But there is more!

There are threads in your private hangout to set goals, share your struggle, office hours where I answer your questions, sharing your wins and getting feedback. I am going to support you, cheer you on and help you achieve your dreams.

There are prices and rewards to be given out for committing to your goal and taking action to get there.

Some rewards include:

  • 1:1 Sessions with me
  • Apparel and other gifts
  • Books
  • Giftcards
  • and whatever else I can come up with.

And I don’t know about you, but being rewarded for the work you put in feels pretty damn sweet to me.

Join the Rebels Academy and be the first one to know when the doors open and get in on the early-bird special!

You are one decision away!

Here’s what I know to be true:

[bctt tweet=”Following someone else’s system without your own personal vision and mission, isn’t really going to create the life you want.” username=”petramonaco”]

I know this because I’ve followed other people’s system for a really long time, only to find myself frustrated.

My vision and personal mission are to give you the tools, guides, and resources to get started and to support you with daily check-ins and monthly coaching calls to answer questions and help you through the challenging days.

Everyone’s journey is different, and we all want to get there and often want to do it alone. But the hidden truth is that a community raises your confidence, supports you during the days you want to give – and together we achieve great things.

[bctt tweet=”It’s time to stop waiting and start doing.” username=”petramonaco”]

It’s time to stop saying “one day” or “some day”.

It’s time to start saying “Today is the day, that I will…”

A Manifesto of Sorts

Here’s what it means to be a rebel soul:

Rebels are driven by their vision for the future

Rebels are relentless

Rebels take back the power from their captors

Rebels are strongest together

Rebels see the spark in others and help fan it into flame

Join The Rebels Academy

5 Mindset Shifts to Start Living Now

mindsetIt has taken me years to realize that life is truly about mindset and the way we look and view things. Perspective is truly something amazing and allows us to dream and choose possibility.

I have always been an optimist believing there is another way but deep down there were parts that struggled to fully believe it could happen and ultimately believe in myself.

Part of building confidence for me has been to shift my mindset, which in turn allows me to have my voice right because I need to be able to share with you.

I came up with the 5 mindset shifts so you can start living now:

1. It is now about where you been or where you are right now. You can complain about your life and continue to be miserable OR you can be grateful you have food, transportation, clothes, friends and family in your life.

We all have days that are hard and difficult but we don’t have to create a bitter and pessimistic view about it because that will only fuel the unhappiness. Instead, take a nap or go for a walk. Do something that honors you and allows you to distract yourself.

2. Gratitude is the essential ingredient to living in the right now. When we can focus on the things we have in our lives rather than what we don’t have, our minds are able to recognize the abundance we have. I may only have a dollar in my account but man I am grateful for that dollar. It will still provide for me and for that I am thankful.

When you are having a hard time, make a list of all the things you have in your life. This can be people, achievements, food in the pantry, your job and so on. If you do this every day for 5-10 minutes, you will have begun to love life.

3. Feel what you want to feel. If you want to feel happy, by gosh please feel happy. Even if you want to feel sad, you can feel sad. Each emotion has something of value – even anger, allow yourself to feel it.

If you want to feel joy, my goodness feels it because your mind and your soul will love you and provide you with the outlook you need, even during difficult and challenging times.

4. Evaluate your limited beliefs when it comes to receiving support. Is receiving financial support harder than support when you are ill? Journal for a few minutes and see where you are not inviting support when you really could and maybe even should.

The process of reaching out when we need to just distract ourselves or talk to someone can be hard when we are not open to receiving or believe that we don’t deserve it. Let’s open this door and explore what support means to you.

5. Allow yourself to dream and begin to explore the possibilities. Be open and vulnerable and ask yourself what is possible in the situation or what is the lesson for me right now.

Becoming self-aware in this process, really allows you to live in the now because you are allowing yourself to believe you can be happy, life can be easy.

There are moments when life feels hard as heck – I have been there. The challenge is that no matter the situation there is always something to learn from and there is always something to be grateful for.

5 Benefits about Frustration that can empower your life

foster careI have quite a bit of experience when it comes to dealing with frustration. As a matter of fact, I have a lifetime worth of experiences with it. It is as if I trained for a frustration marathon and I have completely and utterly mastered the skill.

Experiencing frustration initially is well umm frustrating for a lack of a better word. And yet, it is an amazing moment for growth. So here are some of the key points I learned to move and grow!

  1. Allow yourself to ask why

For example: Why am I broke? I am broke because I don’t earn enough money! Why are you not earning enough money? Because I haven’t applied for that new job. Or because I haven’t completed my training.

