Take a look inside the Rebel Soul Connection


Here is what I know about myself: I get ideas, follow them and they either get completed or put to the wayside, but I take action. And this has allowed me to learn a lot of skills over the years, from building websites, starting businesses, creating my own coloring books… Continue reading »

5 Mindset Shifts to Start Living Now


It has taken me years to realize that life is truly about mindset and the way we look and view things. Perspective is truly something amazing and allows us to dream and choose possibility. I have always been an optimist believing there is another way but deep down there were… Continue reading »

5 Benefits about Frustration that can empower your life

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I have quite a bit of experience when it comes to dealing with frustration. As a matter of fact, I have a lifetime worth of experiences with it. It is as if I trained for a frustration marathon and I have completely and utterly mastered the skill. Experiencing frustration initially… Continue reading »

Inspirational Messages


Inspirational Messages and positive affirmations often help us get through the day especially when we are going through difficult times. Sometimes we need small reminders to help us get through the day. I often reach into my creative side to process what is going on within me. I color or… Continue reading »