Just keep asking yourself why until you get to the answer that sort of tells you exactly what it is that you need to do to change your current situation!

  1. Frustration is only temporary

You are truly only frustrated in the moment. One of my biggest frustrations is when I am driving and people aren’t using blinkers, stopping at stop signs or go the speed limit. But you know, at some point I will not be traveling the same way as them alas it’s truly only temporary. Your current job or frustration about a relationship are also only temporary – at least until you are ready to do something about them.

  1. Frustration is part of reality

We all get frustrated about love, money, not enough sleep or maybe even people in general. It’s truly part of life. The challenge is what are you doing with this frustration. Are you staying in a grumpy zone or are you using it as a learning/teaching moment that allows you to grow? I used to be frustrated about money so damn much that I got tired of it and started working on my money issues. I learned so much about me, my story and how I can change my frustration into something positive.

  1. Frustration helps you shift focus

What evaluating your frustration and what is causing it, you have no a focal point that you can guide yourself too. If you are frustrated with your relationship, going through the process of asking yourself why will help you shift your focus and show you what it is you need to do or work on.

  1. Frustration motivates you

When you get so sick and tired of being frustrated you are motivated to change it. For instance, I know exactly when traffic is the heaviest on my way into town and so I tend to leave a few minutes earlier to not get stuck and allow myself to get frustrated. When I was tired of being broke, I worked on my money stuff and improved my income and am reducing my debt. It literally will get you inspired to make a change!

Tell me what has you frustrated and how do you handle your frustration?


She told me I’d never succeed

She told me I’d never succeed

Petra MonacoI graduated high school at the age of 15 with one of the highest grades in the class. She told me I’d never succeed at being a mother and I have amazing young men that I am proud to call sons. She told me I’d never succeed at anything and here I am with several degrees, a published author and 2 amazing businesses fulfilling my dream.

My foster mother didn’t have much faith in me and it wasn’t always easy. In fact, it was so incredibly hard at times because of self-sabotage. I didn’t believe I could do any of these things, despite the accumulating evidence of when I achieved one more thing.

The day I decided that I had enough of a miserable life, living paycheck to paycheck is really the day that propelled to change. I wasn’t sure how I was going to change or what was going to change, but I knew that I no longer wanted to have a poverty mindset. It isn’t easy when you don’t know where your money struggles and issue come from because in foster care, well you are taken care off. I went on vacation, I had clothes and I even had an allowance. Even though I didn’t know, I made the goal to increase my income.

Having graduated with a master’s degree, it was time to put it to good use. I started out as a part-time counselor and already increased my money by this simple action. About a year and a half later, I wanted more. I wanted a full-time salary with benefits and I began the conversations with my boss and eventually, after months of talk, it happened. At this point, I doubled my income and I knew I was onto something.

It is incredibly amazing the change that happens when you are willing to put in the work, and you are open to the possibilities. Change is scary when you are comfortable in the crisis of your circumstances, but you don’t have to stay there. Sometimes changes will occur in the moment you decided to fulfill a dream.

The moment you tell the universe that you want something, the universe and your mind combined will start to work together and lead you to the tools, books, and people you need to explore. You will still need to do the work, like to read the book on how to deal with your money issues or how to gain confidence by completing small action steps.

Sometimes getting started is incredibly hard, but the reward is so wonderful you will sit back and be amazed what you just accomplished!

So, go out and succeed because you are the only person that can hold you back from cultivating your dreams and grow an incredible life.


Inspirational Messages

affirmationsInspirational Messages and positive affirmations often help us get through the day especially when we are going through difficult times.

Sometimes we need small reminders to help us get through the day.

I often reach into my creative side to process what is going on within me.

I color or draw quotes to uplift my spirit.

Last month I had this idea that if I can combine inspirational messages with my creativity than we can wear them as a daily reminder. A reminder that allows you to have wisdom, to be strong, to be brave, and shine within your truth.

I’ve been wearing my own personal bracelet for a month and with my word for the year “Fearless” it reminds me of my goals and to continue to speak my truth.


Connecting our mind with positive words helps us program our brain from negative thinking to one more of positivity – sometimes it’s those simple things that help us go from a life caught in misery to a life with gratitude and abundance.

You can find bracelets with inspirations right here: Three Times Chaos on my shop site!

May you find your message that guides you as a daily reminder, affirmation, and inspiration.

Love and Peace,


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